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Summary: A comet has destroyed much of the earth, and only Lestat seems to have initially survived. Features flashbacks of Lestat's past with Louis.

Disclaimers: The characters from the Chronicles belong to Anne Rice. These stories are purely for pleasure and 'What if's'.  Nothing is meant to infringe upon the author's rights.

Beta Reader: Luna                (Rated: R)

Part 1: Loneliness

Lestat walked along the deserted path, looking at the destruction around him. His clothes were in tatters, his eyes red from constant tears. He glanced around himself, and then towards the sky.

"Louis!!!!!????" Lestat cried out. He looked up and saw the dust filling the air. He could not even see the stars through the dark covering. The sunlight would not reach through this thick shroud for a hundred years.


He stumbled on a rock, and fell into a sitting position near a skeleton. He glanced at the bones as they crumbled and fell to dust. He glanced at the sky above again, and tears threatened to destroy him.

He let his mind wander back to the day that his entire life had changed, and humankind was destroyed.


Comet Kera was sparkling nearby in the night sky as Lestat read a sonnet by Shakespeare to Louis. Louis was lying contentedly on a sofa, his head cradled in his maker's lap.

"Enough" Lestat said, closing the book sharply. A cloud of dust came from the dusty old covers and Louis coughed as the dust invaded his lungs.

"I was enjoying that" Louis said, his voice a little hurt.

"I will read again to you later" Lestat promised. He moved Louis' head gently and lay down beside him, spooning his body against the younger vampire. He sighed in pleasure as he inhaled the musky scent of Louis' dark hair. "For now, I want to give you something original, from me".

"What ...?" Louis asked, his curiousity aroused.

"An original piece of writing from The Vampire Lestat" Lestat smirked.

Louis groaned "Not one of your songs again!!"

Lestat shook his head and kissed Louis on the back of his neck. So beautiful, that neck. Like a swan in the moonlight he seemed. So soft and warm and full of affection.  "Not a song. A poem. A poem I have created to describe your beauty, my love".

Louis perked up. He cocked his head to one side and listened intently.

Lestat cleared his throat and began. "Soft shadow of white silk drifting like a spirit in the darkness. Shining jet black hair sparkling in the moonlight. Emerald eyes reflecting my love with tenderness of their own. Such sadness locked in that vulnerable soul. Such guilt driven by that ruthless sensual intellect. How I love thee. My soul and yours shall be
forever entwined in love".

Louis sighed and placed his hand over Lestat's arm. He closed his eyes and shivered in delight. "That was beautiful. But I think you are over-exaggerating".

"Never" Lestat said softly, curling his body around the softer and weaker body of Louis, his tongue licking at Louis earlobe.

"We will always be together ...." Louis sighed.

"Always" Lestat promised.


Lestat felt the sticky sensation of blood on his pale cheeks as he recollected the last moment he shared with Louis before the disaster happened.

Had he known what was about to occur, he would have slept with Louis that day and not let him out of his sight. Had he known that disaster was looming, he would have arranged all the coven come together and go underground. But he did not know. And that day, when Lestat and Louis were sleeping soundly, the tragedy happened that would split them apart for all eternity.

The comet, which was predicted to come close to earth, hit with the force of an atomic bomb. It hit the Pacific Ocean, causing a terrible tidal wave to destroy Asia, and some parts of Africa. Volcano's erupted with the shift in balance, like Mother Earth was retaliating to the destruction of her oceans with volcanic lava and ash. It was so sudden that by the time Lestat woke, New Orleans was almost completely destroyed. Fire rained from the sky as the
swamps bubbled over and destroyed anything in their path. Ferocious winds swept inland, bringing giant tornadoes which swept the last of the living things into oblivion. Chaos followed when the earth split and shuddered.

That night, night had become day in the heat of the raging fires. That night, Lestat felt the hot and unbearable temperatures reach boiling point. That night, he could not find Louis or contact any of the others via his mental telepathy. It seemed that the destruction had extended to his own immortal family. They had surely been destroyed by fire, in agony. The pain of loneliness he felt was equal to no other agony he had ever experienced.

Lestat remembered the radio broadcast that the comet was going to come by close but not hit.

The liars. He felt the anger surge, consuming all despair. Someone was going to pay for this.

Suddenly a groan startled Lestat and he moved to the source. The rubble from a building concealed a living prescence and Lestat worked quickly to release the trapped person.

"Are you alright ...?" Lestat asked. A young man, no more than twenty. Lestat plunged into the young boy's mind and read his name. James.

"Ny eyes!! I can't see" James spluttered, the air thick with dust making him choke.

"Let's get you somewhere safe" Lestat said, drawing the young man to his feet and lifting him into his arms. "What happened?"

"I ... I ... don't know. It was awful. It was as if the whole earth exploded with fire".

James was very distressed, his heart beating wildly as Lestat led him into the sewer system. The air here was cleaner, if such a thing could be said, and Lestat examined the young man's eyes gently.

"It was a good job I found you," Lestat explained. "The dust in the air would have choked you before long, and you were too weak to pull yourself free from the rubble. Your eyes are badly damaged, James. However, I can heal them for you".

James nodded and bit his lip anxiously. Lestat carefully applied his own blood to the wounds around and on James' eyes and then waited for the inevitable healing to take place. His hand was curled casually on James' arm, his gaze tender.

"Have you heard any others tonight, James?" Lestat asked softly, sitting down with the young man trapped in his embrace.

James thought about this question for a moment, and then shook his head. "How many are dead?"

