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Title: Too Cold For Comfort
Authors: Hannurdock & Ingunn
Rated: PG (for now)
Summary: The A-Team goes for a little holiday.
Copyright: Hannurdock & Ingunn Production Inc. 2000
Disclaimer: We have just borrowed the team, and promise to return all four guys to Cannell, who owns the rights to the, when we're done(ok, we might keep them a or so day over time ... *vbg* )
Challenges: We give each other challenges with each part, to include either a word, phrase or object!!!

Part 1  Introduction (Hannurdock)

The A-Team van sped north away from Los Angeles, picking up speed with each straight piece of road until it reached a small shop miles from the nearest house.  The shop was bare and looked completely lifeless from the outside.

Until Hannibal and Face go out of the van, and headed inside - Face occupied with a small list and Hannibal breathing in the relaxing air. A single man behind the counter watched warily as Face grabbed a basket and began loading tins of beans and soup.

"Don't you think this is a little over the top, Lieutenant?" Hannibal asked, watching the younger man fill his basket, and start on another one.

"Hey, it doesn't hurt to be prepared" Face defended himself "I'm just being cautious. There were weather warnings of snow on the radio earlier today"

Hannibal sighed deeply.  He had instilled the need to be prepared in all the members of his team, yet they were supposed to be on a holiday. Hannibal shrugged his shoulders and let Face continue with the second basket. 

It was a relaxing weekend break at a log cabin in a luxurious greenery, far away from the city life and the MP's sirens.  Hannibal thought the break would do them all good. Murdock and BA had started fighting more recently, and Face was very stressed out. 

It was what they all needed - a chance to relax.

As Face picked up three loaded baskets and headed for the counter, Hannibal looked out of the window at the slightly darkening clouds outside.  There was nothing to worry about, they would all be fine.

Murdock and BA were becoming restless in the van.  Murdock had decided to sing the new Jennifer Lopez song at the top of his voice.  It sounded like a cat being strangled, and BA was just about to shut Murdock up permanently with a fist when Hannibal and Face arrived back, with bags of tins.

"What's all that for, sucker?" BA growled. "You wastin' our dough 'gain on nothin'?"

Face shook his head "You know its good to be prepared. Besides, none of it will go to waste - its tinned food"

Murdock howled out of the window. "I hope those can lids have plenty of metal in 'em Faceman. Need to get my vitamins"

"Murdock, its what's inside the cans that I'm talking about!" Face sighed wearily.

Murdock looked slightly puzzled.  "Really?"

Hannibal shook his head.  "Come on guys, settle down. BA lets get moving"

BA started the van, and they were soon at a fierce pace, tearing down the narrow roads.

It was just after midday when they reached the small cabin, set in a surreal blending of trees, hedges and lake.  The whole place breathed with relaxtion and comfort. Face sighed loudly as he stepped out the van.

Murdock followed, looking around himself at the perfect vision of harmony with a soft smile lighting up his face.  "Wow, this is a great place" he breathed.

Hannibal waited for BA, before following Face and Murdock and together the four went inside to rest inside the homely cabin.

Hannibal sat on a cosy rocking chair and put his feet on a small wooden table as Face lit a small fire in the grate.  "Feels like we're home" he said.



Part 2  CHALLENGE: Rubber duck (Ingunn)

The next day:

"Oh, WOW, it's snowing! Look, BA!" Murdock had his face squeezed against the window of the room he shared with BA, a look of childish joy in his eyes.

BA simply grumbled something inaudible in reply and shuffled out to the bathroom.

Slightly annoyed by BA's all but enthusiastic reaction to the good news, he decided to inform Face about it instead. With a big grin he burst into Face and Hannibals room and yelled "WE GOT SNOOOOOOW!", madly waving his arms above his head.

"Aw, Murdock, I'm trying to sleep here," Face whined and pulled his quilt over his had, only a tassel of blond hair sticking out.

"But, Facey, you can't sleep now! We gotta go out an' sledge, build snowmen - well, you can build a snowwoman - make snow angels, and lets not forget - SNOWBALL FIGHT!" Murdock was virtually jumping up and down in anticipation .

A wry smile formed on Face's handsome face. "You know, Murdock... I think BA would love to have that snowball fight with you," he said, and alluring tone in his voice. 

"You think so? He's been so mean with me lately..."

"Well, look at this as a chance to...bond with him anew," Face added.

Murdock looked doubtful for a moment, then the smile returned to his face, and he ran towards the bathroom.

