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Title: The Unlikely Lover 2 : Humble Beginnings
by Hannurdock
Rating: PG-13

Disclaimers: The characters from the Chronicles belong to Anne Rice.

These stories are purely for pleasure and 'What if's'. 

Nothing is meant to infringe upon the author's rights.

I am doing this for fun and I love sharing my stories with others.

Louis breathed a sigh of relief as he slowly hunted his victim through the darkened streets.

Nights had passed since his brief but final argument with Armand. Precious nights with Santiago, made all the more special with the knowledge that he was free from the imp once and for all.

He reflected for a moment on Santiago and his humble beginning. The ascent into their relationship had begun one evening, when the two of them had first met.

Their eyes met.

Louis had not immediately been attracted to the heavily built and somewhat imperfect Santiago as he assessed the elder with a critical eye. After all, he had left the company of the handsome Lestat. Santiago was not even in the same league.

Yet, something soft and almost vulnerable about the elder attracted Louis after only a short while. He would wake up in a cold blood sweat after dreaming about intimacies between them, the dream feel of Santiago's strong fingers massaging his naked flesh in an intoxicating rythmn.

As Louis' visits to Armand became longer, he inevitably found every opportunity he could to converse with Santiago.

At first, Santiago brushed aside Louis' advances. However, when he realised the extent of the younger vampire's feelings, he found time to talk and accompany Louis to plays. He found Louis to be a passionate being, full of life and love and eager to talk and to listen. He found himself drawn by the shining black hair and the sparkling green eyes.

Louis was very handsome. So handsome, he shone like a beacon in the darkness of the theatre whenever he came to visit. The other vampires would flock to Louis' side the instant he entered the catacombs beneath the main hall, yet his eyes would search the room until he found the one being who caught his breath in his throat.


Whilst he maintained a cover to Armand, who was equally sexually interested in Louis, his eyes spoke volumes to the elder.

"Why do you want me?" Santiago had demanded of Louis once, when they were alone together. Free from the eagle ears of the imp. "I am nothing as handsome as your beloved Lestat!"

Louis had been tearful, pleading "I cannot say. I only know what I feel. I am driven by my heart, and my eyes only see you. The whole world seems to become unclear, the only being I can see with utter clarity is yourself".

Santiago had given into the urge to embrace Louis close that evening. Louis was shaken by their slight argument, and Santiago was genuinely touched when he read the younger vampire's mind, that Louis valued his opinion more than that of Armand.

Slowly he leaned forward and wrapped his strong arms around Louis. Louis leant into the embrace, welcoming the support and lay his head touchingly on Santiago's shoulder. Santiago determined never to let go of this one, who genuinely needed his companionship. He vowed he would help Louis do anything that Louis wanted. He would accumulate all the wealth in the world for this one if he so wished.

Yet, all Louis wanted was Santiago's touch.

Santiago turned to the mirror. He didn't like himself, he didn't like the image presented in the reflection. He was unkempt and dressed like a spectre, holding this gentle and affectionate creature carefully in his arms.

So, the next evening, he raided Armand's room for some fancy clothes and dressed to the hilt. He groomed himself immaculately, and was surprised just how handsome he could be. He moved with swiftness to the rondevous, and found Louis already waiting for him eagerly.

"I came early ..." Louis apologised, stumbling to find the correct words. "I'm sorry".

"How long have you been waiting here?" Santiago asked softly, fearing the answer.

"All night" Louis confirmed Santiago's worst fears. "Well, since I awoke of course".

However, Louis was also groomed and smelling of something musky and sweet. He had obviously prepared his appearance this evening, and Santiago was impressed with the sight before him.

"I'm such hard work Louis" Santiago had said softly, sighing.

"I'd be a laborer forever if it meant I would have an assured place in your heart" Louis blushed and turned away.

"You act like a school boy with a crush" Santiago laughed heartlessly. "You see something which I am not. I am a worthless creature hardly worthy of your love".

"I am hardly worthy of your cold words" Louis had said with a tone of bitterness and finality "Do you reject me?"

Santiago had stared coldly at Louis for a while, until the mask of hatred could not be maintained any longer, and his soft nature had shone through. "No Louis, I could never do that".

He had gathered Louis to him, and held him very close. There heartbeats seemed to quicken, and then slow as the embrace deepened.

Louis was shivering from the cold and Santiago moved his cloak around the younger one's shoulders and kissed the white head. He kissed the pale cheek, and moved his lips almost instinctively to Louis' neck.

Suddenly, he was painfully aware of his actions and he attempted to move away.

"No" Louis said, his head holding Santiago close to the neck and not allowing him to move away "I want this more than you will ever know ...."

Santiago had driven his fangs into Louis' throat, feeling the younger one arch beneath him (for he was much taller than Louis) and had drunk the blood, blood he had never before tasted, blood that would hold him in thrall for eternity.

Dazed and satisfied, he had drawn away. Louis seemed unconscious, but after a moment his eyes flickered and the emerald orbs regained focus and gazed upon him once more.

