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Challenge: Topic, Death

Disclaimers: The characters from the Chronicles belong to Anne Rice. These stories are purely for pleasure and 'What if's'.  Nothing is meant to infringe upon the author's rights. I am doing this for fun and I love sharing my stories with others.

Rating: R

Gabrielle and I, we wandered to all the ancient lands together. One of the adventures I didn't touch on in my novel was our adventures in the North West, in Asia.

She was beginning to shy away from me, to leave my company for the great forests and monstrous jungles to which she would one day leave my side for eternity.
Indeed, I had never felt so alone as I journeyed to Asia and lay eyes on the strangest devil I had yet to see. Bear in mind, Gabrielle and I had witnessed supernatural evidence such as poltageists and werewolves, but never had we seen another of our kind like this. No, not like this. His skin shone with dark tan, and his eyes sparkled with uncommon mischief and humour. I read the name of this mysterious stranger from his mind, for in truth, as ancient as he was he was still weaker than myself.


Stooped in his own twisted religious ideas, Azim seemed the very creature I detested in his needless destruction of mortal life. I saw his revolting ceremonies from my vantage point above his villages and residence and felt my stomach churn.  Death at its cruelest. Not the sweet and merciful death I often gave to the scum of the mortal world, but sickening and bone crunching displays of strength and power. He enjoyed the power and domination over his
followers.  He enjoyed ravishing their minds and destroying what little dreams they possessed before tearing their bodies to shreds. Bloated on human blood, he rose above his followers and watched mercilessly as they bowed and scraped their knees, drawing blood.

I was perched high above this carnage, watching the scene with narrowed eyes. They called this structure Sugar Mountain, the way it rose high above the villages on a large mound, giving the God an all seeing advantage over his followers.
Hopping down, I walked through the melee of human carnage and reached down among the helpless mortals to pick up one who had fallen and was being trampled to death. The very image of Nicholas stared before me, the only difference being darker skin. His sunlit days had accorded him a substantial tan.
Smiling affectionately, I guided him out of the crush of the mortal crowd and told him to leave.  

"But .. but .. my God ..." He muttered, his eyes closed in fear of displeasing the ancient God of Asia.

"He is no God" I confirmed. "Neither should he pretend as such. We are demons, devils. We take blood, we enjoy it. We kill, we love it. But we are no Gods! Leave now" Baring my teeth at the young man I watched him as he fled away from me and Azim.
Then I felt *his* prescence behind me. Azim.

"I do not resent you for what you have done" Azim said slyly, his golden eyebrows furrowed. "I only wish to know why".
I whirled to face him, my hands catching his attire and flinging him with preternatural force against the wall behind him. It shattered like so much glass through the force of my actions. Women wailed and scattered as they watched the two God's wage war upon each other.
"Why?" I seethed. "Why???! I will tell you why. You are throwing random images to these pathetic mortals. You are destroying their very spirit only to live in a blood bath each night. You do not need it or even truly enjoy it.  Death is the ultimate pleasure for us, but it need not mean we take life in vain. For all the death's I have initiated in this world I still maintain a love and respect for all things living".

"Respect" Azim spat angrily. "We are life eternal. They are nothing!"

"They are our sustenance, yes. But they are not to be trampled upon. You strive to be some useless God, and you cannot heal your followers. You only bring them death and dismay".
Azim freed himself indignantly and turned away from me. "You know, Lestat, I have heard about the way you destroyed the theatre in Paris. You will not destroy my way of life to suit your own twisted morals".

"I will return" I vowed "One day, I shall return. Not only to destroy you, but to destroy all you hold dear so this may never happen again".
"Good bye, Lestat" Azim said sadly. "Maybe one day you will understand the adoration I feel when they kneel to me and beg for me to take them, to kill them. Maybe one day".

"Never" I said softly, walking away from him quickly.


I waited several nights for Gabrielle to return from her own private travels.

She looked at me affectionately and asked me if I were ready to leave.

"Yes" I said relieved "Let's leave now".

Gabrielle nodded, and we travelled from Asia back to Europe, where I would discover my brothers had been murdered. Gabrielle and I, we would finally say our goodbye's and move on from each other ... forever.


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