"Lieutenant," Hannibal said from his bed, "that wasn't very nice, now was it? BA's gonna pommel him with snowballs. He'll be lucky to survive!" 

Face's only reply was to pull the quilt further over his head, sighing content.

The snowball fight lasted for about 4 seconds.

BA came back into the cabin, laughing so hard tears came to his eyes.

Face probed his head out the kitchen door, wondering what the strange noise was. Seeing BA giggling madly, a puzzled look formed on his face as he walked to the front door, wanting to see what was so funny.

Murdock was sprawling face down in the now almost 3 feet deep snow, struggling to get out of the heavy masses. Face ran over and managed to dig out a coughing and yelping Murdock. "He-e-e tr-r-ried to b-b-b-bury mh-mh-me alive! The uh-uh-ugly mud-d-d-dsucker tried t-t-t-to kill me!" His brown eyes were large and filled with shock. He was covered with snow from head to toe, shaking from the cold. 

Feeling a twinge of bad conscience, Face started brushing some of the snow off. "C'mon, Murdock, lets get you back into the cabin and make you a good warm bath." 

Five minutes later Murdock was soaking happily in steaming hot water, discussing Einstein's theory of relativity with his rubber duck Daffy. Face was making them all some cocoa in the kitchen, and Hannibal and BA was sitting by the grate.

"BA, did you have to be so rough on Murdock?" Hannibal said, not able to hide the laughter in his voice.

"Aw, Hannibal, I finally had the chance to get back at the crazy foo' for all those times he's crashed those planes! 'Sides, not like he's gonna die from a little snow!" BA chuckled.

"Well," Hannibal replied, "I just hope he doesn't get a cold or anything. Wouldn't want him to spend the entire holiday in bed, now would we?" 

BA grimaced, but evidently concerned by the Colonels words, got up and went to check if Murdocks water was hot enough.

"It's still snowing outside," Face remarked as he walked past the window, carrying a tray with four cups and a mug. "If this keeps up, the cabin will be covered tomorrow". 



Part 3 CHALLENGE:  Rhubarb (Hannurdock)

Face's prediction about the bad weather came uncomfortably true the next morning when the four men work up and took a look out of the window.

Hannibal watched the heavy snow fall outside the half-blocked window and grunted to himself in dismay. Face just shook his head, he'd known this was on the cards.

Murdock however was as curious as a child, awestruck by the dense blanket which was now a third of the way up the side of the van.  BA didn't like the snow one bit.

"Hey Hannibal" he growled angrily. "My vans stuck in here.  I don't like my van bein' stuck any place it can't move real quick to get us out if we need it."  

Hannibal shook his head.  "Its OK BA. I don't think the MP's will be making it here for a while."

Murdock made a move to open the front door.  Ba grasped his wrist and held it in a firm yet gentle manner.  "What you think you're doin' sucker?"

"I want to see it.  I've never seen it quite this deep before." Murdock explained.  

BA let go of Murdock's wrist and allowed him to open the door.  Murdock regretted it a second later as a mountain of snow collapsed on top of him.  As the others pulled him out of the icy cold, he spluttered "Not again!!"

"This is nuts, Hannibal" BA complained. "How we gonna leave if this keeps up? We'll be stuck in here a couple of weeks"

"Now who's going overboard about being prepared?" Face smiled.  "One of these days you guys will listen to me."

Hannibal shrugged amiably.  "Well, at least we've got extra supplies"

Face smiled knowingly, then the smug expression melted from his face and he looked slightly worried.  "Erm, Hannibal. Foods in the van" Face said, pointing over the top of the rising whiteness at the snowed under-vehicle.

Hannibal's thoughts at once kicked into action.  "Well, we'd better dig it out now, hadn't we - before it gets any worse"

Two hours later, armed with shovels and Murdock armed with a spoon in his right hand, and a cactus he'd named Charlie in his left, most of the van had been dug around, and Face, Hannibal and BA were taking out the main bulk of the food.

Murdock was trying to wedge a mound of snow using his teaspoon from a wheel of the van.

"Get over here fool and help us carry some of this food inside!" BA growled, getting madder by the second.

Murdock smiled over at BA.  "Did you know Big Guy, each tiny snowflake has feelings and emotions.  You can't insult their intellect by using a pitchfork - that's why I'm using a teaspoon, less rough on the lil critters"

"Murdock, get!!!" BA warned, his fist closing. Murdock gulped.  "OK, I'm comin'" he piped.