Santiago knew the worst thing possible had happened. He had fallen in love.


Louis continued to haunt his victim.

He had crossed a wide river, when suddenly the victim seemed to have vanished from view.

Cursing, he let a desperate moan escape his lips. He was weak, close to fainting from thirst when Santiago came into view holding the struggling mortal close to him.

"You are weak" Santiago confirmed, holding out the struggling mortal to Louis.

"Merci" Louis said, grasping the shoulders of the mortal and pulling him into his fatal embrace.

Santiago watched the death with sombre expression, finally pulling Louis away from his victim and throwing the body unceremoniously into the river.

Louis melted into Santiago's embrace.

"What's wrong?" Santiago asked with urgency.

"I was remembering ... our first few nights together" Louis answered, breathing heavily.

"Ah, I see" Santiago said "Happy memories?"

"Of course" Louis smiled happily. "I have never been this fortunate, never been so in love. And I owe all these feelings and wonderful memories to one person".

"I owe someone too" Santiago said mischeviously "Lestat!"

"Santy, leave Lestat alone!" Louis said seriously

"He made you ...." Santiago drew closer to Louis. They were eye to eye "... if not for him, where would you be now? Dead, buried? Never" Santiago shuddered "I need you".

"I love you" Louis said suddenly, passionately.

"I wish I could say the same" Santiago said gently. "But I have no idea what love really is, or whether this is just an interesting diversion".

Louis looked hurt by this statement, but accepted Santiago's view without question.

"Have you fed?" Louis asked softly.

"No" Santiago shook his head "I was just about to".

"May I come with you?" Louis asked eagerly.

Santiago laughed and looped his arm through Louis' and kissed him quickly, passionately. "I could desire nothing more than your company during this intimate act, Louis".

Louis smiled and allowed Santiago to lead him forward.

Memories could wait. He wanted to see Santiago hunt and feed and become less pale. He wanted to see Santiago's style again, something he would never tire of. Yes, memories could wait. For they had all the time in the world, didn't they?


Lost in the bitter cold, Louis dreamed of Santiago and the gentle memories that had finally pushed away the bitter ones. For Santiago had been abrupt and unkind in the early stages of their relationship. However, Louis was familiar with Santiago and knew that any harsh and cruel words stemmed from insecurities in his soul.

Santiago had left Louis this evening to hunt early. Louis wandered the cold streets feeling alone and slightly fearful.

"Well, well, well ....."

Louis looked around himself and sighed dramatically when a stranger came into view." Good evening, Lestat. You look better".

Lestat moved silently from the street corner and came close to Louis, his eyes closed as he breathed the scent of his fledgling. "Armand has been jesting with me for several days now. He tells me that you and Santiago have become lovers".

"It is no joke, Lestat" Louis confirmed. "Santiago and I have become very close".

Lestat shook Louis' shoulders angrily "You know what happened? Did you know that Armand stopped by to see me? He told me that my Louis had betrayed my love within another's arms, and that other was Santiago! Please! Give me some credit! He told me I'd better get better soon else Louis would be lost to me forever!!!"

Louis struggled to free himself, but to no avail.

"Do you know what happened then, Louis?" Lestat asked, hissing slightly. He reached for Louis' wrist and scraped a nail sharply across the flesh. "Armand, he gave me his wrist to drink from him, to give me the strength to talk some sense into my brat of a fledgling ..."

"We are leaving soon, Santiago and I" Louis said bitterly. "I would burn Armand for what he has said and done, for he has comprimised me by using your hatred to stop me from being with the one I love!"

"The one you love ...." Lestat looked struck, hurt. "Am I so far from your thoughts?"

Louis nodded, coldly. Bitterly.

"Do not leave" Lestat begged, his eyes shedding blood red tears.

"I must" Louis said simply. "I am where I belong".

"Louis ....." Lestat watched Louis walking away, making small desperate noises. Finally, he shouted aloud "If you leave me again Louis, I will not survive. I will be forced to go underground".

Louis turned around to face Lestat, compassion lighting his features and making him calm and determined. "I have to go Lestat. In time, I hope you will learn to forgive me".

Lestat looked heartbroken as he suddenly disappeared from Louis' view, and Louis made his way back to Santiago, shaking violently.

"What happened?" Santiago asked as soon as Louis returned. Santiago had been back for a while, and had grown fearful of Louis' disappearance.

"I saw Lestat tonight" Louis groaned, flopping into a comfortable chair and putting his head into his hands.

"I understand if you want to return to him" Santiago said softly. He sounded resigned and bitter.

Louis shook his head and laughed "No, Santiago. I am with you for all time. I want to leave here and travel Europe. Would you come with me?"

Santiago smiled softly and nodded his head vigorously. "Yes, let's leave now".

Rising to his feet, Louis kissed Santiago's cold cheek and ordered the servants to pack their bags.

They would leave early the next evening.

Free and together, to spend the rest of eternity within each others arms.


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