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The A-Team: EPISODE NARRATION - Waiting for Insane Wayne

Author: Georgina Ann Price

Rating: PG

Standard Disclaimer:  I make no profit from writing these stories, I do them for fun and enjoyment.  Characters owned by Stephen J Cannell.

The A-Team van, expertly maneouvered by an anxious BA, wound its way through a scenic valley, the greenery relaxing Hannibal somewhat.  BA however was as tense as could be, after having spent a couple of days listening to Murdock’s rantings.  

"Ok, Murdock. What do you see?" Face asked, holding up some ink-blot cards.  Murdock was due for re-evaluation at the Veteran’s Administration, and BA had made it his personal quest to ensure Murdock was on time. He didn’t want to spend a moment longer than he had to with the escaped mental patient.

Murdock hummed to himself as he tried to think of a suitable answer. "Errrr, I know this. I know this. Erm ..... Don’t tell me ....." Murdock put his hands to his head in despair.  "Don’t tell me ..."

"Its a butterfly, fool. Its a butterfly!" BA commented from the drivers seat, looking at the pair of wings betraying the form of butterfly on the card, and then looking in the rear view mirror at Murdock in disgust.

"Its a butterfly, a butterfly. I had that, wouldave’ had that."  Murdock groaned, again putting his hands to his head. Face put an understanding arm on his shoulder.

"There’s no right or wrong to an ink blot test, guys. It could be a butterfly, or it could be a camel." Hannibal explained, a small grin forming on his face.

The lightbulb came on in Murdock’s confused mind momentarily. "Its a camel !! That’s what it is, a camel!! I see a camel! That’s right!"

"I’m hungry, what’s the next town?" Face asked, looking out of the window, bored with Murdock’s ink blots, his stomach aching for food.  He could almost envisage seeing a greasy spoon right now.

"Cannon’s Crossings about 5 miles. And then we’re about two hundred miles from the Southern Arizona Mental Testing Centre" Hannibal said, examining the road map carefully.

"You better get goin’. I gotta pass these tests, give me another one Face" Murdock said, slightly panicking. Face held up a card with the unmistakable form of a horse with two heads.

"Oh, boy. This one again." Murdock sighed. Murdock sucked in a breath and concentrated on the image. Nothing sprang to mind. "Erm ..... what do I see .... erm, a dump truck?"


(This fiction is in the process of being written - please check back from time-to-time)

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