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The A-Team



Adult A-Team Stories (NC-17/SLASH-WIP)

The Millennium Epic (NC17/SLASH-WIP)

A-Team Shorts (PG-13-WIP)

Older Stories (U)


A Halloween Dream (PG)

A-Team In The Woods (PG)

A-Team New Year Celebrations 2000 (PG)

A-Team New Year Celebrations 2001 (PG)

A-Team vs A-Team Club (U/OLDER STORIES)

A Christmas Angel (U)

A Feeling Beyond Friendship (PG13/SLASH)

A Fork in the Road (PG13)

A Leader (PG)

A Life So Precious (PG13)

A Lifetime Oath (PG13/SLASH)

A Revelation of Sorts (R/SLASH)

A Shot in the Darkness (NC17/SLASH)

A Time For War (R)

A Traitor in the Midst (R)

Abducted (R)

All Tied Up - Original (PG)

All Tied Up - Rewrite (PG)

Alone (PG13)

Alone By My Lonesome (PG/POEM)

Alone in the Darkness (PG13)

An Undecided Future (R/SLASH)

Antiquities (PG)

Bad Day at Grey Rock (PG-WIP)

Behind the Scenes: The Making of Aliens (PG)

Behind the Scenes: The Making of Commercials (PG-WIP)

Behind the Scenes: The Making of The X-Men (PG)

Blinded By Love (PG13/SLASH)

Born to be a Leader (U/POEM)

Christmas Card, 2000 (U/POEM)

Circumstance (U)

Colonel Stevens (U/OLDER STORIES)

Courage (NC17/POEM)

Cruisin' Along with the Ol' Faceman (U)

Death of a Loved One (U/OLDER STORIES)

Decker's Revenge (U/OLDER STORIES)

Depressions End (PG13)

Elusive Thoughts (PG)

Endless Hum of Life (PG)

Farewell! (NC17)

Female of the Species (NC17/FEMSLASH)

First Date, First Impression (R/SLASH)

Hannibal's Tale (R/SLASH/CO)

Having Them Out (PG13/SLASH)

Hear His Voice (PG)

Help! (PG13)

Hiring the Team (PG)

Honeymoon (R/SLASH)

If Hannibal... (U/POEM)

If Murdock... (U/POEM)

Imagined Pleasures (PG13/SLASH)

Inner Torment (NC17/SLASH)

Inner Torment 2 (NC17/SLASH)

Inner Torment 3 (R/SLASH)

Inner Torment 4 (R/SLASH-WIP)

Insanity Questionnaire (PG)

Interview With the A-Team (PG13/SLASH)

I.O.D.E. (PG13-WIP)

I.T. (NC17-WIP/CO)

Just Not Right (PG)

Key to my Soul (PG)

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Lovers (R/WIP/SLASH)

Lost in Thought (PG)

Lost Without A Cause (PG)

Murdock Had A Little Lamb (U/POEM)

Murdock The Great! (PG)

No Breakfast For Me Today (PG13)

No Justice (PG13 - WIP)

So Surprises (PG13/SLASH)

Not Long Left (PG13)

One Lucky Grunt (R)

Poltergeist (NC17/WIP)

Rage and Anger (R/SLASH)

RE: Need Help (PG)

Reverie (PG)

Sharing the Bed (NC17/SLASH)

Silence is Deadly (NC17/SLASH)

Snow Story (PG13)

So True (PG13/SLASH)

Super Team! (PG13-WIP)

Tag, You're It! (NC17/SLASH)

Team Meeting (PG)

Team Meeting (Uncensored) (NC17/SLASH)

Ten Lines I Can See BA Using (E)

Ten Lines BA Wouldn't Use... Ever! (E)

Ten Lines Hannibal Wouldn't Use (E)

Ten Things Face Would Have Hated To Hear (E)

Ten Things Murdock Would Have Hated To Hear (E)

Ten Tricks For Billy To Learn (E)

Ten Ways Hannibal Would React (E)

Ten Ways To Become Murdocka Disciples (E)

Ten Ways To Convert People Into A-Team Fans (E)

Ten Ways To Evade Orderlies (E)

Ten Ways To Get Committed (E)

The Bird Soars (PG)

The Darkest Night (R/SLASH)

The Dawn of Discovery (PG13/SLASH)

The Dilemma - Original (PG)

The Dilemma - Rewrite (PG)

The Fear and The Darkness (R)

The Final Epic (U/OLDER STORIES)

The Lover (R/SLASH/CO)

The Pain Inside (PG13)

The Stand (NC17-WIP/CO)

The Wrong Move (R)

The X-Team (PG13-WIP/CO)

Tides of Time (PG)


Too Cold For Comfort (Cowritten by Ingunn) (PG-WIP)

Transmit (PG)

Trying Times (R/SLASH)

Twinkle (PG/POEM)

Unfortunate Facts (E)

Unreal Reality (PG13)

Waiting for Insane Wayne (Episode Narration) (PG-WIP)

Yellow Ties (PG13/WIP)

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