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Wings of the Angels

by Hannurdock

Rating: R/SLASH

Based on a Fantasy
Disclaimers: The characters from the Chronicles belong to Anne Rice.

These stories are purely for pleasure and 'What if's'. 

Nothing is meant to infringe upon the author's rights.

I am doing this for fun and I love sharing my stories with others.

Heaven was nothing like I expected it to be.

Although it was bright and colourful and full of the most beautiful buildings I had ever seen, tall and towering structures that reached into the skies without seemingly coming to an end, I was unsure this was the actual place itself. With the people moving normally through giant libraries and wandering carelessly along, it seemed a grander version of the world I had just left behind.

"This is heaven?" I didn't mean it to sound as if I were questioning the fact. However, Andreas turned to me sharply. He looked at me patiently with his clear sky-blue eyes and raked some golden strands of hair from his face.

"What did you expect? People still learn after they die" Andreas had the deepest voice I had ever heard. It was very smooth and silken. It seemed as if his words surrounded me suddenly, touching me, brushing against me.

"But, I didn't expect buildings. I expected everyone to be living in a paradise garden. The lion laying down beside the lamb ..." I grew silent. My emotions were winning once more, and my disappointment had become painfully obvious.

Andreas moved towards me. He enclosed me in his soft arms, his wings seemingly enfolding around mine as I sighed against him. "You asked for proof from Him. He has given you this. Not only the knowledge of what is beyond, but an angelic right. You are a blessed soul".

I glanced over my shoulder at the bulky feathery wings. They seemed gruesome to me suddenly, in all their beauty and glory, and I turned back to his manly chest, hiding my face in his breast. He sighed and held me close, his eyes closing.

Andreas was much taller than me. I stood at a measly 5" 4 inches. Andreas was almost twice my size, such a man that would be considered a giant in the mortal world. He literally looked perfection incarnate, his short blonde hair falling carelessly over his shoulder in a straight line. His eyes, the brightest blue I had ever seen. Not even cloudless skies matched the colour of his eyes, and he was beautiful. So very beautiful.

"I want to see the forum once more" I sighed against him.

He looked worried for a moment, and drew away from me. His eyes clouded and he seemed to shrink away from me completely.

"What's wrong?" I asked worridly. "Is the forum alright".

"Mostly, yes. Considering the recent events" Andreas was struggling for words. I looked at him curiously, awaiting an answer. I thought I had been promoted into Heaven because I was meant to be nearer to God. Now, I realised that something had happened and I had been shielded from it.

"Tell me, Andreas. Else I will go down on my own accord and find out for myself" I snarled, my wings blackening in my rage. They became an ugly colour as they folded around me defiantly.

Andreas looked defeated. He turned away from me and sighed desperately. "Its Louis".

A sudden panic gripped me.

"What about Louis?"

Andreas looked terribly upset. He reached for me, but I shrugged him away and waited for an answer. "He's dead".


Andreas had come to me the night my mortal life was snubbed out. His wings spread out behind him in a blinding white light as I struggled to gaze upon his countenance. Half asleep, just awoken, I looked upon his angelic countenance and knew exactly what he was.

"Are you ready?" Andreas had asked softly.

"Ready for what?" I had asked. My voice was trembling slightly, but I was not afraid.

"You have asked Him for this. I have come".

I remembered the prayer and sighed. I lay back, wondering what would happen. "I prayed to Him for answers. Answers to what is beyond our lives, if anything at all".

Andreas looked calmly at my sleepy mortal form and smiled "He has done more than answered, he has granted you an angelic right. Do you know what that is?"

I shook my head. No.

"It is a passage from this world to Heaven. A right to angelic status. There is a hierarchy in the Heavens. A hierarchy that defines what roles we play in the Plan".

"What am I then?" I asked, shivering slightly as I pulled the covers around me.

"An Angel of the Earth".

With that, I died.

