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Title:     The X-Team

Author:     Hannurdock / Georgina Ann Price

Summary:   Crossover with X-Men The Movie

Rating:     PG-13

They hadn't come.  The bastards. I lay, completely alone wallowing in self pity while the 'thing' above looked down upon me in triumph.

Its eyes bulged as it contemplated my fate, and I pleaded with it again, trying to stop it from doing what was certain to come.  Its skin was ripped, completely covered in blotches.  Its mouth opened and I saw the teeth.

"Heaven help me!" I cried, and turned away ready to face Death.

Only Death I was not about to face, not this night at least.  The door opened and a man rushed in, quickly followed by two more and a woman.  I looked at them, not really seeing as my eyes were streaming with tears.

That's when the first man did something which stunned me.  He was wearing an odd pair of sunglasses or headset (the whole thing was wrapped around his head!) which fired a ray directly at the heart of the beast above me.  But how could a pair of sunglasses do something like that?  I suddenly realised the power had come from his eyes.

"Help!" I cried, as I stumbled in the darkness, trying to see where the 'thing' had gone.  Then I saw the fight ensuing to my right.  A man with an odd set of claws from his knuckles was fighting the creature, driving it back towards the window.  

The man with the glasses approached me, and held out his hand to help me up "Are you alright?".

I shook my head.  "No! What do you think, I like being attacked by something from the Blue Lagoon. What the hell was that thing anyway? Who are you".

The man with the odd looking sunglasses looked faintly amused.  "You have nothing more to worry about, Tempelton Peck.  My name is Cyclops, and I'm the leader of the X-Men.  The 'thing' was a mutant, deformed at birth and driven insane by his powers".

I shook my head, unable to move for a moment, and watched with interest the fight between the clawed handed man and the 'mutant'.  

To be continued...

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