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Under the weather
by Hannurdock
Rating: PG13/SLASH

Dedicated: To Kris, who wasn't very well recently

Disclaimers: The characters from the Chronicles belong to Anne Rice.

These stories are purely for pleasure and 'What if's'. 

Nothing is meant to infringe upon the author's rights.

I am doing this for fun and I love sharing my stories with others.

Lestat had been concerned about Louis for about a week.

The last time they had been together, Louis had seemed withdrawn, a little upset. His eyes had been reddened, distant and a little dull.

Unfortunately, Lestat had been called away on some urgent business and he had been forced to leave Louis at his miserable little shack.  

Lestat tried to phone Louis several times during his business trip, but Louis did not answer. Instead the phone calls went straight through to Louis' answer machine.

Lestat rang Louis' answer machine again for the third time that evening. A recorded message informed Lestat that memory had ran out for messages on the phone.

Lestat sighed. It was bad enough that Louis had seemed under the weather. It was worrying Lestat that Louis was not answering the telephone. It was very unlike him not to return messages.

Lestat decided to cut his business trip short and return home to New Orleans. His worry for Louis was eating away at him, making him edgy and nervous. No need to fly in a plane, Lestat took to the skies, plotting a mental course he had become accustomed to.

The journey lasted several hours. He had started when darkness had fallen, at around eight, and came to rest on his native New Orleans soil at 3 a.m. It was a long and risky flight. Lestat in his haste had to fly close to the radar detectors, and whilst he ran a relatively small risk of beig discovered by them, the risk was what the elders would consider unacceptable.

He immediately went to Louis' little shack. No candles burnt in the small building, no signs of life. Lestat checked the exterior of the building, making note of cracks in the bricks to attend to later, behind Louis back.  Louis was the most independant of the vampires, he hated anyone tending to his problems for him.

Finally, Lestat went inside the building and into the main room.

The candle had burned to a small stub, and had been out for some days now. Lestat checked the entire room, setting small things right. A book left carelessly on the floor, opened. A small lamp knocked over beside a computer which had seen better days. The soft rustle of spiders marking the web above Lestat's head. Louis hated spiders. Lestat took care of them too.

Finally, he lit a small candle and made his way up the staircase into Louis' small bedroom. No paintings or furniture. Just one coffin. Right in the centre of the room. Lestat walked nervously to this coffin and pulled open the lid.

Sigh of relief. Louis lying inside. Perfectly fine. No damage or attack. Nothing.

Lestat reached into the coffin, drawing Louis out gently into a sitting position. He touched the white face with both hands.

"Louis ....?"

Louis stirred a little and coughed, but did not open his eyes.

"Louis ... wake up" Lestat cried, a little forcefully when shaking Louis' shoulders.

No response except for a slight murmer, a soft clammy hand over his own. Louis was ill, very ill. Lestat had never seen his kind plagued with mortal illnesses, but the way Louis looked before him chilled him. He was seeing something which resembled extreme food poisening.

Lifting him out of the coffin, Lestat left the shack for his own more lavish abode. Laying Louis gently on the sofa, Lestat turned on the lights and removed his coat. He sat across from Louis, observing the fledgling remotely. Eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Why would Louis be ill? Ill as any mortal could be worldwide. It didn't make sense.

Louis moved a little in discomfort. He was obviously uncomfortable on the sofa. Lestat crossed the distance between them and picked Louis up, taking him upstairs and into the bathroom. Quickly running a bath, Lestat peeled away Louis' damp clothing and lowered Louis' fragile and pale body into the water.

Soft sigh. Louis was definately more comfortable floating in Lestat's giant bath tub than on the sofa downstairs. Finally, Louis opened his eyes a little and looked at Lestat.

"Welcome back. Why weren't you answering my calls?" Lestat said sharply.

"I haven't risen since you left" Louis answered weakly.

"What's wrong? Why haven't you risen? Is something wrong?"

Louis nodded. "The victim. The night you left. His blood tasted .... wrong".

"Wrong? What do you mean?" Lestat asked.

"Just wrong" Louis said weakly. His head went under the water and Lestat drew him out, watching him cough and splutter in confusion and fear.

Protectively, Lestat drew Louis against his own body. He felt the anguish and the suffering through Louis' slender frame. He felt the soft sobs wrack Louis' body.

"Its alright" Lestat said gently. He moved his lips against the pale throat. "Just relax"

Louis felt the two hot shafts sink into his flesh. He sighed with pleasure as Lestat deliberately widened the two puncture wounds with his fangs. The gush of blood hit Lestat's tongue and flooded his throat.

Bad blood.