I simply rose out of my bed, and my body flopped uselessly back into the bed and stopped breathing. It was so quick and I realised how fragile mortals really were. How fragile I had been.

"Does that mean I get to stay here forever?" I asked, following Andreas out of the house and into the city streets. Mortals passed me by, but they didn't see me. Their souls simply were not capable of seeing past their physical frames and into the unknown.

"Isn't that what you wanted?" Andreas turned to me.

I stumbled to find the right words. "Erm, yes. Sort of. What do I do here?"

"You can give mortals energy simply by enfolding them with your spirit. You can stop people from making life and death decisions by simply enfolding them inside your wings. Of course, they do not realise this is happening. But, the warmth covers their spirits and sooths their souls. Its wonderful for them to feel this".

"I've felt that ..." I murmered.

Andreas turned to me, smiling. "I know. It was my wings that touched you when you were miserable. It was my spirit you felt when you needed strength".

I felt an overwhelming love for him.

"Can I communicate with anyone on earth?" I asked, wondering if I could communicate with Lestat and Louis.

"Depends on who it is" Andreas informed me bluntly. "Some mortals dedicate their lives to God's good causes. Yes, those you can appear to".

"What about vampires?" I asked curiously.

Andreas stopped walking and turned sharply. He shook me by the shoulders and held me close to him. His voice was soft when he talked, but his grip was firm. "No. They can never see us. Never. I know how you feel about some of them. But they can never, ever be in knowledge of the truth. Especially Lestat. He would be the first to write a book about it and publish it for the whole world to see. Imagine!".

I shrugged him off me. I felt a little put out. "But I love them".

"You will have to abstain from such an endevour" Andreas was firm. Decided.

So, I let the matter drop.

Andreas led me to a small house, and showed me a young woman on the verge of death, convulsing with agony. We slipped easily into the house, walls don't really keep out spirits or angels, and we knelt by her side. Andreas allowed his wings to fan out behind him, and they shone with a brilliant golden light. I sighed in pleasure as I watched him surround the dying woman with his golden light, and I watched mesmerised as her pain subsided. Her soul, finally released from her trembling body, drifted heaven-ward. I smiled as I watched it leave.

"That's beautiful" I said softly.

"That's the order of things. Its what angels like you are to do. Bring small comfort to the distressed and dying. Surround them with your wings of love and never, never allow them to spiritually suffer".


I did as I was told. I did keep close to New Orleans at one point, and I could feel the powerful vampiric energy surge from within. It was extremely comforting, to feel them survive and keep to themselves. Once, being extremely naughty, I slipped into their townhouse and watched them move about the place with a slight longing. It was so sad that they couldn't see us. It was so sad that I was forced to remain silent about being so close.

The most interesting moment came when I heard them discussing my death. They had seemed genuinely miserable over the whole thing, and I longed to take them in an angelic embrace and wrap them safely under my wings forever.

But that could never happen.

We were in two different worlds now. I knew this. I had to conform.

My angelic status depended upon it.

It was this change of mind that led to me leaving New Orleans, and going back to Europe. There, I brought comfort to the sick and dying. I spread my angelic passage across the European countries and held those suffering souls close to my energy giving spirit. They were so cold in those final moments, and I heated them with my inner warmth. They died happy. Every single one.

Every so often I would hear and feel the strength of an immortal crossing my path. I would look longingly toward them, before returning to my task. I had a job to do; a job that would last me forever.

That was when Andreas appeared beside me. He told me he had come to take me home. To God.



"Where are you going?" Andreas asked me as I sped away from him. He caught me by the shoulders and spun me around. My wings turned black. Black for hate. I backhanded him and sent him flying across the heavens.

"What do you mean, dead?" I spat. "He's an immortal!".

"You don't understand" Andreas pleaded. He was struggling to control his temper. He was trying to calm me down.

