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Title: Yellow Ties
Rating: PG-13
Author: Hannurdock
Summary: A-Team

Work in Progress



I won't back away.

Not now when they need me.

Face trembled, trying to fight the basic instinct to turn and run. He held his gun steady, his aim impeccable as always.

I won't turn away.

I won't run.

They need me, me of all people. Heaven help us.

Face clicked the safety off, and watched the scene intently.

Hannibal was surrounded. Murdock and BA were being securely held by mobsters the size of three men. This was a bad situation and Face knew that he was their only hope.

Why? He was a coward at heart.

He fired a round before thinking, and BA took advantage of the situation and lunged towards the nearest man holding him captive. Murdock did the same, although his attack was not as powerful as BA's, he had agility on his side. He side stepped and weaved and ducked his enemies before they came too close.

Hannibal laid into his opponents with vicious intensity, shooting me a quick glance to indicate for me to join the melee.

I stumbled towards them, sending one man reeling with a punch, and gaining courage I took on a larger opponent, kicking him hard in his genitals, hearing the gasp of shock.

I won't run. I won't hide. Never.

Suddenly, I was grabbed viciously by the hair from behind. I gritted my teeth to prevent screaming aloud and flailed aimlessly as I was dragged back roughly, and felt the knife against my own throat.

I can't run now. Face, you fool. I should have known this battle would have been too overwhelming, the odds I mean. Should have run, should have hidden, should have left while the going was good.

"One move, boys. I'll kill pretty boy here"

I watched the men surround the team once again and I was horrified. They will kill them if they get too close. Then I'll die too.

I grabbed the wrist that held the knife to my throat, and forced the man's elbow. I heard the crunching of bone, but the knife sliced into my shoulder. I yelped in pain and drew away, my sudden moves had turned the tide of this fight. We were winning.

I held onto my shoulder as Hannibal ran to my side. "You okay, Face?"

"The knife" I gasped, pointing to the shining metal object on the floor, now marred slightly by the red colour of my blood. My blood!

"We'll get you to hospital" Hannibal vowed, and lifted me easily into his strong and reassuring arms. I clung to him like an infant, and closed my eyes to the fighting around me. Safe.


I awoke hours later in hospital, Murdock by my side.

"What hit me" I said lightly.

"Not funny, Facey" Murdock complained. "You know exactly what's happened. You were stabbed in the shoulder".

I laughed a little, then winced with pain. My shoulder was hurting terribly.


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