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by Hannurdock

Although sometimes its hard,
To keep moving on.
When the world keeps moving forward,
And all old friends are gone.
Although its sometimes painful,
To think about the past.
To wish for an oblivion,
Free from the pain at last.
Although sometimes its strange,
To be the one not growing old.
You look at those around you,
Shivering from the outside cold.
Although its sometimes hurtful,
That mortals have to go away.
That you must say a final farewell,
Before they live their final day.
Although sometimes its easy,
To wish the world would end.
That your mind might be collapsing,
That it feels it will never mend.
Although its sometimes tragic,
To wish to end your life,
To be free of immortal pain,
To be free of immortal strife.
Sometimes, you'll be happy,
You'll feel a mortals love for you.
Those times will make it all worthwhile,
You'll forget that you were blue.
Feel my love for you, my precious,
Feel it warm your beating heart.
When you close your eyes and feel this,
We are not so far apart.
Feel the warmth surround your body,
Feel it energise your soul.
Feel it touch you like a feather,
If it warms you, its achieved its goal.
This love is sent from the miles apart,
It feels like satin, velvet and lace.
You know my love will always be here,
With you safely tucked in its embrace.

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