Lestat gave a small laugh full of bitter sadness "I think its appropriate to ask, not how many are dead, but how many have survived".

"Is it that bad?" James gasped in horror.

Lestat smiled sadly. He kissed the young man tenderly on the forehead, understanding he would not survive long in the dusty atmosphere. He was choking even now, his small throat trembling with the pressure of trying to breathe in the horrendous conditions.

Lestat sighed. "I have to go, James".

"Don't leave me here" James sobbed in fear. "Please".

"I can't take you with me" Lestat explained gently. "The air is too polluted for you to breathe. Even now, I see the life waning and struggling inside you. You will not last long".

James eyes were like waterfalls, tiny tears trickled down his face. Pure, clear tears.

Lestat sighed "I will be back. Try and survive until then. I want to see if any other humans are alive out there".

Before Lestat could leave, James tugged at his arm. "Are you an angel?"

Lestat shook his head, smiling at the absurdity of that question "Non. I am merely an earthbound monster which has survived as well. I promise to come back. Stay here and do not leave this sewer. The air outside would kill you".

James nodded, and Lestat left him. He was unsure if he would be able to return for the young man. However, James would never survive if he tagged along with Lestat, and that only left one recourse.

Making him a vampire. Lestat had suffered the death of all his fledglings in this disaster. He would not make more monsters only to have them die of hunger.

Lestat sent a mental message to any immortals still alive.


"Louis!!!!" Lestat called into the carnage.

No answer.


A small laugh made Lestat turn and he saw the ribbons and soft flowing dress. "Good Lord, Claudia! Get away from the fire!"

Lestat whirled, his vision failing. Quickly, he took to the air, flying through the cloud of dust and into a clearer night sky.

He sought out three of his former homes in search of Louis.

He was gone. As if he had never existed.

"LOUIS!!!!! Answer me!!!! Please!!!"

Thoughts like fire. His beloved, destroyed.

His thoughts melted into memories of Louis. One of their most intimate exchanges.


One year, Louis had been quite moody, quite sad.

It seemed that whatever Lestat did to cheer him up, he only became more miserable.

Finally it dawned on Lestat that Louis was missing Claudia, he would look at the little children playing on the streets just after darkness had fallen with regret and horror in his eyes. Tears would fall freely. He was upset and alone, not turning to Lestat for support during this hard time.

Louis had left the townhouse searching for a victim, and left Lestat scheming and plotting.

Of course, Louis had no idea what Lestat was up to.

Until he returned from his feeding ...

Lestat lay on the sofa, naked, suggestively curled around a pillow. Louis walked into the room, feeling erotic passion enflame his soul.  Louis had always seen Lestat as a sensual and erotic being, always been turned on, so to speak, by the fire Lestat could ignite in his soul at any moment.

Seeing Lestat curled around a pillow naked was quite a sight.

"What are you doing there, Lestat?" Louis asked nervously.

"Come here, Louis" Lestat mumbled, not looking at Louis.

Louis crossed the room and sat beside Lestat's naked form.

"Get undressed" Lestat mumbled, head still turned away from Louis.

Louis gasped and breathed in hoarsely. It was unlike Lestat to demand sexual affection from him, although he needed this relief from his maker as well. Maybe sexual was the wrong word, it was more of a spiritual and sensual union. Flesh meets flesh in the heat of passion. Useless organs grinding against each other as the embrace becomes more heated, more driven.

Louis undressed, trembling. He had never met Lestat's naked body with his own. He was usually far more refined.

But tonight, he felt more alone than he ever had when he was alive. He stripped quickly, and spooned against Lestat, his limbs trembling.

Lestat turned so they were facing each other. He kissed Louis' forehead and smiled sadly. "I know what you are suffering, Louis".

It was all he had said on the matter. Louis had understood and appreciated this display of tenderness.

He had touched Lestat as he never had before that night. In a technical sense, they were now indeed lovers. His fingers roamed every crevice in Lestat's supple body. His kisses covered all of Lestat's firm flesh.

Lestat had strapped a vibrating dildo to Louis, to replace the missing sensation of a twitching cock, and allowed him to penetrate his ass and build a rythmn as if they were human. It was so elegant, Lestat had almost cried upon seeing Louis building up such a sensual sweat through loving him.

It had been the start of many erotic adventures between them both.

Something Lestat missed terribly.


"Louis!!!" His voice was strained. His tone miserable.

If Louis could hear him, he would have let Lestat know by now that he was alive.

It was unlike Louis to play games with anyone's emotions.

Suddenly a small groan interrupted Lestat's chain of thought.

He quickly moved toward the sound, sensing the immortal before him.

The sound of the groan was not of a mortal man. When Lestat managed to find the immortal in question, his jaw dropped in horror.

Part 2: Discovery

Lestat froze, his mouth wide-open with shock.

The immortal before him showed no signs of life. Indeed, he seemed truly dead, his eyes wide and dull. Big brown eyes lay lifeless in the sockets as if they had not moved for an eternity. Broken fangs glistened slightly, now cragged and blood streaked. Not the beautiful whites Lestat had remembered. Just blood soaked teeth, indeed so blood soaked they had been almost dyed red. Clothes had been ripped off him to reveal his soft, white body beneath and several of his bones had been broken, the bones jutting out from torn skin.

One bloody mess on the ground, back arched against a stone, unseeing and seemingly dead.