Whatever Louis had eaten that evening had definately disagreed with his body.

Slashing his own wrist with his sharp eye teeth, Lestat moved the wound to Louis' mouth and held the bleeding temptation there for a little while.

Louis eyes snapped open.

Viciously he latched onto the bleeding wrist and began to suck for all he was worth. Lestat cried out in agony as the fang teeth tore at his wrist, regardless of its origin, tearing the flesh of his being. He started swooning almost immediately, lost in the tight, hot embrace.

Two vampires.


Regardless of self they were united. Desperation.

Louis finally slid away from Lestat frowning when he saw the older vampire's eyes closed and his wrist still torn and not healing. The strong infusion of blood had strengthened Louis and helped him to overcome this vicious illness that had him so incapable of even the smallest actions.

"Lestat ...?" Louis shook Lestat gently, his arm steady and strong.

Lestat opened his eyes. He looked at Louis and sighed with pleasure. "That felt fantastic".

"But you are not healing" Louis said worriedly.

Lestat shook his head "I am, my love. Its only temporary. Do not worry about that".

Louis watched Lestat intently until the wounds did indeed beging to heal themselves.

Sighing with relief, Louis sat back and laughed. Lestat sat up and laughed too.

"Do you feel any different?" Lestat asked Louis softly.

Louis looked at his hands. He touched his own face and shook his head "I feel strong, as if I have fed regularly for a month, but I feel no different within myself".

Lestat rubbed his hands together "Good!".

"Now ...." Louis said wickedly, kissing Lestat's lips suddenly, startling the elder vampire "I think its time for us to be together. Really be together".

Moving out of the bathtub, Louis led Lestat to the bedroom. He was dripping with cool water, and Lestat looked in amazement as the droplets fell from the smooth, white body.

Louis fell onto the bed, his naked frame writhing on the sheets. Lestat watched this display of pure erotic pleasure with a slight gasp leaving his lips.

"Join me" Louis begged, his eyes moving all over Lestat's powerful frame.

Lestat shook his head "I'm sorry, Louis. Something isn't right. Its as if you cannot control your sexual urges, and you may regret this".

"Regret?" Louis looked at Lestat with confused green eyes. "Why should I regret? I want to be with you. Is that something I should regret?"

Lestat sighed and sat beside the naked vampire, the middle finger of his left hand playing with Louis' small belly button. "I don't know. I guess, because you are so reserved, I feel worried that this small endevour may hurt you".

Louis shook his head and smiled "I love you".

Lestat's eyes widened. He leant down and kissed Louis fully on the lips. Quickly, he removed his shirt, trousers and underwear. Now naked, he lay beside the younger vampire, wrapping his arms around the precious figure, drawing him ever closer.

Louis sighed in relief and edged closer to Lestat. He wanted to feel Lestat's preternaturally strong body against his own. He wanted to feel Lestat's eternally strong heartbeat beating in time with his own. He sighed as he listened to the sound of that heart, which like Lestat, was powerful and constant.

He moved erotically against Lestat's silky body, wanting to feel every inch of his maker, moving closer and kissing the perfume drenched skin. His fangs played a game against Lestat's throat, piercing it a little and laughing at the small heavenly tastes of blood with each small nip.

Lestat shivered with pleasure, his body already drenched with blood sweat, his mouth tasting and touching all of his most beloved fledgling. His hands roamed the tender and supple body, his fingers massaged the flesh.

Finally, unable to control their growing passions any further, they bit deeply into each others' necks, tasting the succulent flavour as it poured down their throats. They growled and drank and savoured each other. Blood sweat mixed with blood sweat. The scent of the combined blood sweat driving them both crazy with desire.

Eventually, their passions ebbed and they lay beside each other. Softly gazing into each others' eyes, neither spoke a word. Both were spent, still. Eyes locked on each other with a silent and satisfied contentment.

The death sleep came upon them like a shroud, and when they awoke the next evening, their eyes were locked upon each other still. So they were the next night. And the night after.

Finally, they roused themselves and dressed numbly. Their eyes fixed completely on the other, as if the world seemed nothing now, as if the only sight the world offered of any value was each other.

Finally, Louis broke the silence. With a little grin he asked: "Well, was it good for you?"

For a moment, Lestat was amazed. Then he gave the loudest laugh Louis had ever heard. He literally keeled over and shook violently on the floor.

"Lestat ....?" Louis could not resist smirking, giggling, then finally laughing himself.

"Oh, Louis" Lestat tried to control himself, the laughing infecting Louis also. "You are so very, very precious!"

Lestat led Louis down the stairs and into the livingroom where they sat together and watched the television, securely wrapped within each others arms .... forever.


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