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I was fortunate to have someone very special in chat just a moment ago. And no, it wasn't Jesus this time. Actually the Invisible Man popped in for a quick interview to discuss his latest schemes and plots. Enjoy!
||||||||||||||| Welcome to JabberChat. Enjoy! --- Site Administrator.  
||||||||||||||| Type HELP to see a list of available chat commands.
||||||||||||||| You are on channel 1 with someone you can't see.
[Katrina]: Hello?
[Katrina]: Nice to meet you. My name is Katrina
[Katrina]: How long have you been here?
||||||||||||||| You say 'Heh, babeh!'
[Katrina]: Why were you given the name of the Invisible Man?
[Katrina]: *smiles sheepishly* I guess that is pretty obvious ...
[Katrina]: So, what is it you want to do with your life?
[Katrina]: Isn't that kinda against the law? I mean taking over the world is a serious offence.
[Katrina]: Yeah I guess. I suppose it would be hard to catch you doing something.
[Katrina]: Have you ever thought of a less destructive hobby?
[Katrina]: What like? Hmmm, how about bird watching. You'd be a natural.
[Katrina]: What is your favourite pasttime?
[Katrina]: Isn't that dangerous. I mean, what if the canaries bite back?
[Katrina]: I was only stating a point. I didn't mean to cause offence.
||||||||||||||| You are frowning.
[Katrina]: Fine, be like that! See if I care! (Geddit?)
[Katrina]: No I can't see the point! I can't see anything you twerp!
[Katrina]: Yes, maybe I should be going too.
[Katrina]: I may not have a world to conquer, but I can find better things to do than talk to an invisible so and so!
[Katrina]: Fine! Bye to you too!

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