Lestat moved slightly forward surveying the damage with a critical eye. True, he had seen fledglings battered worse than this by their Masters, but this vampire had *that* look. The look Akasha had had on the throne in the alter Marius had so carefully prepared for her. The look Khayman possessed when the madness had fled him and he had been in a state of pure blank horror. Unseeing. Unmoving. Not living.

"David ....." Lestat whispered.

The dust clogged Lestat's throat, made the thirst whip inside of him. He coughed briefly, and then leaned over the limp and unmoving vampire with the utmost care. Winding his arms around the younger one, he moved David into a sitting position and stared into those brown, once-expressive eyes that now held no emotion, no life, no joy.

After a while, Lestat drew David into his arms expecting the familiar return of warmth, arms winding around his flesh. David didn't move. He was as still as death.

"David!!" Lestat shook the broad shoulders only to see David's head flop limply before him.

Terrified, Lestat scooped his youngest into his arms and returned to James, still waiting for him in the sewer system. Even if only one human being existed in the world after that terrible disaster, Lestat would not worry about the implications of such a course of action. His love for David was that entire, that whole.

He would feed David this young man. Feed him until he came out of his stupor.

However, when Lestat walked into the sewer he was confronted by a grissly sight. James was dead.

Sprawled over a rock and oozing blood from his mouth.

Lestat could feel his chest heaving.

Quickly he carried David away from James and up into the air, high above the dust.

However, dawn was threatening and Lestat had no choice but to carry David back down into the dust thickened air. Returning to the sewer system, where the air was at least breathable, Lestat shook David firmly once again.


No response.

The ground was a mass of radioactive energy, destroying what little life remained in the world.

Holding David firmly against his heart, Lestat burrowed into the earth. Burrowed so far that even the devil would never find them. Buried them straight into hell. Soft mud earth, cool and refreshing. No need to breathe in the mud, with the soft flowing earthy sensations. Wrapping his coat firmly against his unmoving fledgling, Lestat felt his eyes close.  

Within seconds, he was dreaming.


A cough and a sputter.

No Lestat to save you this time, Louis.

Where the hell are you anyway?

Trapped under earth which has frozen in place.

Frozen in place?

So cold. So cold.

Yet, Frozen.....?

Doesn't make any sense.

Unless ....

...no that's impossible, Louis.

You are dazed and confused and cold.

Making things and events up.

But, maybe ... a lava flow?

Would that explain the cold? Or is it just you that's cold.

Yes, the earth is warm around you. No, actually boiling.

It's you that's cold. Your skin won't even melt in the heat. Like ice.

Dear God! What's happened?

If only Lestat were here! If only .... if only .....

Have you ever been trapped in a place, afraid of moving, afraid of even opening your eyes?

Afraid that if you did open them, a mass of blonde hair and ash would await your emerald glance?

No, keep them closed.

Dead, anyway. That's what you are. No blonde haired devil can change that.



Unable to fight your way to the surface.






Help me, you cry in your dreams. Why does no-one hear me, you ask.

Have you troubled yourself to question this:

Maybe there is no-one left?


Lestat woke and clawed his way to the surface.

Night had fallen, although you couldn't really tell night was night and day was day. All were dark and foreboding.

David still hadn't moved.

Eyes were wide open as they had been the night before.

Drawing David's head to his throat, Lestat nicked the vein with a sharp nail, and pressed David's lips against the wound.

Lying back onto the ground, Lestat closed his eyes and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Waiting was never one of Lestat's strongest points.

Suddenly, like a rabid animal, David burrowed messily into Lestat's throat, blood spewing everywhere as he drank in heavy amounts of Lestat's blood like a wild beast.

Lestat closed his eyes and allowed David to attack him. Allowed the hunger to growl and snap and finally unleash itself against his hot and unyielding flesh.

Blood like the fire around them both. Hot and red and full of energy.

David was finally coming to. He had stopped drinking and was blinking uneasily, as he surveyed the carnage around him. Then he saw Lestat lying beside him, seemingly dead.

"Lestat" David wailed, unable to stop himself. "I swear if you are dead, I shall burn myself in the morning light!"

"Keep your pants on" Lestat mumbled, coming too "This isn't a tragic scene from Romeo and Juliet. It's a disaster on a global scale. Mankind has been effectively wiped from the face of the planet".

David sighed heavily "At least you are still alive."

"And for how long?" Lestat asked. "A year .. four ... four hundred ... what does it matter? Without human life to sustain us, I will be forced to watch you die slowly".

David grimaced.

"However ...." Lestat continued kindly. "You can of course drink from me as often as you like. Can you sense any of the others, David?"

David closed his eyes and concentrated.

"Well ...?" Lestat asked a while later.

"Louis is still alive" David breathed.

"Where?" Lestat gasped, shaking David by the shoulders.

David shrugged unhappily. "I don't know, Lestat. But, I do know this .... Wherever he is, he is all alone and slowly losing his mind".

"I have to find him!" Lestat said, tears forming in his eyes.

"Great idea" David confirmed, and then pointed at the vast expanse of smouldering New Orleans "Where on earth do we begin?".

Part 3: Searching

You wake.

Mud oozing inside your throat.

Coughing wildly.

A small plea for help, but you know that no one is coming for you.

They are all gone.

For a moment, a secret fear of abandonment crosses your mind.

A gasp of disbelief.

They would never try to kill you would they?

Let's face the truth, you don't really know what has happened.

The one certain thing is you have faced death.

And survived.

Why give them any reasons to come back for you?

If indeed, they were the ones who did this to you.

The hurt.

The betrayal.

