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When I almost died

by Hannurdock

That cool, fresh night, when you brought me back,
When I'd been badly burnt by the sun's deadly attack,
I lied, dearest Lestat, to both you and me,
About the glories I was allowed to see.

As the sun rose, and pain took the place of sleep,
I fell into a well of memories so deep,
All my life flashed in front of my eyes,
As my body sought to leave the coffin, to dig, to rise.

Death was waiting for me in the rays of light,
As my body burned and tried to turn in flight,
I felt myself leave my body in a second and rise,
I saw my body beneath me suffer the most hideous demise.

Yes, I was floating upward, I can't deny,
As I wished the earth below a fond goodbye,
Within a moment, I was standing on a cliff so high,
Wondering if I would fall and die.

I knew it was a vision in the final moment of life,
The light was burning my physical being like a red hot knife,
Yet, death still seemed so far away,
As I saw my life flash before me, until that fateful day.

I was still standing here, on this cliff so high,
Waiting for the moment when I would die,
When I felt your prescence light up the gloom,
and dash the sense of impending doom.

Your blood, fire of light, it brought me back to you,
I am grateful forever for what you did, and I love you too,
Which is why I write this poem for you my lover and friend,
This account of what happened, for you I penned.

I left the cliff safe within your arms so strong,
I knew at that moment I had done so much wrong,
When I felt your blood enflaming my entire soul,
I felt finally as if my body and mind had been made whole.

Thank you, Lestat.

Love always, Louis xxx

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