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Welcome Poem

by Hannurdock

Dark souls that wander
Through the labyrith of The 'Net
They find their way to TLG
With an appetite to wet

From the start, they realise
This place is not like the rest
For its manned by a bunch of vampires
That makes this place the best

We're not talking sloppy romance
A kiss and slurp from veins here and there
But the Deathly, Dancing Devils
To which no-one can compare

So meet Lestat who is our host
A performer and the vampire we all know
He'll be your entertainer
Through the night's that go so slow

Louis is also here, with his gentle ways
His soft and loving tender care
He adds a certain magic to this forum
And he always treats us fair

Marius is the ancient elder
Who appears once in a blue moon
But when he's here, he's much appreciated
Let's hope he comes back soon

Armand is quite the devil himself
He's quite the moderator at heart
His concerns are always touching
He sorts things out that come apart

Maxwell is the latest addition
To 'The Coven of the Articulate' clan
He's a vampire, just a youngster
But everybody is his fan

And now we have sweet Daniel
And its about bloody time he came!
I've been waiting for my beauty
To come here and get his much deserved fame.

There they are, the hosts and the immortals
Lestat, I thank you for your vision!
We're a family, we're a coven
And all because of your delightful mission

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