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The Tombstones

Louis de Pointe du Lac
May you suffer eternally.

Lestat de Lioncourt
May you defy the rules forever

Gabrielle de Lioncourt
May you have more feeling in death than you did in life

Nicolas les Enfent
May your music always be as depressing as you can make it

David Talbot
(No tombstone epitaph, against Talamascan rules)

Merrick Mayfair
May the Lord forgive you, witch

Marius de Romanus
May your paintings belong to eternity, and your 'thing' for little boys die with you

May you be reborn, as you were before, and before that, and before
that ....

May you reign in hell for all time

May you be cold and white and not say anything more (not that you said anything of any importance in life)

May you finally grow up and look your age, not your shoe size

May you see the truth, finally

May you voice your own opinions

Jesse Reeves
May you speak with the living as much as you spoke with the dead

Loner, you have found friendship ... in yourself

May you lose your loneliness, as you lost your mind

Armand de Romanus
May your voice finally break

May you be braver in eternity than you were in life

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