They couldn't, wouldn't, shouldn't ..... but did they?

Best to close up and start shielding green eyed one.

Best to close your mind before they discover you and turn you into ashes
before them.


Tears stinging your eyes.

You have to ask yourself this:

Did I deserve to be treated so cruelly?


Lestat searched the ruins of their once-beautiful townhouse. David listened intently for any psychic cry for help, any tiny heartbeat, muffled cries and wailing. Anything ....

"I simply don't know where he is!" David finally stated, discouraged. He sat down heavily on a pile of rubble. Lestat sat beside him.

"Why is that?" Lestat growled. "You heard him well enough the first time. At least to recognize signs of life still".

David shook his head "I saw him consumed with confusion through his own mind's eye. It was quite frightening really. He was unconscious definitely, buried under the earth".

Lestat sighed. It was all too much to think about "What do you mean, you saw him through his mind's eye?"

David seemed startled, then miserably confused. "I, I don't know. He was assessing himself from a distance. Like he was staring at his body from outside of it. Confused thoughts eminating from him. However ...."

"However what?" Lestat asked excitedly.

"However, he suddenly stopped those psychic vibrations. As if he had heard me listening out for him and deliberately shut up. Why would he do that, Lestat?"

Lestat groaned. "This has happened before"

David's eyes were large and inquisitive "What do you mean?"

Lestat smiled and gestured for David to come and sit on his lap. He needed the soft body of another of his kind. Someone to cling to, to know he wasn't insane. Someone to love and be loved in return. Lestat kissed David's neck, causing him to shiver with delight, and then continued.

"After the Akasha affair, Louis and I went to London to buy him a fur coat. Do you remember that from my book, David?"

"The Queen of the Damned" David recalled. "Yes, I remember. The last chapter, last page actually".

Lestat nodded. "Louis was attacked as he hunted alone. To this day I couldn't tell you how the murderer got the better of him, but Louis was left mugged and raped with knife wounds slashed along his chest".

David felt Lestat shudder at the memory of the horrific incident "Please continue, Lestat".

"After two hours of waiting for Louis, I searched the city. Knowing Louis as well as I did, I found him within less than thirty minutes. True to his hunting habits, Louis had taken to the park paths, hoping some blind drunkard would pass by him. I found him bleeding on the ground, small sounds of pain escaping his lips. Almost a hiss, actually. It was horrific.
However, I lifted him into my arms and carried him away with me to a close hotel. I tended his injuries, ensuring my stronger blood would just speed up the healing process and not inflict him with true immortality. Louis was just staring at me deeply. His eyes glazing over, his mouth ajar. I had no idea why he seemed so lifeless. Then .... he began ...."

"Began what ....?" David encouraged, eagerly.

"Are you sure you want to know this?" Lestat asked, his eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

David nodded.

"Very well. Exactly like you originally said, he seemed to take on another personality. One removed from himself somewhat. This personality seemed to be a conscience, a spiritual essence, and a guide Louis could control. It was as if he had left his body, was standing over it, and analysing everything".

Lestat looked like he was about to weep. David held his hand.

"There are only two events that have truly frightened me in my long existance, David. Witnessing that scene was one of them" Lestat confessed softly. "I thought my Beautiful One was dying in front of me. The other event was seeing you lifeless before me. I thought I was losing you too."

"You'll never lose me" David promised. "Nor Louis. We'll find him. I promise"

Lestat nodded, relieved. Jumping to his feet, dislodging David from his lap, he took the younger vampire's hand and together they began to search again.



You wonder what is really meant by that word.

Is it a matter of degree? How can one determine true loneliness?

Is it loss of family and friends.

Or it is loss of self?

You are confused, Beautiful One.

You sense the message again. Like a shooting star at night.

Carefully you avoid it.

Best not lead them to you.

Try and survive as long as you can.

Where are you?

Are you underground? Or are you trapped somewhere?

You wriggle a little, trying to become comfortable.

Too bad. Things are rather cosy in there.

No room to move, or shout, or cry.

You are doomed, aren't you?

The world above you is having a ball now that you are gone.


You feel like weeping.

You can't stop the tears that run from your eyes like a waterfall.

You know that they can hear this soft sobbing, but you are unable to stop.

They are coming now, they are going to find you.

All your fault for being a coward. Should have stayed quiet.

You can feel something, like dirt being moved from around you.

You are afraid to open your eyes.

Why bother? The darkness will only become complete.

Part 4: Communications

Lestat waited patiently whilst David listened to any psychic communication from Louis. At first there was nothing, and David was becoming tired. The effort of finding Louis this way was exhausting.  Finally, he slipped into a sitting position and closed his eyes.

Lestat watched in fascination. His own mental powers far exceeded Talbot's, and seeing this effort exhausting the younger one brought an overwhelming protectiveness from him. He stooped to pick up David and then heard the soft cries.

So soft. Like rain on a summer evening. Soft and smooth and full of undisguised anguish. Lestat let David sleep briefly where he was and followed the sounds of the muffled crying. He finally reached one of the older buildings, or what used to be one of the older buildings, in the whole of New Orleans. This was the heart of New Orleans, covered with lava and ash.

Lestat listened intently. No mistaking those whimpers. He knew who was inside.  Gently making his way thrugh the wreckage he began to tear at the now-dried lava with his bare hands. Lestat noticed David join him during his effort, and together they tore at the ground. Their knuckles and palms bleeding. Their eyes moist with fear and emotion.