As Murdock proceeded to help with the unloading of blankets, food and weapons - he started chewing a lone piece of grass he had dug up from somewhere under the snow.

BA growled again.  "Get that thing out your mouth Murdock!"

"Hey, give me a break BA. I've stopped spooning out my lil flakes, now your complaining about what I eat."

"Eat?" Face asked.  "Why are you eating a blade of grass Murdock?"

"Tastes like Rhubarb" <Yay, Gen I did it  :)>  Murdock explained.

"OK ..... " Face laughed, watching BA's face change. "I'd watch it Murdock, wouldn't like to be buried again, would you?"

Murdock looked stricken with worry. "Three times in two days? Man, just my luck."

"Shut up, guys and hurry up will you" Hannibal complained. "Its getting worse out here.  We've been out for for ages, I think its time we got back inside"

The team obeyed their commander and soon all four men were inside by the fire.

Murdock had made some coffee and handed cups to his team members.  

"God, its been a tough day for a holiday" Face complained, and he shifted to a more comfortable position in his chair.

Hannibal nodded. "Well, you said yourself. Best to be prepared, and I think we are gonna be here a while"

Murdock smiled suddenly.  "Why don't we play a board game?"

Hannibal nodded. "Not bad, Capt'n.  What you got in mind?"

"Twister" Murdock said, a manic gleam in his eye as he watched the other men's reactions.



Part 4 CHALLENGE:  Sexy animal (Ingunn)

Face, BA and Murdock were standing on the plastic board, all three in their individual bizarre position. 

Murdock was standing in a bridge over Face, left leg under him and the other one stretched in a ninety degree angel to his right. They all knew he was quite flexible and pliable, but now he was acting like a contortionist. 

Face was almost lying on the floor, arms and legs sprawled in all directions. He whined loudly every time he had to move, but not as loudly as usual. Truth to be told, he was having fun! He'd never had the chance to play games like this in the orphanage, and he enjoyed the new experience immensely. But he did have an image to maintain, and whining was part of it.

BA was next to Murdock, doing the splits, one hand between his legs and the other one extended in front of him, looking quite ridiculous. And the sour expression on his face didn't help much. 

"OK, Murdock, left hand green," Hannibal instructed. He had 'sacrificed' himself upon the task of spin the needles on the instruction boards, not willing to admit he felt a little bit to old and stiff for this kind of exercise.

Murdocks eyes selected a green spot, he lifted his left hand and somehow managed to stretch it around BA's broad shoulders, which was quite the achievement, and land it on the other side. 

"OK..." Hannibal continued, his eyes on Murdock before he refocused on the game. 

"Right, then it's BA's turn. Um, right foot yellow." 

BA gazed at Hannibal. 'Wow, if looks could kill', Hannibal smiled to himself, 'I'd be splattered all over the walls." The old saying had never been more appropriate.

Hannibal had practically ordered BA to join the game. Even though BA always played with the kids at the day care center, it was something completely different playing with three grown men. Just like Face, he had a image to uphold, although they were not the same. While Face had to look elegant and sophisticated, BA had to look tough and hard. And even though he knew the guys could see through his tough appearance, he still had to keep it up. And, just like Face, he was having loads of fun 'playing'.

Growling, BA stretched his leg and managed to reach the yellow dot with his toes. Swaying slightly, he quickly regained his balance. 

Hannibal edged a brow in an impressed manner. The big Sergeant might look big and bulky, but he moved with the grace and ease of a feline.

"And then it's your turn, Face... Left foot red."

Frowning, Face wondered how he would manage to do the maneuver without dislocating his entire leg. Sticking his tongue out of his mouth in a determined mien, he lifted said leg and swung it toward the chosen color.

But he didn't notice that one of Murdocks arms were in his way. His leg met Murdocks arm, Murdock lost his balance, fell to the floor, and dragged BA with him in the fall. Face expulsed violently as both Murdock and BA landed on him, knocking all air out of his lungs. 

Hannibal leapt to his feet to help the three men of the floor. BA staggered to his feet, yelling "You crazy foo'! What'd you hav'ta to that for?" 

"Me?? It wasn't me, Face kicked my arm so I lost my balance!" Murdock defended himself, looking very insulted. 

Groaning, Face rolled over to lay on his back, making sure nothing had been broken under the heavy weight. Looking up, he saw Murdock laying on his side next to him, propped up on his elbow, head resting in his right hand. His eyes were sparkling, and he had a randy smile on his face. "Hey, you sexy animal! Come here often?" He asked teasingly. Face looked at him wildly for two seconds before jumping up from the floor. Murdock was laughing loudly by Face's reaction and confused look. Sticking out his tongue at the laughing man, Face walked into his room to straighten up a bit. 'The hair must be a mess,' he sighed stoically, feeling somewhat of a martyr for his good looks. 

