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The Tale of Brent Sopher
by Hannurdock
Rating: R/SLASH

Sequel to Fighting a Losing Battle.
Disclaimers: The characters from the Chronicles belong to Anne Rice.

These stories are purely for pleasure and 'What if's'. 

Nothing is meant to infringe upon the author's rights.

I am doing this for fun and I love sharing my stories with others.

Part 1: Flashback

The Talamasca had thrown all evidence of vampires into the open.

Why? Because I had taken a fledgling from their order of members. So had Louis. So had Maharet. The Talamasca and the vampires had been connected, our blood had been entwined.

My short battle with the Talamasca had been victorious, yet disappointing. For I had been suspecting a superior force. The Elders were nothing more than gifted mortals, and I had taken pity on their weakness and let them go.

They asked me to never take a member of their Order again, and turn them into a vampire. Of course, I could not agree to their terms. However, I promised not to seek the Order to make a fledgling, rather, I would let them come to me.

A night soon after my battle with the Talamasca, I had been so intent on loving Louis. Louis, who had lost Merrick to David's arms. Louis. My Louis. However, hardly one step towards our loving had been taken before the doorbell sounded. I looked alarmed at the others. None of our coven would ring a doorbell before entering, and I was filled with a slight alarm.

Leaving Louis momentarily, I walked to the door and flung it open. Whomever dared disturb the sanctuary of my townhouse would be very sorry they did so.

A young man smiled at me. A notebook was stuffed hastily into his shirt pocket.


"Can I help you?" I asked with a small smile. A grimace was more adequate to describe the expression.

"Are you Lestat?" He asked me.

I read his mind. No bad intentions. He was here for another reason. His name ...... Brent Sopher.


"I came here to find you ...." Brent stopped and I looked curiously at him. The reason for his visit was obvious. Another mortal seeking the dark gift. Laughing to myself, I invited him into the townhouse, ignoring Marius' cold stare as I sat him down in the main room and asked him politely if he wanted a drink.

He turned a little pale as I licked my lips and stared at him eagerly. Awaiting his response.

"No, no thank you" Brent said softly. He seemed nervous and I could appreciate that. After all, I was a vampire. An evil one at that. One that preyed upon the very Order Brent cherished and revered.

"Lestat ....?" Marius soft and cultured voice from the other side of the room. "Can I speak to you for a moment? Alone?"

Work in Progress

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