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Who's that guy?

by Hannurdock

Living a life of no regret,
Every goal of life is met.
Straight to the point is always he,
True to his word, he comforts me.
A life of heroism, he has had,
Terrifying, beautiful and verrrry bad.
Like a star rising in the dark sky,
Over and above me, not letting me die.
Understanding drives this beautiful soul,
In love he releases me from depressions hole.
Sensual one, beautiful one who will never lie.
A terrible being, a desperate being is he,
Rising each night, wherever he may be.
Mourning the loss of belief in our age,
A being trapped in his self-made cage.
Not able to break his self-depreciating mode,
Destined forever to carry this awful load.
Mystical and wise, he knows everything,
A piller of strength, our 'Looking Glass' King.
Reaching out to protect us all,
In an effort to answer our desperate call.
Up in the sky he guides us to our fate,
Strong and true, he open's the gate. 

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