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The Vision

by Hannurdock

Beauty in abundance!

Symmetry equals magnificence
That face!
So lustrous
So perfect
Well rounded, and so beautiful
Handsomely male

Magnificently dark eyebrows,
Draw you to the eyes.
Deeply set, and mysterious
Hint of mischief, humour and pain
Death in those eyes
Those seemingly innocent eyes
Wanting, waiting to be understood
In all your elegant glory
Those delicate and wise eyes
That have seen it all, are sad
Lost love, lost memory, lost desire
Movement in time
Passage in eternity
Has destroyed the soul
And left the vampire inside
Magnificence in luxury

Floating on an ocean of misunderstanding
Where are you?
Trust me
I need to know

Nose, finely shaped and delicate
Two tiny breathing nostrils
You feel compelled to kiss it
To cover it with your mouth
And keep it nicely warm
Pretty nose ....
Masterpiece from The Lord
Terribly beautiful
In its simplicity
Nuzzle it with my imagination
That lovely, perfect nose
That delightful instrument
Of a sense no vampire could no without
Perfection in delicacy

Deep red pouting lips
Want to kiss, want to touch
Love the red
Love the shape
Love everything
Magnificently hiding his fangs
Behind the red splendor
Of his touchable, kissable lips
Expresses slight humour

This treasure will remain so
For eternity

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