"You kept this from me" I said as my wings melted into an emotional blue. Angels don't cry. Our wings speak for us because we no longer see with physical eyes. We see through our spirits, our essence, our soul.

"I know how you feel about him!" Andreas said angrily, his wings darkening with rage. "I know you would want to help him!".

"Damn right about that" I said in a rage, pushing Andreas aside and preparing to descend to earth. I turned suddenly and gazed at the mournful angel, looking sadly at me.

"You won't be able to come back" Andreas said softly. "You will be an outcast from Heaven. He will turn His back upon you!".

I smiled sadly at Andreas. "I always keep my promises to my friends. If He will turn His back on me for keeping this promise. So be it. I told Louis I would always love him, that I was protective of him. I need to do this".

Andreas desperately called my name as I felt myself plummet to earth.


Being an angel afforded me a certain power that I could track immortals anywhere on the earth. Almost immediately upon touch-down I sensed the powerful prescence of Lestat pulsating from New Orleans.

Something was wrong. His mind seemed to be no longer there. But, his body was in a chapel. Held down by chains. Chains? They were weak. He could easily escape from them. He didn't even want to.

I found him staring at a brick wall, his eyes not even bothering to close. Goodness knows how long he had been in this state. I circled him once, wondering where his mind was. I closed my eyes and saw through his. Saw the awful event that had led to Louis' demise. Khayman had lost his mind, and had attacked the younger one in a rage that Lestat was unprepared for. Before Louis could react, Khayman had vented his full power upon the vampire, setting him to ash almost instantly. Lestat had come running to the scene instantly, not aware of the death of one of his closest, and had lunged blindly at the ancient vampire as Maharet and Mekare arrived. Khayman hadn't fought Lestat. He merely waited until the onslaught was over and looked mournfully at Maharet and Mekare.

"What has happened to Louis?" Lestat had asked, his voice a tremour. As his eyes fell upon the ash remains, a scream had left his lungs so powerful, it had resounded around New Orleans like an explosion. Maharet struggled to bind the bereaved vampire, and after his initital thrashing, Lestat had calmed into a comatose state. No mind. No mind, seemingly. As I bent close to the tortured vampire, I sensed his mind retreating inside himself. Into his soul. Carefully, I drew my wings around his body, embracing the form to me as I fed him my angelic strength.  He murmered slightly and turned, unable to move sufficiently into a more comfortable position because of his chains. His eyes closed. He relaxed.

"Have you seen enough?"

I turned my head, reluctant to let the vampire out from my wings. Andreas.

"Where is Louis?"

"Where do you think?"

I gasped. Oh no! That was just too horrible to imagine! "With Memnoch? In Hell?"

"Where else would he be?" Andreas seemed tired, fragile. "Come back with me. Please. He has forgiven this. All of this. If only you will come back now. Leave the vampire alone, and come with me".


Lestat had started to slumber within my warmth, and my spirit. He had no idea what it was that held his torn soul so carefully in its angelic grasp, but he accepted the warmth eagerly and without question. I felt an overwhelming tenderness.

"You know what I am going to do" I said softly, watching a crimson tear escape the corner of Lestat's closed eyelid.

"You mustn't" Andreas insisted, his voice becoming heated. His wings began to darken as he sought to reason with me. "You do not understand. Coming down to earth to comfort a vampire is one thing. You are lucky to have been forgiven that! But, to go to Hell to rescue a vampire soul is unthinkable".

"I will do this. With or without you" I said softly. Lestat mouthed Louis' name. I wrapped him even closer, if it were possible.

"You cannot do it without me. You don't know how, and I will not assist you!" Andreas was furious. "I have been in Heaven for thousands of years! Do you know what you are asking? Do you have any idea of the tumult this will cause?"

"How do I get to Hell?" I asked him, determined. "Tell me, Andreas. Or by His Holy Name, I will beat your angelic spirit to a bloody pulp right on top of Lestat here!".

Andreas sighed. "You have no idea of the forces at work here".

