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Twilight Zone

by Hannurdock

Rating: PG/SLASH

Based on: A true story
BS Home town Challenge
Dedicated to: Becky, for inspiration. Her story made me want to do one of my own. This however is really based on an experience me and the boyfriend had last week <smirk> so the geographical points should ... should ... be correct. I hope. By the way, don't know where this challenge is being held so I have only posted this here. With the situation the way it was, Nigel is Lestat in this story, and I was Louis.

"I do love weddings" Louis sighed.

"Yeah?" Lestat grumbled. "Well, we didn't even get to see the ceremony Louis. Just the reception".

"I know" Louis looked troubled for a moment, as he read the map and directed Lestat through the mazed streets of Birmingham. "But we couldn't have made the ceremony anyway. It was way before nightfall".

"Hmmm" Lestat said after a while.

"Hmm, what?" Louis asked, annoyed.

"Are you sure you know where we are going, Louis?"

Louis grimaced. Truth was, he was unsure. Who designed these maps anyway?

"We're heading into the city centre of Birmingham, Louis" Lestat said matter-of-factly. "I thought we were going to avoid this part? Its quite crowded on a Saturday evening".

"I know, I know" Louis said, becoming angry. "Maybe you should turn off at the next junction and head out a little".

"No, no" Lestat said smugly "I know where we are. Just need to keep going for a little while".

A little while later, Lestat and Louis sat steaming in the middle of broad street, cursing at the non-moving traffic.

"How the hell did we get here?" Lestat asked, grabbing the map from Louis' grasp.

Louis shrugged. He looked at the other irritated drivers around him and sighed "Guess we turned off a little too late, Lestat".

"I don't appreciate getting stuck in a porche in the middle of irritated drivers!" Lestat clenched his teeth and inched forward a little.

After about twenty minutes, they were free of the traffic.

"Where do we go once we get out of here, Louis?" Lestat asked.

Louis sighed. Grabbing the map he scanned the index for Broad Street. "Can't you slow down a little, Lestat. Its not like we have to worry about time here. Just take it slow else we'll make a wrong turn".

"I can't" Lestat moaned, pumping the accelerator "I have high speed syndrome. I must go faster!"

Louis groaned, flipping through the map hastily. But it was too late. As Lestat approached the next junction he briskly asked "Left or right, Louis".

"Erm ..." Louis answered as he found the page. Trailing his hand down Broad Street he quickly answered "Right!".

"Too late" Lestat moaned, gunning the accelerator. "We're in the left lane".

"Well, jump into the right then!" Louis complained, becoming irritated with his maker's lack of intelligence.

"Too late" Lestat moaned again, as they sped down the left lane towards Wolverhampton.

Louis sighed, slamming the map back into the back seat, looking thoroughly pissed off.

"Where are we?" Louis asked after around ten minutes.

They had entered the roughest looking neighborhood either had ever seen. Lestat was panicking about his porche as a few rough thugs drove by, eyeing Lestat as if they wanted a race.

"Winson Green" Louis sighed, looking at the map. "They have put a prison here, Lestat. I think we've driven through the roughest area in the entire West Midlands!"

After about twenty minutes, without turning back I may add, Louis and Lestat were driving into the back of beyond.

"Where are we?" Lestat moaned.

"Lost" Louis informed him gruffly. "You won't slow down to enable me to read this soddin' map. I can't even read the street signs we keep shooting by them so fast".

"Well, we'll stop then" Lestat said, indicating as he stopped right in the middle of a bus lane.

A bus lane! Louis sighed with impatience and looked towards Lestat as if to say 'you complete ass'.

"Well, what does the sign say?" Louis asked, straining his eyes to make out the lettering.

"I don't know" Lestat moaned. "Its hidden behind a bush!"

"Stay there then, I'll go and look" Louis said angrily, opening the door and slamming it shut. Quickly walking over to the sign he went back to Lestat, busily flicking through a map and being extremely useless since they had no idea where they were.

"Kyter Street".

"Kyter Street ..." Lestat murmered as he flicked through the index.  "Hmmm, there is one in Wolverhampton and one in Birmingham. We can't have gone too far out so I think we are in the street in Birmingham".

"Are you sure?" Louis asked dubiously.

"Of course!"

Louis didn't believe him. But once Lestat had an idea in his head, he followed it through. Sketching a quick drawing for Louis, he indicated how many islands would lie ahead and which turnings to take.

Louis sighed.

On they travelled, into the night. Until the directions led them to a business park in the middle of no-where. The car stopped.

"Where the hell are we" Lestat mused as poor Louis went out to read a few more street signs.

"Tipton!" Lestat exclaimed "How on earth did we get here ...????"

"Easy ... you mistaked Kyter Street, Wolverhampton with Kyter Street, Birmingham" Louis grumbled.

He was tired and hungry and irritated.

Hastily, Lestat sketched another map. Much to Louis' disgust. Then they headed out on another wild trek before finally returning to their hotel in Birmingham.

It was just before dawn.

As Lestat and Louis snuggled together under the duvet, Louis said in a final tone "Never ask me to read a map for you again Lestat, when you do exactly opposite of what I say or act like a complete fool!".


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