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Secrets Revealed
by Hannurdock

Rating: PG13/SLASH

Disclaimers: The characters from the Chronicles belong to Anne Rice.

These stories are purely for pleasure and 'What if's'. 

Nothing is meant to infringe upon the author's rights.

I am doing this for fun and I love sharing my stories with others.

"Louis ...?"

Louis quickly hid the book he had been reading beneath his pillow, and picked up Oliver Twist from his night stand.

"Yes, Lestat?" Louis pretended to be immersed in the fiction, his hands lightly holding the hardbound novel. Slender fingers turned a single page, and a slight crackle could be heard.

Lestat bounded into the room lightly, a vision of splender and beauty. Dressed immaculately in jeans and a silken shirt. Leather boots completed the picture, as his mane of golden hair slipped over his shoulders elegantly. "Aren't you going on the Internet tonight? They are asking about you".

Louis smiled briefly at Lestat, a slight blush invading his perfect snow white cheeks. Quickly, he turned back to the book. His hands trembling slightly at the thought of Lestat, the vision walking around his bedroom and who had now decided to sit directly next to him.

"What's that?" Lestat asked, as he caught sight of something. His hand deftly reached for the hidden book under Louis' pillow, which was slightly revealed in the lamplight.

"Wait ...." Louis tried to snatch back the book, but it was too late. Lestat skipped off the bed lightly, his eyes examining the book cover in delighted amazement.

"My book?" Lestat turned to Louis, holding the object with his fingers lightly.

Louis trembled, his eyes dropping to the bedspread. His cheeks flushing with embarrassment. There was nothing to say. His 'secret' had been discovered. Lestat now knew he kept a private copy of his biography beneath his pillow. And for what other reason than to read discretly? He cursed himself inwardly that he had marked his favourite pages, the pages in particular which related to himself and Lestat.

Lestat had fallen silent. He was silently devouring the bookmarked pages, his eyes falling over notes that Louis had made during tender moments. The  slips of paper that were loose within some of the pages, the letter that Louis never sent ....


Lestat held it out in amazement. His name, printed on the envelope in Louis' perfect handwriting.

"Louis ...?"

Louis looked up. He was terrified, terrified that the truth was finally revealed. His secret feelings for his own love, his own true partner of life. What was the world to them, when they had each other? What was the vampire nature to those who had true love? Ultimately, he had been ashamed that Lestat would discover the drawings, the words, the soul he had kept to himself for so very long.

But what was worth more? Lestat's love or secrecy? Louis needed Lestat to know everything, or nothing at all. Too late to draw back. He looked up bravely into the calm and reassuring face of Lestat. So gentle. So kind. No malice. Just confusion. Honest and loving and beautiful.

He always had been beautiful, even when they were fighting and unsure of each other. He had always felt the magnetic pull of Lestat's soul, of Lestat's energy and life and love.

"Open it. Read it" Louis said softly, his voice merely a whisper. Lestat moved closer to Louis and offered the sealed envelope at once to him, giving him the choice. He always had.

"I won't open it if you don't want me to" Lestat's turn to be unsure. Slightly trembling.

Louis placed a slender hand over Lestat's. He smiled confidently. "I want you too".

Lestat smiled, and tore open the letter.

"Dearest Lestat,
During the worst of times, you became the light to guide my thoughts. During the best of times, I remembered times we had together. Some of the most valuable moments of my life have been shared with you. Although our misunderstandings once divided us, I now know that I could never let that happen again. You are my whole. I love you, deeply and truly."

Lestat smiled, tears blurring his eyes. "As do I, Louis". He leaned forward and embraced Louis closely, his eyes closing in trust and comfort. Their special, private union of bodies lightly entwined.

And that how it was.

And how it is.

And how it will be for all time.

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