"Neither do you" I said. "Louis is my friend. No more, he was my teacher here upon this earthly realm. He does not belong in such a cruel place".

"Need I remind you what he is?" Andreas asked me gently.

"For pity's sake, Andreas! I mean to do this! Tell me how". My wings were almost black. I was fuming. Lestat was sensing the distress and was beginning to thrash around. I calmed instantly and tried to reassure him with my angelic gift, but he was having none of it. It was as if he could sense my resolve to bring back Louis.

Marius rushed into the room. He held down Lestat, as I moved away from the two vampires.  

"For all of their earthly power, they cannot see or sense us" I said in awe.

"Their power stems from the physical. It always has. The spirit that animates them became physical when it fused with the first of their kind. Our world will never be a part of theirs". Andreas seemed adamant about this.

"Tell me how I can get to Hell" I said softly.

Andreas sighed softly. "There is nothing I can do or say to change your mind?"

I smiled at him gently "I love him, Andreas. I don't wish to change the system, create havoc in Memnoch's domain or destroy the insubstantial world he rules. I wish only to rescue the one soul".

Andreas nodded. His wings were blue. Sad. Lost. "Very well. Come with me".


"I thought you were just going to tell me how I was going to go about doing this?" I questioned as Andreas led me to the Gates of Sheol.

"Are you jesting with me?" Andreas asked me sharply "I would not let you go in there alone. You have no idea of what you are about to see".

"It doesn't matter. Louis is there and I aim to get him back" I said stubbonly. "Can you sense him at all?"

Andreas gave a small desperate moan "Look, I have my limits. Do you know how many souls there are in this place? If we find him at all we'll be very lucky".

"I'm not leaving till I have him" I said, determined.

Andreas pushed open the Gates. His wings were brilliant white behind him. Pacifist. The Helpful Spirits of Lestat's book merely bowed and turned away from his prescence. He was shielding me from their gaze. Probably because my wings were prone to change colour with every emotion I felt.

"Where on earth do we start?" I said softly, watching the millions upon millions of souls wandering aimlessly through Hell. They didn't even see us. So brilliant in our Glory, they were simply blinded to our prescence. Unless we wanted them to see us, of course.

"Like on earth, vampires have a different aura. A power" Andreas whispered to me. "Their aura's are easily seen through the masses. We just have to look for those who are different. They will be the supernatural creatures that have departed the earth physically".

Easier said than done.

There were many grey and wandering spectres walking around. Actually, very similar to zombies, the way they moved so awkwardly, so slowly. They had nothing of the grace I had seen in the movement of those in Heaven. The whole place seemed to pulse with a grey colour, a dismal and futile colour. I shuddered to think Louis was somewhere among them.

Andreas had become silent. His being was pulsing with a searching light. "I have found a vampire, but it isn't Louis. His name is Santino ..."

"Keep looking" I said gruffly. "Santino is where he belongs".

Suddenly, his pulsing form became still. "I know where he is".

"Then, let's go get him" I said excitedly, my wings beating together eagerly. They were turning a yellowish colour. A golden colour. A colour of triumph over despair.


We found him, sitting sadly, watching the grey forms walk past him.

He was in no better condition that they were. His form lacked colour. It was gaunt and he looked generally miserable. I think he was wondering what on earth had happened. How had he come here?

I knelt by his side, and typically, he didn't see me.

"How do I get him to notice I'm here?" I asked, tracing his form with my own. I drew my wings around his spirit, shielding it. He didn't even see me.

Andreas looked thoughtful.  He was silent and brooding.

"Can I hold him?" I asked softly.

"Not unless he acknowledges you are here" Andreas confirmed.

"So how do I do that" I said desperately.

"The only way you can. Talk to him. Mention things you talked about with him, private things. Loving things. Things only you and he would know. Its all I can think of, darling".

