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Super Team
By Hannurdock 

PG-13 - WIP

Part 1: A Dying Planet

From a distance, the sun nearing the distant planet of Crypton looked deadly and final - the collison looking to be unmistakable.

However, inside this dying planet, a panel of elders continued their daily lives ignoring the repeated requests of Army Colonel, Hannibal, to evacuate before it was too late.

At the present moment Hannibal was forwarding his own report on the imminent danger, three dangerous criminals were being put on trial before a selected board of elders.

"General Zod, you are found guilty of high treason. Ursa, your only wish was to rule beside your vicious general. Don, you are without feeling as you are without voice. This panel has no hesitation in procaliming you guilty"

Zod raised an undisturbed eyebrow as Hannibal approached the stand, looking at the three killers with disgust.

"Hannibal, you alone have the power to either condemn or free us now, and depending which way you rule, will have me to answer to" Zod explained.

Hannibal looked at Zod without emotion, remembering the horror and murders he hd committed. As Crypton's Colonel of the Army, Hannibal had the last vote.

Turning his back on the three criminals, Hannibal muttered "Guilty"

A blinding flash of light interrupted Zod's curses, and within seconds the three criminals were trapped in a flying disk, a prison called The Phantom Zone, heading for outer space.

Zod called out. "You will bow down before me, Hannibal. Both you, and one day ... you heires!!"

Hannibal shook his head and sighed. He was too old to do this now, his first son had reached two years of age. He wanted to spend some time with his wife and son. But other matters were too pressing.

Hannibal stood before the elders of Crypton. "Within five days, Crypton will collide with the sun. If we don't act now we're all finished."

The elders looked at each other and laughed. "Hannibal. Your instincts for survival have saved us all on more occasions than we can count. However, we have been assured by our scientists the sun will pass right by."

Hannibal shook his head. "No we will die if we remain here. Even if we go to The Phantom Zone, at least we'll survive."

The oldest member rose, and shook his head slowly. "No, we will remain here, the sun will pass us by"

Hannibal looked at the elders disbelievingly. "So you will destroy an entire people.  Be in on your heads"

Hannibal stalked off in disgust to find his wife and children.

Hannibals wife was waiting upon Hannibal's return. "How did it go?" Elayer asked gently. Hannibal shook his head.

Elayer looked disappointed, but as if she had expected this decision. "The traveller, is it almost complete?"

Hannibal nodded, and looked towards the bulky craft he had created. "It will only carry our children, Elayer. Not us"

Elayer nodded, bravely holding back her tears. She was determined to be strong like her husband.

Suddenly, the whole planet began to shake, as if it were a major earthquake. Hannibal knew the end was coming, and ushered his wife to put his first son aboard the craft that would take them to another world.

Hannibal took his younger son from the cot to his left and climbed aboard the craft himself. There were four places aboard the craft, room for his two children, and two others.

Hannibal heard the sound of footsteps and saw his closest unit from the Army approach with their two children. Hannibal reached down and lifted the children easily aboard, watching their little faces as they slept.

Elayer let a sob escape her lips. "They'll never know they are brothers, Hannibal." She said.

Hannibal nodded and looked at his two friends watching him from below, the younger faces despairing from the loss of their own sons. One of them was a tall black man called BA, and the other a tall and ungainly man called Murdock.

Then Hannibal touched his eldest sons face.  "You will lead them Hannibal" he whispered "All the days of your life. You will be strong, powerful, almost totally invulnerable.  Carry our love with you all. Come Elayer"

Elayer sobbed as she and her husband exited the craft, and they watched as it sealed itself automatically, and took off, leaving the three men and one woman speechless.

Hannibal turned to his two friends and held his wife even more tightly. "They'll make it, I promise. I've sent them to a planet called Earth in Outer Space"

Elayer shook her head. "They'll never be the same again"


The violent shaking intensified as the sun was approaching, and Hannibal knew the end had come for them.

He took his wife's arm and led her away. BA looked at Murdock and gave him a sad smile. "Our sons are gone" he whispered, crushed. "I hope Hannibal is right, and they reach Earth safely"

Murdock put his arm on BA's shoulder. "I have faith that his plan will work, BA. Lets get back to our wives before its too late"

The elders were beginning to see the error in their judgement. The sun was not going to pass by, and the end had come earlier than expected, the violent shaking and heat intensifying to an unbearable level.

BA and Murdock were running after Hannibal, but the ground caved under them.  Hannibal turned to see his unit disappearing and ran back, holding his hands out towards them, tears in his eyes. But it was too late, they were gone.

Hannibal ran back to his wife, and dragged her away by the arm. Finally, with no place to run, Hannibal and Elayer sheltered together and awaited the end.

The little craft sped away with the four children asleep inside. As Crypton exploded behind them, baby Hannibal stirred slightly in his sleep.

As they continued their long journey, the children heard the voices of Hannibal, explaining the principles of philisophy, science and war.  After two years of this travelling they finally neared the end of their destination.

The small craft split into four pieces as it skimmed the atmosphere of Earth.


(This fiction is in the process of being written - please check back from time-to-time)

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