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What Lies beneath
by Hannurdock

Rating: R/SLASH

Pairing : Lestat / Louis

Disclaimers: The characters from the Chronicles belong to Anne Rice.

These stories are purely for pleasure and 'What if's'. 

Nothing is meant to infringe upon the author's rights.

I am doing this for fun and I love sharing my stories with others.

I awoke stretched upon Louis' coffin lid. Actually, sprawled was more the word for my actions. I was doing this more and more lately, since the night I panicked that he had left me for good and when I could not find him.

His heartbeat was consistant and calming. It soothed me to listen to the gentle sounds of Louis during his daylight death sleep. I lifted the lid of his coffin and gazed down upon him for a long time.

Finally his eyelids fluttered and I quickly replaced the lid and backed away into the shadows.

I watched as Louis emerged a little shakily, and then replaced the coffin lid. He walked to the cellar steps and clambered up into the kitchen area and to the bedroom to dress in yet another fetching tattered clothing from his own period in history.

By period in history, I don't refer to his age or year when he was born into darkness. It was the mortal birth year, the years he was still a mortal that he tried to imitate and copy, year in and year out.

Following him from a distance, I kept watch from the bedroom door as he stripped off his clothes and walked to the bathroom. Eagerly following him, I watched him showering through the cloudy partition, his naked form partly hidden by the unclear glass. Yet, he was deliciously apparant through the intimate steam and cloudy glass. I could see his entire profile through the glass, even though his finer features were less visible. I could see his long and thick member. I could see his hair as he flicked it back. Nothing seen perfectly, just profiles.

I watched as he stepped out of the shower, the only luxury he had allowed for himself in his little shack, and rubbed himself down with a heavy towel. Hmmm, now this I could watch all night. No longer behind frosted glass, he was visible to me. Every crease in his skin. Every twitch of his long and powerful member. Every movement of his delicate hands.

He looked up at me suddenly.

He smiled.

"Are you watching me again, mon chere?" Louis asked, his French accent prominent and coupled with his more recent American accent, which was very appealing to me.

"Yes, do you mind?" I asked.

Louis shook his head. His raven hair flew to one side, and then to the other. I stood transfixed as he dried himself thoroughly and walked towards me, completely naked.

He walked right into my arms, and I held him closely. His eyes half shut, his heartbeat becoming all the more furious.

"Your heart frightens me. It is pounding away in your breast like a drum" I said softly. "It is so fast, it seems to me it will burst".

"Non, Lestat" Louis corrected. "It is merely a natural reaction to being confronted with something as beautiful as you".

I didn't know what to say with Louis' frank statement. It was obvious he was expecting something more from me, something perhaps sexual. I had no idea how to proceed, for we had never done anything remotely sexual in all our long years together.

"I want to go to bed" Louis said, continuing to surprise me. "Now".

"Oui" I moved him over to the bed and lay him down under the sheets. He snuggled against my arm and tried to pull me down beside him.

"Are you sure this is what you want?" I asked, not daring to believe this was finally going to happen.

"Oui" Louis replied, his voice low and heated with desire.

Trembling, I undressed in front of his eager eyes and lay down beside him. I kissed his face and snuggled next to him as he proceded to wrap both legs around me and pull me so close our members were touching. In fact, his movement caused friction, and the two members seemingly danced and kissed each other.

Moaning, I pushed him onto his back and rolled on top of him. My arms roamed his entire body, his tiny hisses spurring me on. I reached down for my member and pushed the hard cock against the crease of his ass. Suddenly, he bucked against me and gasped.

I drew away "Louis" I gasped. "What's wrong?"

He fished for something under the bed and drew out a sharp pencil stained with blood. He had obviously lay upon the sharp object "Ouch. That hurt".

I licked the blood from the pencil, and proceded to again drive my hard member into his ass. He squirmed beneath me, his body slick with blood sweat. His heat was driving me wild with pleasure. His heartbeat so fast and furious I could not hear the individual beats. Rather it was a continuous humming from within his breast.

Surely, no creature immortal and mortal could withstand this pleasure. Yet, he did withstand it, his body cleaving to mine demanding my touches and carresses. He was oblivious to anything except my tender ministrations and I plunged my member into his ass now, feeling him buck beneath me.

His head fell back into the pillow.

This throat was exposed.

I snarled, sinking my teeth into his eager flesh and felt him gasp beneath me and try and shove me aside.

Too late, Louis.

I drank from him, drank from his very soul.

I felt his fists smashing against me, trying to dislodge me from his throat, but I was too immersed in his memories. His secret sensual thoughts of me were almost overwhelming.

"Lestat!" Louis shouted "Stop, please!"

I withdrew my fangs and looked at his tear stained face in surprise. My member was still within him, still as hard, unable to climax, always hard.

"What is it?" I said softly.

"You drank of me" Louis moaned.

"Yes, why on earth shouldn't I drink from you?" I asked, confused.

"I did not want you to see my thoughts, not the ones of you".

"Why? They were beautiful. You have some very sensuous ideas of what we could do together".

"You really mean all of this? You are not playing with me?"

"I love you" I confessed. "I want to share everything with you".

Louis sighed in relief and shifted his lower body beneath me to feel my member pressed hard against his inner muscles. He smiled at me, the tears drying on his face. There were no new fresh ones and I licked his old tears away, kissing each tender cheek as I did so.

"I need to go now" I said softly. "But I'll be watching".

"I'll be waiting" Louis said softly. "I'll always be waiting".

I quickly dressed and left Louis' little shack. In my long immortal years, I had never made love to another vampire, although I had come close to the event with Armand. I felt true happiness flooding me as I sought a victim from the despicable and I couldn't wait for the next evening to arrive.

Then I would watch, and Louis would wait for our next time.

I vowed he would not wait long.


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