The rest of the evening went peacefully playing other, less 'motion-involved' games. Well, except for BA trying to stuff the little Monopoly-houses down Murdocks throat. Luckily Hannibal and Face managed to separate them, and only one hotel was missing.

Murdock didn't mind, "Now all the people living in my head have somewhere to stay!" he said cheerfully, and was once again saved from BA by Hannibal and Face, before the little people in his head had to find a new, unbroken residence. 

Removing all the pieces big enough to fit down Murdocks throat, they continued playing, the little cabin once again in peace. 

It wasn't long before Murdock suddenly looked up from the board, his face clad with a look of concentration and wonder.

Hannibal, seeing the look on the pilots face, asked with concern "Captain, is anything wrong?". 

Murdock, still looking into the air, said "Does anyone else hear that sound?"



Part 5 CHALLENGE:  Star Trek (Hannurdock)

Hannibal, BA and Face stared at Murdock. They hadn't heard a thing, and Murdock was renowned for hearing voices in his head anyway.

Suddenly, a sickening crash coming from the back door of the cabin alerted the four men. Hannibal rose, his eyes narrowed in confusion.

Hannibal felt a sudden gush of cold wind as the left side of the cabin disappeared under a mountain of snow.  It took a second for Hannibal to register what had happened. The snow being too heavy had collapsed one side of the small cabin. Hannibal saw Face and Murdock disapear fom sight, lost under the weight of the snow. All they heard as Murdock disappeared was "Beam me up, Scotty ......"

"BA" Hannibal yelled, pulling the seargent along by the arm. "We have to get them out"

BA restrained Hannibal and forced him to the floor as the rest of the cabin disintegrated around them.

A little while later, maybe ten minutes had passed, when hannibal and BA fought their ways to the surface, looking disbelievingly at the damage around them.

The whole cabin had been destroyed. But heavy snow did not explain the terrible destruction BA and Hannibal saw around them.  They saw the trees pulled from their roots, and knew instantly what had befallen them. An avalanche.

BA looked around himself, almost in tears.

"Its OK, BA. We'll find them" Hannibal vowed, but BA just cursed and shook his head.

"Where's my van, Hannibal .... damned avalanche took my van!!"

Hannibal, slightly amazed by the fact BA was more worried about his van than about Face and Murdock continued a futile search into the deep snow all about them.  The cold was intensifying however, and soon BA and Hannibal had begun building a shelter from the bitter cold.

"BBeeeen through muuuch worsse thannn this" BA stuttered as he helped Hannibal build a wall of snow around them.

Hannibal nodded. "I just hope Face and Murdock are not lying somewhere beneath this.  If they are, they're as good as dead"

"I distinctttly heard Mmmurdock asking Scotty to bbbeaam himm uppp" BA stuttered, having to smile at the absurdity of Murdock's final plea before he went under.

Hannibal shrugged. "Comes from watching all those Star Trek episodes, BA."


Face and Murdock weren't lying dead beneath the snow, although it had been a close call. When the cabin had collapsed, the weight of the snow had swept the two men out of the cabin, and they rode the brunt of the avalanche, so to speak. Murdock had managed to keep hold of Face's leg and briefly saw the A-Team's van bob alongside them. Face and Murdock were being battered to dath by the force of the snow, however just when it became too much to bear, and Murdock was about to let go of Face's leg .... they stopped.

The avalanche came to a halt suddenly, and Murdock felt himself and Face disappear under the snow. It was worse than drowning, having to fight to get to the surface, which was becoming harder and harder to reach every second.

Murdock grasped hold of Face firmly, and fought his way upward. Face was unconscious or worse, but Murdock had no time to check on him, he was fighting for both their lives.

Murdock broke through to the surface, a savage wind full of snow greeting him. He looked despairingly around, his eyes full of dread .... but then something caught his eye. Something big and black, half hidden beneath the snow.  Something with familiar red detailing on its sides .....


Hannibal and BA sheltered together from the bitter cold.  They were huddled together, like two orphans shivering from the terrible cold.

BA's lips were turning blue.  "Hannnibaal, I'mmmm getting colllder"

Hannibal nodded, and knew they would have to make a move or die of cold.