Finally, Lestat saw a single hand beneath the mud and dried lava. A broken hand, bent too far in one direction. He knew at once that hand belonged to Louis.

David and Lestat quickened their pace, inspired by the sudden turnaround of events. Finally, a shallow grave had been dug around Louis, and Lestat reached into this grave and pulled Louis from his tomb.

Louis had surprisingly little bodily damage. His skin was for the majority unbroken, the slight wounds he had would be easily dealt with. However the words which left his mouth alarmed Lestat. David was right. It was as if he were not aware of his body, like he had stepped away from it and was assessing it.

Sighing with relief, Lestat indicated for David to join him. Taking a fledgling in each arm, he rose into the air and into the night.

Then something happened which Lestat was unprepared for.


You are a coward, well and truly.

Just let him have his way with your body.

Let him take you and shove you against him.

Him, he looks so familiar.

Could it be Lestat?

Maybe, maybe not.

Who is the other one with him. He is absolutely ravishing.

Mind is racing.

Who are these vampires? Do you know them?

Struggle! You hear me? Struggle for all it is worth and get free.

Yes, that's right.

You feel like a worm on a hook.

Totally at the mercy of its captors.

Heaven help you!


Lestat had been happily flying northward, floating on the night breeze when Louis began to writhe and wriggle in his arms. He tightened his grip against his injured one, but Louis was struggling like a confused animal. Panicking, Lestat almost dropped David. He began to descend but could see only pools of hot lava around them. Louis was working his way free.

"Louis, for God's sake, stop this!" Lestat cried, desperately trying to retain his grip.

Obtaining no reply, Lestat proceeded to do the one thing that would stop Louis from his aimless struggling. He brought Louis' soft and young throat to his lips, and sucked the blood until Louis couldn't move, let alone fight his way free. All this time he let reassurances flood his mind, and Louis finally relaxed against him.

After a while, Lestat spotted a small island and brought his two fledglings down quickly. He looked around himself.

Carefully laying Louis on the soft sand of the beach, now black and covered with dust, he turned to assess Louis from head to toe, initially thinking Louis was hurting from an injury in some secret place.

Louis stared passively into the dust cloud above them. He didn't move or flinch as Lestat undressed him and lay caring hands all over him.

Lestat searched every inch of the firm and supply young vampiric body and then realised that David had been watching them for some time.

A little left out, he seemed. A little hurt by Lestat's lover-like touches along Louis' entire frame.

Louis was still unable to move, and Lestat took advantage of this moment by gesturing for David to approach them.

David did so, uneasily.

Lestat ran a hand along Louis' thigh and asked David "Do you like what you see, David?"

David licked his lips, and answered uncertainly "He has a very fine and firm body, Lestat".

"Touch it" Lestat encouraged "Feel how supple, how very nearly human this flesh is. Take your lips to him if you wish. I shall allow it".

David sighed, and knelt beside Lestat. He timidly reached out and touched the back of Louis' hand.

Lestat laughed merrily. "Boring, old friend. Here, give me your hand ....". With that, Lestat snatched David's hand and moved it along the entire length of Louis' body.

Louis shivered in pleasure.

David smiled, delighted. Becoming more adventurous and encouraged by Lestat's eager words David thrust both his hands eagerly along Louis' side, and towards his nipples. Here he stopped and played with the tiny reddish nubs, before leaning over to gently kiss them both.

Lestat couldn't help but laugh. "You are familiar with pleasuring males, David. I am impressed".

David grinned "Ah, you forget I have had many lovers, Lestat".

"All except me" Lestat said, a dark look in his eye, "Apart from the night I brought you across. We have never been so intimately connected again".

David took the bait and smiled seductively "You want us to try that now, before Louis' innocent eyes?"

Lestat chuckled evilly "Innocent eyes? Trust me, he is not innocent".

David grinned.

"However," Lestat continued "I don't think that would be very stimulating for Louis .... so I propose we pleasure each other, the three of us"

At this point, David glanced at Louis' heaving chest. He was already powerfully stimulated by the mere talk of being intimately connected with them both. His eyes were dark and alive with passion.

Louis was trying to sit up, his head still spinning from the blood taken from him. Lestat pushed him back down onto the beach gently.

"A threesome?" David echoed, his tone husky and dark. "Did you know, I have never experienced the pleasure of a threesome with two other men?"

"I have" Lestat revealed, a wicked glint in his eye darkening his entire visage.

"You would" David scoffed "You have to do everything before us".

"Naturally" Lestat grinned. Standing up, Lestat quickly shed himself of his clothing. He stood naked, towering above the two  vampires. Louis sat up now, his chest thumping like David had never heard before.

Scooping Louis into his arms protectively, Lestat signalled for David to undress himself as well.

Awkwardly, David pushed his toned frame from his trousers and shirt and sat beside Louis and Lestat, his breathing hoarse with tension and delight.

Lestat pulled David against Louis and rolled them both over, watching them intently.

Green eyes staring at him in love. Brown eyes staring at him in love.

Sexual tension filled the air around them. Lestat leaned over and licked a straight line from David's chest to Louis' chest.

Louis shivered and David arched his head back violently. Lestat savagely tore into David's exposed throat, the blood rich and beautiful against his tongue.

Louis was lapping at a tiny graze on Lestat's left nipple whilst Lestat's hand fondled the object of Louis' near-human sexual need, his male organ.

Shivering, Lestat filled himself up with David's vampiric essence and then revealed his own throat to David.

A bold invitation. David reached out and brought Lestat's head to his own, pricking at the vein momentarily, and then tearing it with animal abandon.

