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Good evening one and all.

I am your hero for the duration - blonde hair, impeccable dress sense and beautiful blue eyes which have become all the more irredescent since I became an immortal.

Impossible, I hear you cry. Not the A-Team! They wouldn't become vampires knowing that vampires kill.

Well, let me tell you this. On the hour of my death a vampire held out his hand and told me if I drank from him I would have life everlasting. A life without pain, or illness or death.I was no fool. I held no illusions about an immortal soul. So I passed gracefully out of the light and into the darkness I have been a slave to for so long.

I couldn't let the team die without knowing this had happened. It was a miracle, a true miracle. With the lack of any concrete faith in their skeptic natures soon the team joined me in my hell.

My maker was a splendid vampire by the name of Lestat.

Lestat was a rogue among his kind, an outcast among outcasts. Yet, he shone and dazzled and won the hearts of millions of eager teenagers when he formed his successful rock outfit - Satans Night Out.

I met him after his disaster with the Queen of the Damned, Akasha. After David Talbot had become one of the undead, and before Merrick joined us with her elegant prescence.He saw me dying on the streets after some botched assignment I cannot even recall now. He fell in love with me, and came to me night after night.

He loved my beauty.

He loved my passion.

I loved his strength and savage nature, still torn between my instincts for survival and my soldiers vow.

To become a vampire was to actively betray every vow I'd ever taken, every good deed I had ever done. I betrayed my mortal life when in my moment of weakness, I accepted the blood which spilled from the fresh wound on Lestat's throat and found myself a new life.

Anyway, enough with this prattle.

My adventure will be as long as this introduction if I don't hurry it up. Keep out of the darkness, and remember me in your dreams.


dieu, beloved mortal soul.

Face, Lestat's child -2001

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