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The Flame
by Hannurdock

Rating: R/SLASH

Pairing: Lestat / Louis
Disclaimers: The characters from the Chronicles belong to Anne Rice. These stories are purely for pleasure and 'What if's'.  Nothing is meant to infringe upon the author's rights. I am doing this for fun and I love sharing my stories with others.
Notes: During the Tale of the Body Thief, towards the end. Alternate ending
Summary: Louis is tired of Lestat's threats and takes drastic action
Warnings: M/M Slash (Suggested) Violence

"Could you work the dark trick again?" Louis asked Lestat, his vision blurring with the sudden tears that Lestat was forcing himself not to see. "Ah, you take your time before answering".

Louis did not wait for an answer. His pain was so exquisitely deep and so far removed from Lestat's pain. He gripped Lestat's arm firmly and closed the distance between them, closing his lips upon Lestat's with the gentleness of a lover.

Then he rose, walking past Lestat. He slightly brushed Lestat's shoulder and his maker winced. Louis walked to the alter where an assembly of candles shivered and moved to a silent dance, their warmth trying to unfreeze Louis cold heart.

He was lost. He was dying inside. Why couldn't his maker see this?

He heard Lestat rise from the pew and make his exit.

"Lestat .....?"

"Yes" Lestat said angrily, not even bothering to turn around.

"Remember I love you" Louis said softly, turning around to face Lestat. His back was to the candles and it created an eery glow around the figure, shrunken with suffering and guilt.

"You love me?" Lestat spat, failing to notice the look of utter despair on his fledgling's face. "Why didn't you help me if you love me!?! Now YOU take your time in answering that, Louis".

Louis shook his head, helpless. "I'm sorry. I had to follow my instincts. I knew you would win, and without my involvement your victory would be complete".

"Lying bastard! I hope you burn in hell!" Lestat growled, moving to the door, signalling Mojo to follow him. However, the dog did not hurry to Lestat. It watched Louis emerald eyes with its own dark eyes, as if it could sense the impending disaster.

"Mojo!" Lestat snapped, reaching for the dog's collar as Louis fell back into the candles, the fire immediately catching his black silk shirt and ragged trousers. Lestat watched in horror as Louis burnt in front of him.

"Louis!!!" Lestat cried in agony, rushing to the flames and throwing his coat over the blackened figure. Louis was coughing and spluttering, clearly in a great deal of pain. Lestat pushed back the cuff of his shirt and let his wrist dangle invitingly by Louis lips. "Drink!".

Louis shook his head, the agony and pain unbearable. "No Lestat. Please, let me go".

Lestat shook his head "It is my fault, Louis. I was angry. But that doesn't mean I've lost my love for you. I do love you Louis".

Louis shook his head. "I betrayed your trust. I wouldn't make you into a vampire, they wouldn't let me". Louis was writhing from side to side, Lestat grasped his wrist and held his hand close to his heart.

"What do you mean, they wouldn't let you?" Lestat asked softly.

"Marius came to me. He threatened he would destroy us if I gave you my blood, or if I helped you regain your body from the thief" Louis tears drenched his shirt and Lestat held him close, fuming.

"Marius said that? And he would have you take the fall? He threatened you?" Lestat's eyes turned a dangerous shade of violet. He lifted up Louis, still spluttering from the horrific incident and moved out of the church. Mojo followed behind them.


"You don't understand. Louis would do anything for you, anything!! I couldn't allow it" Marius exploded as Lestat paced the floor.

"How dare you threaten my children, Marius! I will not have that!" Lestat said, baring his teeth angrily at the elder vampire.

"What would you have had me do? Stand by and let Louis do this thing which would have surely destroyed him?" Marius asked, a little more gently. "I felt like a coward to threaten him, but I knew he would have helped you had I not been forceful".

"He almost destroyed himself because of you!" Lestat said angrily, grabbing Marius by the collar and shoving him roughly against the wall.

Marius immediately pushed Lestat away, using the powers of his mind. "Because of me? Tell me Lestat. Tell me the real reason Louis went into the flames tonight".

Lestat appeared confused as he thought back to the events prior to the incident "We were fighting".

"Did this have anything to do with me?" Marius continued softly. "I doubt it. Your too hot headed and forward for your own good, Lestat. Louis is a fragile creature who depends on you maybe a little too much. He is a gentle and compassionate being, and I threatened him reluctantly. Heaven knows I would not have carried out the cowardly threats I uttered. But I knew it was enough to deter him from a disaster which would spell his end. Lestat, did you threaten him also?".

Lestat looked down, ashamed. "Yes".

"We are both at fault for creating this situation. I adore Louis. I would not wish him harm. I know you wouldn't wish him harm either. But does he know that?".

Lestat could see the logic in Marius's words. He felt a complete failure and walked to the door. "I'm leaving to tend to my fledgling. Marius, I love you. But if you ever threaten Louis again, then we shall become enemies".

Marius nodded and then softly uttered "Practice what you preach, Lestat" as the door closed and Lestat was gone.


Louis opened his eyes. He looked about himself. He was in Lestat's bed - a place he always ended up when hurt. Where were his burns? For an instant Louis feared Lestat had forced him to drink from him, had given him the stronger blood he did not want.

"Good evening, beautiful Louis" Lestat said, walking through the door with some fresh clothes. Expensive and lush fabrics, delicate and strong at the same time. "Are you ready to feed?"

"You didn't make me drink from you ..." Louis asked timidly.

"No. I merely applied my blood to your wounds which healed instantly" Lestat said authoritively, signalling to Louis. Louis got out of bed weakly and walked shakily over to Lestat. Lestat protectively pulled Louis closer, forcing him to sit on the edge of the bed as he dressed him gently.

"I didn't mean it, you know ...." Lestat began awkwardly.

"Mean what?" Louis asked, slightly confused.

"What I said in the church. I would never, ever hurt you, Louis. You are my beloved".

Louis smiled sadly "I don't believe you".

"Believe it or not. I will prove it" Lestat grinned as Louis got up and looked at himself in the mirror.

"Nice clothes, Lestat" Louis said impressed.

"Only for you. Now, come with me - I have a surprise for you" Lestat said, holding Louis hand and forcing him out of the bedroom.

"A surprise?" Louis asked, perking up a little. Louis loved surprises.

"Yes" Lestat led Louis to a smaller room and put his hands over his fledglings eyes. "Now, don't look else it will ruin the surprise".

Louis nodded, relaxing against Lestat's touch. "Can I look now?".

Lestat moved his hand away. "Yes, look now".

Louis looked around himself and gasped in surprise. "A library!".

Marius walked into the room, and kissed Louis lightly on the cheek. "A present from Lestat and I - sometimes we forget we should watch what we say, and that words can have the same effect as actions. Forgive me Louis".

Louis smiled, sudden tears in his eyes. This time Lestat saw them. "Thank you Marius ... Lestat ... this is amazing".

"Its all yours" Lestat said tenderly. "We all know how you love your books".

Louis nodded gratefully, and walked over to the nearest rack of books. He leafed through the immense selection and turned to Lestat and Marius. "This is the most wonderful gift I have ever received".

"Well, don't go and read them all at once" Lestat grinned impishly. "And we all have to spend some quality time together, before Marius has to leave".

Louis nodded, and walked out of the library between Lestat and Marius, a sigh of contentment came from him. He was for once in his life truly happy.


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