Lestat gasped, laying himself on top of Louis, allowing David to drain him.

Slowly, Lestat became limp and closed his eyes, allowing oblivion to wash over him and fill his world with complete and utter darkness.


You are being played for a fool.

Yes, you.

Sitting against him, licking at a torn nipple.

Have you no shame?

Naked in front of him.

He's taken you, your manhood that is, into his hand.

You fool, Louis.

Of course, Lestat has never been one to hold his passions back. You remember many times when sensual pleasures invaded the dark world you both live in. Now shared with David.

You must admit, this threesome is a fantastic experience.

Pity you are too weak to do anything more than suck at a bleeding nipple.

Hmmmmm, tastes good though, doesn't it?

You feel yourself growing stronger minute by minute.

You sense the world around you beginning to take form and shape once more.

Damn, this blood is good stuff.

An instant cure.

Finally, you ask yourself why you are talking about yourself in third person.

That 'you' should be an 'I'.

Finally 'I' realise that I have been in this terrible dream state of self assessment.

Now I am awake, and Lestat's nipple is clenched in my teeth like butter. Soft and flowing is his blood. He can sense I am regaining myself and he smiles encouragingly at me before tipping his head back and allowing David to drink from his neck. A great privalege. Lestat never lets anyone near his neck.

Don't get me wrong, I have been invited in the past to take Lestat's beautiful blood. I have always refused. The fear of changing into a being so far removed from what I am now is a terrifying thought. However, I am becoming more adventurous myself. I sink my fangs deeply into his breast, feeling the blood pour down my throat like a waterfall.

Hmmmm, I never, ever would have imagined Lestat's blood would taste so refreshing, so pure. David and I drinking from our maker, and the thoughts of all three of us are passing between each other constantly. I never thought of David in a sexual way, but the thoughts now eminating from him are the most beautiful, sensual delights I could have never have imagined myself. Oh David! Oh Lestat! The three of us, locked together in passion.

So perfect. Then David realises I have regained my senses and he smiles at me. I smile right back at him. We touch each others faces. The three of us naked, Lestat coming to between us. Now awake and smiling at us in love. My heart feels like it is about to explode. It feels close to bursting with such affection. I am held closely between them, the weaker fledgling between the two strongest vampires I have ever known.

Then I see the destruction to the world, and my emotions explode.

Part 5: Anguish

Lestat and David did not expect the reaction at all. It was extreme to say the least. Louis had been lost in the overwhelming sensation of lovemaking, licking droplets of powerful blood from Lestat. Then a moment later he looked around himself dazed. His eyes moving in and out of focus, looking with complete disbelief at the carnage and destruction around himself.

Then he screamed. David had never heard Louis scream before. Lestat had no knowledge of Louis screaming. The ferocity of the cry echoed throughout the ruined land. Then he began to shake, violently. Lestat held him close, trying to prevent him from screaming. Muffling the sound with the cloth on his shoulder.

Nothing could stop Louis from screaming in such a terrifying and lost manner. It seemed his eyes began to focus at one point, only to lose himself once again. David looked on in horror, unable to comprehend the screaming, the utter horror of the situation.

A small scream started to well inside David, and he brought his legs close to his chest, and hugged himself as if all were lost.

Lestat, unable to handle both fledglings losing their minds simply curled up on the ground, hands to his ears, shaking violently.


When I began to scream, I suddenly understood exactly what had happened to the world around me. Such horrors I had never dared to dream. How could such a thing happen? How could I wake into a nightmare? My existence had never seemed so trivial, so without purpose.

Lestat didn't help much. That was true. As soon as David started to wail too, he curled up away from us. He took refuge in himself as both David and myself cried in desperate agony, waiting for Lestat to calm and soothe our grief. Which he never did.

Instead he just looked away from us, unable to prevent or soothe our grief. I rose shakily to my feet, better to see the damage done. Nothing but charred flesh and decay. Nothing but rubble and destruction. I fell back to the floor.

"Lestat" I gasped, reaching in vain for his foot.

Suddenly he turned to face me. Blood tears streaking his face. For a long while we simply lay there, looking at each other. Soft with unspoken words. No other actions necessary.

Then he smiled. He said the most reassuring words of my entire life. A few words I had waited a lifetime to hear, and truly accept as the truth.

He cocked his head, and stared at David for a moment. Then he looked at me once more and said softly " I love you Louis".


David suddenly stopped screaming. Lestat and Louis were curled onto their sides, simply looking at each other. A small swell of despair formed within David. It was obvious that their love for each other far exceeded any love they felt for him.

Suddenly David felt used and fragile. Collapsing, he released a series of sharp, small sobs that wracked his body like he were in physical agony.

Lestat was immersed with Louis. Louis was immersed in Lestat.

David was a third wheel, someone they let please them sexually when it amused them. He suddenly felt so worthless, so un-invaluable.

He cried and cried and cried. He rocked himself, tears streaked his face and stained his blackened shirt.

Finally, Lestat regained his senses. His eyes left Louis to wander and find his other fledgling, the one who was getting into such a terrible state. He stood up and moved over to David, putting a warm hand on his shoulder.

David arched away at the contact, repulsed.

Lestat was hurt. "What's wrong, David? Tell me, please".

David looked at Lestat suspiciously, not allowing any physical contact.

"Did you not want to make love?" Lestat whispered. "Is that why you are so upset".