I shook my head desperately. I had no idea what to say except that I loved him. That I wouldn't be going away without him. Then, it came to me;

"Shining light, crystal clarity
A soul brushes with my own
Emerald orbs, recognition of sorrow
I do not feel alone.
Lover of life, beauty of soul
An inspiration in my midst
A presence so touching, it breaks my heart
When not around, it is missed
Full of love, so much to give
I worry for his gentle soul
He is so utterly compassionate
In his tender, teachers role
Soft and gentle human soul
You will never fail, dearest love
Your love captures everyone
Like the wings of a white dove"

He stared blankly forward. He hadn't even blinked.

I repeated the poem more slowly. I lingered on every word.


"Louis, its Katrina. I'm here".


"Louis, I love you".


I enfolded him with my wings more closely and looked desperately to Andreas.

He simply shrugged.

Louis suddenly looked at me. His eyes, lifeless as they had seemed, focused upon my spirit. His arm rushed to shield his eyes from my light. He was panicking.

"Louis, its me. Do you remember me?"

Louis nodded. "Where is all that light coming from? Mon Dieu!"

"Its alright, Louis. Your safe. The light, well, its me".

"You?" Louis peered over his arm at me. He looked at me closely. "You are nothing but light. Light with wings".

"I'm an angel, Louis. I do have a mental image projected of myself. You just need to concentrate on me to see it"

Louis let his arm fall. "Angel? How is that possible? You were a mortal!"

"Its a long story" I said, laughing. My wings turned colour to blue, an emotional colour. Then they flashed yellow. Louis looked alarmed.

"Why do you keep changing colour?"

"Its a long story" I opened my spirit to him. "Come with me, Louis. Let me take you back home".

Louis smiled. He looked closely at me and gasped. "I can see your soul! Why is it that you are so bright in comparison to my greyish form?"

"Because we are both different types of spirit" I said tenderly, drawing him into my soul, my being. His grey form held securely by my wings which acted like a cradle to hold him firmly, yet gently inside myself. My light was infecting him. I could almost see the emerald returning to the orbs of his eyes. I could almost see the jet black come back to his hair. He was gazing at me, right through me, into my very being. Then he wrapped his arms around me.

Souls have different shapes than angels generally. They retain a vague image of their earthly form. The stronger the soul, the more it resembles its physical form. Louis was particularly strong. Angelic spirits merely reflect and sustain light and colour, through an image of ourselves. It is colour that drives our being, colour that shows our emotions.  Louis was feeding from my energy, my light, and in turn was receiving the very colour that had been lost to him. No longer grey, his face was a light pink in colour. Almost a healthy human colour. It was startling to see him in this very mortal state.

I turned to Andreas. Louis firmly in my wings. "Let's go, now".

Andreas turned and almost ran into the heavy and imposing form of Memnoch. The Devil.


"Where are you going with that one?" Memnoch asked me simply.

Andreas moved between us. "Memnoch. We have been requested to remove this soul from here".

"By whom?" Memnoch's eyes narrowed manevolently "By God or by Lestat?"

"It matters little" I said firmly. "I intend to leave with him".

Memnoch pushed Andreas aside and walked towards me. I could well understand why he was the Devil. His form was a deathly grey, his wings were dark as night. He looked hideous, and tired, and worn.

"Why do you think I will let you leave this realm with him? I can easily take him from you. This is my domain, my realm. Why should I let that one go?"

I sighed. "I love this one. Very, very much".

"Like I loved Lestat. We do not always get what we want".

"I intend to leave with him, whether you like it or not" My wings were darkening with rage. Unfortunately, this made Louis panic within my wings. I soothed him gently as I tried to bravely face the Devil himself.

"You do realise, you've just broken every angelic rule in the book?" Memnoch asked me.

I nodded. As if it mattered. They were stupid rules anyway.  Not one made any sense.

"Very well. Take him. But be warned! The price that you will pay will come from a power higher than myself. From Him". Memnoch allowed me to pass, and I moved beside Andreas as we were allowed out of Hell.