"Come on" Hannibal said authoritively. "Lets go find Face and Murdock"

BA and Hannibal rose, and trudged wearily in the direction the avalanche had taken their friends.


Murdock dragged Face, ignoring the numbness in his feet as he approached the van. He opened the passenger door, which was exposed and clambered inside pulling Face with him.  Like a godsend, he realised that BA had left the keys in the ignition.

The van was at a slightly uneven angle, becuase it was partly buried by the snow. However, it wasn't half as bad as Murdock had anticipated.  If the engine worked, the van could easily move properly onto the surface.

Praying aloud, Murdock turned the key in the ignition. A slight splutter greeted his ears, and then a deafening roar. Murdock hit the accelerator and the van easily moved onto the surface.  Murdock set the indicator going, constantly. Hoping that the flashing light would come in useful to Hannibal and BA if they were trying to find them.


Murdock left the drivers seat, and dragged Face into the back of the van. Murdock laughed slightly as he realised that the van was becoming warmer now, and Face had opened his eyes and was laughing with Murdock.


Hannibal and BA trudged on, seeing nothing but cold and snow whipping around them, weakening them. Suddenly Hannibal bumped into the A-Team van, cursing.

Stepping back, Hannibal and BA stared at the van, like it was an angel from heaven and pulled back the sliding side door to escape the bitter cold.

Face and Murdock still laughing, turned at the sound of the van door opened. Hannibal and BA got in and watched Face and Murdock laughing.

"Aint funny" BA growled. "Almost lost my van, man"

Murdock shook his head. "No, it is funny. We're alive BA. And through the crap we've just come through."

BA shook his head, but the sides of his mouth were beginning to curl upwards into a smile. Then he started laughing too, and soon Hannibal joined in as well.



Part 6 CHALLENGE: An Electric Toothbrush (Ingunn)

"OK guys"I know we are all very lucky and happy to still be alive after that avalanche, but we are not out of the woods yet" Hannibal said.

"Murdock,  Face - are you two ok? No broken bones or anything?"

"Well, I'm just a bit battered, but nothing serious. I think Face got hit the hardest, he was unconscious when I got him out of the snow" Murdock answered, helping Face sit up against the wall of the van and giving him a concerned look.

Face held his head in his hand, teeth clenched in pain "Awww, my head hurts like hell"Think I've got a concussion." And as if to certify his words, he promptly rolled over to his side and vomited. 

"Aww, man! Not in my van!" BA yelped, immediately receiving a look from Hannibal telling him to shut up. 

"Sorry, BA. It was either the van or Murdock", Face excused himself, smiling wryly. Murdock smiled back at him, "Well, I for one am glad you chose the van." 

"BA, do you have a torch or something in here?" Hannibal asked the big sergeant who nodded and pointed to a metal box, "Right there behind you, Hannibal". 

Opening it Hannibal dragged out an electric toothbrush, holding it up in the air. BA immediately bent over and grabbed it from him, "It was a Christmas present from mama." Smiling slightly Hannibal returned his attention to the box and soon found a torch. He crept over to the con-man and shone it in his eyes. 

"Yeah, your pupils don't respond normally ... probably just a small concussion, though," Hannibal smiled reassuringly at the young lieutenant, "had it been a big one you would probably still be unconscious."   

Sitting back he stuffed the torch in a pocket in his jacket. "Now, how to get out of this place ... we can't stay in the van forever. It will soon run out of gas, and then we won't be able to keep it warm. And the cabin is as good as wrecked-" that's as far as he got before Murdock shrieked "What about Daffy?? Oh no, he's probably dead- or what if he's not? What if he's lying all alone up there, slowly dying in the cold snow, abandoned ...Oh Hannibal, we have to return for him!" He gave Hannibal a pleading look. 

"Who is Daffy?" Hannibal asked, dreading the answer.  

"Daffy is his rubber duck", Face answered, his voice strained of the pain in his head. Murdock nodded enthusiastically at the Colonel. 

"We ain't going there to get your rubber duck, foo'!" BA growled loudly, getting ready to clobber the pilot if he tried to argue. Murdock gave him a hurt look and sat down pouting, knowing it was a lost cause.

"Ok ... now please, can I continue?" looking at the four men around him, Hannibal made it clear he didn't want any objection. "Thank you. Now, as I was saying, we have to get away from here somehow. As I see it, we only have two options. We either stay here and wait for the search parties to come find us, or we try to make our way back to that little town we stopped in before we came here. The only problem is that it will take us a couple of days to get there, and by that time we might all have gotten hypothermia. Our clothes are wet and we don't have any place to dry them. Also, I'm not sure what direction it is - "

"Well, as I see it we might as well stay here till spring and wait till the snow melts, and then drive away," Face said sarcastically.   