"Do you think I am so naive?" David said coldly "It is not the physical warmth we three have shared this evening, it is the love you both feel for each other, how excluded I am in your  devotions that upsets me so".

"Excluded?" Lestat said in a whisper "Is that how you really feel?"

"How else am I to feel" David said in a fatalistic manner "When you both stare at each other for what seems an eternity and ignore my screams and my needs".

"David, I didn't mean ...."

"Save it" David cut in sharply "I don't want to hear anymore. I know how I fit in your little coven Lestat. I plan to leave you as soon as possible".

"No!" Lestat exclaimed, shocked. "You will not leave, not when such disaster has befallen us!"

"I will, as soon as possible" David said, sniffing.  "I don't want to feel so hurt and awful inside".

"David ...." Lestat said softly, opening his arms. "Please, come to me. I'm sorry".

David shook his head, but Lestat firmly embraced him. Drawing David's struggling form close, Lestat sank his teeth into David's neck and drank from him. Drank enough to stop the struggling, and let him calm down completely.

"David you do not understand" Lestat explained.

David's head rolled back helplessly. Lestat drew David's weak head back to his breast and lay this precious head against his chest.

"It is not that I love you any less or any more. I am merely appraising Louis, appraising his beauty. He was doing the same with me. It was nothing less than love when I brought you over to join Louis and myself in our elegant world of sensuous pleasures. It is nothing less than love right now, that I love you more than this world. You and Louis mean more to me than humankind, or my own life. Please do not leave me".

David sighed, and tightened his grip around Lestat. "I love you, Lestat".

Louis sat up and Lestat drew him into the soft embrace shared by himself and David eagerly. "I love you, I love you both so very much. Now and for eternity...."

Part 6: Survival


Lestat looked around himself as he staggered through the rubble, calling out to anything that might have survived.

There was nothing.

David stumbled beside Lestat, and he held him closer to him. Finally, as he tired even further Lestat picked both him and Louis up, held them tightly against his chest as he walked on. Carrying them closely, Lestat again shouted for anyone who was alive. Anyone who had survived.

No answer.

Lestat was getting no-where.

However, he was fortunate to have both of his fledglings by his side and alive and well.

Lestat was thinking back to a time where he and Louis attempted to stay in bed together, and how Lestat's blood, potent as it was did not sustain Louis as he had hoped.

Lestat had been worried back then, if something terrible happened to the inhabitants of this planet, he would not be able to adequately sustain his fledglings.

That they would fall asleep forever because his blood was not enough.

Lestat shook his head.

Enough of these morbid thoughts.

He squeezed both fledglings suddenly against him, reassuring himself that they were both near him and perfectly fine.

Louis moaned a little and turned his head into Lestat's chest.

David sighed and relaxed even further against him.

Finally, discouraged, Lestat took to the air. He carried both his fledglings North.

To the last place he had seen Marius.

Purely relying on instinct, for no landmarks now existed, Lestat plotted the journey in his mind. He was travelling speedily, through the dust clogged air and he heard both his fledgling's splutter and cough against him.

"Soon, my dearest ones" Lestat promised "Soon, we shall land".

Eventually, they arrived at what used to be Marius' house. The ice and snow, mixed with dust and death clogged the very air they breathed.

Lestat forced himself into Marius' richly decorated house. It was amazing this structure had survived the lootings, and then the comet's deathly embrace, but it had. Leaving Louis and David sitting weakly on a smooth and comforting sofa, Lestat walked up the stairs calling Marius' name.

No answer.

He walked back down to the livingroom area, kissing both David and Louis on his way into the massive room and caught sight of the note by the fireplace now blackened with dust and grime.

Lestat reached out and pulled open the note.


Dear Whomever,

By now, you are reading this note and I have left. It may be the truth that Marius is no more. Upon hearing of the disaster as it took so many fledglings from our world, I journeyed to find Pandora and Armand to no avail.  Indeed, the fire must have destroyed Armand completely and Pandora is as lost to me as she was those many centuries ago.

I have tried to locate Lestat and his fledglings, but again no discovery of them. I fear we are the only two left alive, and if you are reading this note, it may well be only one. One whose existance is in danger and whom I have hidden away with all my skill, and all my survival instincts.

For many years I have sheltered a young fledgling called Daniel Malloy. Upon hearing this terrible disaster, I hid him under the stone floors of this place. Only a vampire could lift the stone to get to him now. I pray, if you are one of us, to lift him out of that cold place and treat him as if he were your own. Tell him that Marius went in search of Daniel's maker, and did not find him. Tell him, not that I have died, but that I am still searching.  His heart weigh's heavy, and he need not be aware of the sacrifice I have made on his behalf, or on trying to find my missing companians.

I again beseech, nay beg, that you retrieve Daniel from the ground I so reluctantly placed him within. I could not let him meet his end where I was going, and it seemed the only proper thing I could have done, under the circumstances. For, if you are not a vampire, then he shall be safe for centuries and will not be discovered until another of his kind should happen upon this fated place.

Please bear me no ill will for the sacrifice I have been forced to make. I value my existance. I do not wish or crave death, and I shall take every precaution possible to ensure I survive this tragic devestation that has befallen our planet. But, if I do die on my quest to find my missing loved ones, well it will be a burden only I could have accepted, only I could have undertaken.

Therefore, I leave my precious Daniel in your care. Treat him well and give him whatever hope he needs to carry on his existance in this world. Tell him I am alive and still in search of the others. That I may return one day.

With great love, I leave you now. I thank you from my soul that you have taken this little one into your care.

