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Vampiric Poem

by Hannurdock

Dedicated to my Miami Vamp, Armand

His hunger sated;
He stands back,
And let's his victim slide to the ground.
How can something so beautiful in life
Be so horrible in death?
He looks at the eyes,
Staring forward, lifelessly
Mouth slightly ajar;
Expression glazed and somewhat relieved.
He did this guy a favour!
Alleviating his suffering
And yet, the eerie silence
That always accompanies the kill, strikes him
Strikes him like a knife
Whipping past his soul like fire
He should dispose of the remains;
It is the rules, after all
But he just stands there, staring forward
Eyes pulsing with a new life
Panting like a beast

Emotions, uncontrollable
Make his eyes water with sudden despair
What did he do to become this thing?
Why does no-one understand;
the complexity, the heartbreak, the loneliness?
The sudden silence after the event;
Aching soul
The body still there;
Demanding some attention, loathsome
Yet, his eyes have blurred with tears
The sluggish movements set in;
As he covers his handiwork
And moves on to walk the crowded streets
No more satisfied than he was before
Maybe, more aware
More aware of life, the constant thrum of precious blood filled creatures
Moving in an out of his path like delicate ladybirds
Like entrancing brightly coloured birds, not sensing the vulture among them
His path quickens
And he finds himself .... home.

He looks up to find the lone witness staring down at him
And he smiles;
She has been a witness to all of his murders
And she never looks at him differently
Night after night
She keeps him company
And watches from afar
The same tender thought crosses his mind;
She loves me, the moon. She really does.

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