"I ain't going nowhere without my van, Hannibal!" BA threatened.

"If you can find a way to get it out of this snow and down the mountain side, nothing would be better, sergeant. But as far as I can see, that is impossible. The thought of attaching some sort of runners to the wheels have crossed my mind, but first of all they would have to be broad enough for the van not to sink. And secondly, even if we managed to transform the van into a sled, we would have no way to get it moving ... I doubt it would be any good to just push it down the mountainside and hope it would stop by itself. No, I think our best chance will be to try and walk back to the cabin after all. I think there's a good chance we can find some dry clothes there. The right side of the cabin was still pretty much intact, and that's were the bedrooms and clothes are. And we don't stand a chance without dry clothes, we would all have hypothermia within minutes." Hannibal looked at each of his men and saw their support and acceptance to his plan in their faces. "OK, then that's settled," he said and got up.

"Come on Face," Murdock said, helping the younger man to stand, putting his right arm around his waste for support. Together they staggered out of the van.

Hannibal and BA were already outside, waiting for them. Hannibal led the way back to the cabin, Murdock and Face right behind him. 

BA stood looking at his beloved van for a few seconds before he to began to trudge through the heavy snow, soon catching up with his team mates.



Part 7 CHALLENGE: Santa Claus. (Hannurdock)

The long trudge back to the cabin wore heavily on Face, who was panting heavily as he followed the others. At one point, Murdock relinquished his red coat to Face, fearing for him. His lips were blue and his eyes glassy.  Face watched as the others walked out of view in the whiteness for an instant and called out, suddenly afraid.

Hannibal heard Face's voice through the whiteness, and the rest of the team drew to a halt immediately.

"What happened to Face?" Hannibal asked.

"I don't know" BA said worriedly.

Murdock scanned the snow, and backtracked immediately. Hannibal caught his arm.

"Hold it! We have to be careful" Hannibal drew out a compass from his pocket, the most sensible thing he had brought with him during this adventure, and backtracked also.

Face was freezing cold, and remained motionless in the snow, without the strength to go on.

As the rest of the team came upon Face, shaking in the snow, Murdock couldn't help but repress a small giggle.

"This isn't funny, Captain" Hannibal scolded, seeing the snow building on Face's chin and under his nose.

"Who does he remind you of?" Murdock asked, the cold disappearing in the mirth of the moment.

Hannibal rested his hand on his chin in deep thought.  Then it came to him.  Red coat.  White snow beard and moustache.  Suddenly he began to laugh as well.

"Santa claus" BA said, restraining himself from laughing too, without any success.

"Gee Face. With that snow beard, that red coat I gave you really suits you" Murdock grinned, patting Face affectionately on the back.

"Shut up!" Face yelled.  His head was throbbing like a drum, his eyes were blurred from hot tears. "I've had enough!".

Hannibal drew back a little, his laughter stopping immediately.  "Easy Face. It was only a joke".

"I'm sick of all this! I don't need you to make fun of me at a time like this" Face screamed, his anger uncontrollable.

Murdock edged forward and embraced Face tightly, feeling Face release the tension of the trauma in his arms.  

Face drew back, and blinked away tears. "I'm alright now".

"No more fun.  Lets just get out of here" Hannibal said kindly, taking Face by the arm, and leading him away. BA and Murdock followed close behind.


The cabin was a ruin when they reached it, but the wardrobes were intact with fresh dry clothes inside.

Hannibal passed out the fresh clothes, his fingers so cold they hardly worked as he replaced his own set of clothes with a nice comfortable woollen pair of trousers and a jumper. 

Face watched helplessly as Hannibal undressed him and placed fresh clothes on the young man's freezing cold body.  

The best discovery were gloves and scarves in some of the lower drawers.  Filling a knapsack with fresh socks, Hannibal ordered the others to do the same.

"Socks?" Murdock wondered.

"We'll have to keep changing them as they'll keep getting soaked through" Hannibal explained, helping to stuff a knapsack for Face.

"Okay, what now Colonel?" Face asked, his teeth chattering.

Hannibal grinned suddenly.  "I hear something that sounds very familiar".

The others turned their attention to the new sound.  It was familiar.  And welcome.  


Part 8 CHALLENGE:  Water Bottles (Ingunn)

Your turn, matey :)

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