With unending affection, Marius.


The letter was dated five days ago. If Marius were still alive, and it were possible he was, then he was searching for Armand and Pandora.

Lestat sighed.

Then he opened his soul and listened intently.

Moving past Louis and David, both asleep against each other on the comfortable sofa, Lestat heard the soft heartbeat from beneath the stone floor. Pulling one of the gigantic tiles with vampiric strength, he dug deep into the earth, finally pulling out Daniel from beneath the ground.

He was unconscious and dreaming. He was weak and in need of feeding.

Carefully, Lestat drew his mouth to his throat and tore the skin for Daniel. The blood seeped into Daniel's mouth and Daniel immediately locked onto the wound and began to drink.

Lestat lay down with Daniel in his arms as he felt himself weaken.

Part 7: The Vampire Marius

The bitter night of regret. The symphony of despair. Humanity, a treasure in our world of darkness has been erased by something I could not prevent.

I am The Vampire Marius. Two thousand years on, the eager scholar and philosopher has had all he once held dear to his heart smashed into unrepairable fragments. I am heartbroken.

The voices.

When I awoke that disastrous evening, I sensed immediately that something was very wrong. Daniel was sleeping soundly against my chest as we lay quietly in a room beneath the house. I left my adopted fledgling and went upstairs to see if I could determine what was the matter. The house was slightly damaged but was otherwise alright.

I opened my senses.

At first, I had dismissed the silence as maybe I was a little groggy after awakening. However, now I was fully awake and there were no voices.  A vampire can be either blessed or cursed with being able to hear the voices and minds of others. After a while, the vampire learns to shut off the voices and concentrate on maybe one or two. Its an interesting hobby, something I have developed into an artform over the last two thousand years. The difference in what I was used to hearing can be described as a busy London platform at rush hour to a deserted beach in winter. There was nothing. So, I pushed further and further, travelling the miles through mind and thought for any signs of life, mortal or immortal.  I was plagued with a sudden worry for my fledglings and loved ones. Had everything been stripped from the planet? Had our time finally come to a dramatic end with an extinction of Biblical proportions?

No. I heard 'them' suddenly. Survivors, vampires, clambering from the wreckage of our planet and home to find nothing but destruction.  They were awakening to find everything they had ever loved, destroyed. Fledglings burned up instantly, makers crying out in horror. I tried to see my fledglings through the survivors eyes. I could not. Panic flared within me. Armand .... Pandora ... Bianca! Where are you? Have you been burnt to death or destroyed with the rest of this planet? Dear mercy, please let it be untrue. Please ...

I tried to clear my mind of the panic I was experiencing. After a few moments, my thoughts began to take shape once more and I had developed a plan of action.

I walked back down to the underground room and picked up Daniel gently, heaving him onto my shoulder and quickly buried him beneath the house. Ensuring no-one but the other immortals could get to him I hastily scrawled a small, heartfelt letter and tidied up the house as best as I could. Indeed, it looked almost liveable when I had finished, and I realised how truly lucky I was. My house was for the majority still standing and although my artworks had been destroyed, most of the rooms were completely unaffected.

After I had finished these small tasks I took to the air. The mass of choking dust invaded my lungs and I found it difficult to fly in a straight line. Actually, it was difficult to fly at all. I decided to follow my senses which would lead me to a few immortals I had known and loved in my long lifetime. If I could not find my own children, I would salvage whomever I could that I felt love for. Then, I would return to Daniel with others and we would decided exactly what to do.

My search led me to Mael. He had been forced to take refuge below ground as his attempt at facing the sunlight had failed. He was desperately clawing his way to the surface when I reached him. Mud oozed from his mouth like blood. He was in a terrible state.

"Marius ..." Mael breathed, a soft sigh of relief.

I bit into my wrist and held the wound to his lips as he fed from my being. He took the energy into himself and his appearance became better with every little suck and gulp.

His eyes steadily began to focus and he turned to me suddenly, his eyes were bright with tears "What has happened, Marius? Why can't I hear mortals?"

No words came to mind at that moment. What could I do to lesson his despair when I was feeling my own so acutely. What could I say to make his pain vanish? The truth was, I couldn't answer him. The words just choked inside my throat and did not come.

I just held him close. I listened and I tightened my grip as he started to sob. Heartbreaking, hopeless, endless sobs of pure, utter despair.  I could offer him no comfort. For, I was as lost as he was.

Part 8: Appassionata

Magnitude didn't even begin to cover the devastation I was witnessing all around me. I called out to Sybelle and Benji, but they had been cruelly taken from my side. I had lost them both in the horror and nightmare of the comet crashing to earth.

What of the others? I heard nothing from Louis or Lestat. I couldn't pick up David in my thoughts. However, I was too anxious and confused to form a single coherant thought. My children, taken from me by fire and death. How could this happen? How could I be alone once more with no-one but myself? So much pain and sorrow. I had never known so deep and tragic a loss than the death of my beloved Sybelle and Benji.

I stumbled over some rubble to her piano and in my mind I heard the Appasionata once more. I could hear Benji laughing and telling me how happy he was to be immortal, with me, forever. Forever. A long time for me without my beloved ones.

I opened my senses and heard the few vampires that still existed awakening to the nightmare. Death and destruction. Chaos. Tragic losses that could never be compensated. Horrors beyond imagination. I could make out Lestat finding his own children. I felt a sudden envy that his children had been spared, and mine had been taken from me. Damn him! Why should his live when mine should die?

Work In Progress

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