As soon as we were past the Gates, I let out a huge sigh of relief. Andreas glared at me.

"What? We did it" I said happily. My wings turning a golden colour.

"He's right you know. We will be outcasts now because of this" Andreas turned away from me.

Do you not believe in the purity of love?" I asked softly. "In the belief that those in love should never be separated?"

Andreas smiled sadly. "I wish I did".


We arrived back in New Orleans only moments later. I let Louis slide from my angelic form and appraised him with eager eyes. He was beautiful, the colour fully restored to his earthly image, and he was gazing at both myself and Andreas in a deep and contemplative way.

I forced my angelic shape to darken slightly, so Louis could see me more disctintly. I could not stand the way he was looking at me, the puzzled glance at my spiritual being. I wanted him to recognise me, the one who loved him.

"How did we get from Sheol to New Orleans?" Louis asked vaguely, unable to concentrate upon anything specific because of his confusion.

I wrapped my wing around him carefully, and drew him close. I had no way to describe the travelling we had just done. There simply weren't words to describe it. It was angelic. It was spiritual. It was unique.

"Are you ready to see Lestat?" I asked gravely "He needs you. Now more than ever".

Louis nodded, his form becoming clearer by the second. If mortals could have seen him, they would have described him as one of their own. The vampire was no longer there. He was merely Louis. His eyes were moist and his smile was genuine. He was happy to be back home.

Carefully moving forward with him, I went straight to the chapel. I pushed him forward a little, my wings releasing him, so he could make out Lestat's broken body upon the chapel floor.

Louis gave a startled cry and ran to Lestat's side. He pressed his spiritual lips to Lestat's face, stained with two crimson trails. He tried to touch the vampire, but Lestat did not respond.

"He can't see or hear you" I confirmed miserably.

"What can I do to gain his attention?" Louis asked me desperately.

"It is forbidden" Andreas said suddenly. "Fleshly beings are not to know of our world".

I was deeply contemplative. My wings were turning from an emotional blue to a rich green. Louis seemed to be becoming familiar with my many colour changes and simply watched me. He didn't answer Andreas.

"Talk to him, Louis. Tell him things you were both familiar with. Let him know how much you love him".

Andreas gasped sharply. He looked angry, very angry, as his whole body shook and shuddered. "What are you doing?"

"Louis won't tell Lestat of us, will you?" I said softly. Louis shook his head and smiled at me.

"Thank you, ma cherie" Then, he turned towards Lestat and began a steady stream of French into the blonde vampires ear. It was mesmerising to watch him, to watch the movement of his almost fleshly lips against Lestat's cold earlobe.

After what seemed to be an eternity, Lestat began to blink away a sudden rush of crimson tears. He looked directly at Louis' spiritual form and smiled.

"I knew you'd find a way back to me" Lestat murmered.

Gathering strength, Lestat broke the chains easily, and took Louis in his arms.

Surprised, I looked at Andreas.

"Well, its up to Louis" Andreas sniffed, turning away from me. His wings were darkened with anger and something else. Something deathly red tinged the tips of his wings. The colour made me shudder.

"I'm sorry, Andreas. You knew I had to do this" I said softly.

Andreas turned to me angrily, lashing out. I fell backwards in surprise, my wings immediately covering my face as I peeked out from inside them in horror and fright.

"We are now earth bound spirits like them!" Andreas fumed as he stepped towards me. "Now only that, but we will lose our angelic right!"

I cowered. Andreas wings were turning a blood red colour. "I'm sorry, but not once did you try to stop me! You knew the importance of this!".

"Importance?" Andreas snarled, standing over me "Let me tell you of importance! Love is an emotion, a human emotion. Angels cannot feel such an emotion or it will lead to our discovery by the entire mortal world. I have existed for thousands of years, I am older than your precious Marius. Do you not think I am going to hate you for being stripped of my angelic right?"

