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This Stage

by Hannurdock

This stage belongs to you
Its where you greatly shine
Your performance leaves me speechless
You never forget a line
In your books you haunted me
You were a devil, lover, friend
You became a part of my dreamworld
With the words that you penned
This stage was built for you
It is hardy, strong and dark
Its where you are yourself
Where you really make your mark
In that dreaded first movie
It was you that caught my eye
With your flashy, lovely prose
That will never, ever die
In 'Queen' you were haunted
By your desire to be known
Yet, even at your concert
You seemed the most alone
Through the books you became legend
Your words reached a million souls
You touched a world with your words
With your flashy, worldly goals
Yet, on this stage you are free
To be friend or fiend or foe
The stage, it always loves you
whether your mood is high, or it is low
This stage is yours alone
A creation on your part
It is where you can be truly you
It is the stage I call my heart

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