I tried to think. I really did. However, it was very difficult when fear is cleaving at every part of your soul. My wings were a deathly pale pink. He could see the fear, he was thriving on it.

"Excuse me?"

Andreas turned and came face to face with Lestat. Louis stood behind him, almost as physical as he had ever been, right beside his companion and eternal love.

I peeked over my feathery wings at Lestat who was distracting the anraged angel. Quietly, I shuffled backward and Louis immediately came to my aid, and enfolded me in his arms. Parting my shivering wings gently, Louis kissed my forehead and rocked me gently in his spirit. Spirit strengthened and whole and never to be taken from the earth again. I had succeeded.

"Stay away vampire!" Andreas snarled defiantly as he tried tp shove Lestat away.

Lestat did not move.

"This is none of your concern!" Andreas said, his tone softening as he realised his powers were not as total as he once believed. The first pale pink streak of fear touched his wing.

"I believe it is my concern" Lestat said simply. He glanced over to me "Are you alright, cherie?"

I nodded. My wings turned blue with emotion. If I had been mortal, I would have cried. Louis, he only held me closer. The tables had turned. It was his strength now that was sustaining me.

"Keep away" Andreas said softly. He made a move to return to me, to take me from Louis arms by force.

Lestat put an arm on his shoulder and restrained him. "Just because we are from seperate world does not mean your power will exceed the immortals in this physical world" He forced Andreas to his knees "You want this child? You will have to defeat the both of us to get to her. I know already that you have not the strength for that".

Andreas groaned as Lestat cupped his face in both of his hands. "What do you want of me? You cannot kill me Lestat. For I am an angel, and you have no idea how".

Lestat raised a golden eyebrow. Then, he closed his eyes and seemed to breath in Andreas essence right into himself! Andreas colour dimmed and paled and he became as grey as Louis had once been. Wings and all. No colour. Just a shifting spirit, with no emotion or essence at all.

I gasped, and I buried my head into Louis' breast. His shirt was open, and I could almost feel the hairs on his chest. He seemed so purely physical that I wanted to weep with joy. I wondered if the blue was alarming Louis once again.

"Cherie" Louis whispered softly, seemingly in response to my unasked question "Your wings have gone".

I looked around myself and found that his words were indeed truth. They were gone. As if they had never existed. My angelic right had been stripped from me once and for all. I could feel the heat of the tears upon my face. It felt truly bizarre.

Louis kissed them away gently.

I turned back towards Lestat and found that I could no longer see Andreas. I sighed with relief and disappointment. "He's sucked Andreas into himself. Boy, that's some trick" I tried to make light of the situation and make Louis smile.

Instead, he looked at me bizzarely. "What do you mean? Andreas is still there?"

I would have been alarmed by this, but suddenly I was captivated by Louis' appearance. His skin was as white as snow. His eyes flashing emerald orbs. He opened his mouth and smiled at me, as if he had read my mind about my joke. I saw the fangs!

"What's happened?" I mumbled softly.

"It looks as if He has stripped us entirely from that realm that we were in" Louis pondered. His thumb brushed away a stray tear from my eye "For you and I are as physical as we have ever been".

My breath caught in my throat as I tried to turn away from the blinding beauty of the restored vampire. He was physical. I was physical. We held each other, not in spirit, but in a physical embrace. Finally, I managed to look away and watched Lestat as he guided something out of the door.

"What happened?" I asked.

"It seems Andreas has become like the many souls in Sheol. Grey and uninteresting. He is confused and dim. I think Lestat is going to take him far away. Some distant place where he can roam some unheard of jungle and never be stumbled upon by witches or scientists".

I closed my eyes against Louis heart, thrilled by the soft and slow beating. "So, what happens now?" I asked dreamily, his strength making me feel safe and relaxed.

Louis kissed my forehead. "Now, we become true companions. Forever"


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