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by Hannurdock

Rating: PG13

Summary: Romance / Drama. Lestat is feeling a little pent up
Disclaimers: The characters from the Chronicles belong to Anne Rice. These stories are purely for pleasure and 'What if's'.  Nothing is meant to infringe upon the author's rights. I am doing this for fun and I love sharing my stories with others.


Gina wandered through the hallway, smiling to Louis as she passed into the study. It had been almost a week since Gina had moved in and Louis was eager to make her as comfortable as possible.

"Would you like a drink, darling?" Louis asked gently, brushing her shoulder softly as he stopped briefly to ask her the question.

"Sure" Gina replied perkily, continuing with her journey into the study. Once inside she flipped up the laptop's protective plastic shield and switched the computer on.

"What are you working on?" Lestat asked as he walked into the study. Actually, it was more of a demand than a question.

"Just some websites, nothing interesting" Gina sighed, watching the computer eagerly as it connected to the internet.

"Nothing interesting? You spend most days working on it" Lestat said softly, moving to her side. "What websites are you working on".

Gina shrugged "As I said, nothing interesting. I have a movie review website, that's all".

Lestat arched one eyebrow as if in anger, and then walked briskly out of the study as Louis was returning with Gina's drink.

"Merrick has returned" Louis said smiling "She's in the living room with Lestat and David. Would you like to come and meet her? She's heard all about you".

Gina looked miserable for a second, then pulled herself together and smiled. "I don't think Lestat likes me much".

Louis grunted uncharacteristically "Lestat has his own ways. Its nothing unusual. He does like you, but Lestat would never show you that side of him. He's .......... very proud".

Gina smiled "Okay, I'd like to meet Merrick".

Louis smiled, holding out his arm. Gina thread her arm through the small gap and they walked arm in arm into the living room.

"Look who's finally decided to grace us with her presence" Lestat said viciously, turning to look Gina straight in the eye. She shrank behind Louis.

"Lestat!" Louis complained.

Lestat shrugged and looked at the television set, his contempt visible.

"This is Merrick" Louis announced, pushing Gina forward slightly to meet the woman.

Merrick smiled, but the smile was full of malice. "Nice to meet you".

David laughed a little, amused by Merrick's jealousy over Louis and turned to Lestat "I think Merrick doesn't like you very much, Gina. Mind you, none of us really do. Why are you here anyway?".

Louis was about to protest as he saw the tears appear in Gina's eyes, but he restrained himself with difficulty.

"I'm here because ..... I have no-where else to go" Gina said, a single tear rolling down her left cheek.

Lestat grinned suddenly. "You have heaven, Cherie. I can arrange a painless trip to the other side if that is what you desire".

Gina saw the darkened visage and fled the room leaving Louis glaring at the rest of the coven.

"You've really outdone yourselves" Louis spat "Well done for such a fantastic performance. Just remember, whatever you dish out comes back".

Lestat raised his hand, a slight impish grin forming on his lips "I only speak the truth, and the fact is I do not like her. I want her to leave".

"Do you want me to leave?" Louis asked, a sharp glint of anger in his eyes.

Lestat shook his head quickly, the grin fading as quickly as it had appeared.

"Then hear me now. You lay one finger upon that child, or make her feel unwelcome one more time then I will leave you all for good" Louis, content with his speech, walked quickly out of the room.


Gina ran out of the room, out of the front door and into the street crying. She heard the sounds of the night around her and she ran on, not caring to look behind to see if one of the vampires were following her. She ran and ran and ran until she could not run any further.

That was when she saw the man in the shadows.

"Who's there?" Gina called, out of breath through running so hard.

"My name is Alex. Alex Taylor. I'm a member of a special organisation called The Talamasca". Alex said, his hand extended. Gina shook it.

"We have been carefully watching the vampires you reside with for some time now, and we have been trying to contact you repeatedly for a while. We wanted to ensure the vampires would have not given you their fatal embrace, ask you to join us" Alex continued softly. "Will you come?".

Gina looked back, tears in her eyes. Only Louis had wanted her there, the others hadn't. What was the point of going back to be confronted with the same impossible and hurtful situation?

"Deal" Gina said, shaking Alex's hand firmly.

Alex smiled, and his smile reminded Gina of Louis. "Good! Come with me now".


Louis returned windswept, taking off his coat and combing his hair until it was perfectly straight. He walked into the living room and sat next to Merrick, facing David and Lestat.

"She's gone" Louis said softly. The soft chill in his words made the others suddenly turn to him.

"Maybe she got hit by a car" Merrick said cruelly.

"There is nothing we can do about it. We'll have to wait until she comes back" Lestat said simply, rising from his chair and switching off the television "It is almost dawn, let us sleep now and when she returns we will have no more bullying. I promise, Louis".


A week later Lestat paced around the living room, listening to the voices of his fledglings surround him and invade his thoughts.

"I can't sense any of her thoughts" David mused.

"Me neither" Merrick agreed.

For all their bullying tactics, they were beginning to get genuinely worried. They had not desired Gina's disappearance or her death. A deathly silence had come over Louis as he just sat listening to the voices continue around him, oblivious of anything except his own thoughts.

"Alright, calm down" Lestat's sharp voice cut through the voices. "We'll find her! Trust me".

Louis watched with wide eyes as Lestat strode out of the room, sweeping up his coat in a dramatic gesture. The door slammed and Louis sank into the sofa, his head in his hands looking distraught. Merrick looked away, unable to console him.

Gina stood in front of the mirror, trying in vain to clip the back to her earring. She started as she recognised the familiar figure of Lestat appear behind her. The earring dropped from her grasp and fell to the floor. Lestat knelt down and returned the earring with a single fluid motion.

"How did you find me here?" Gina hissed, her voice full of malice.

"Through your thoughts" Lestat said gently, tapping his forehead lightly. "Having trouble?".

Gina looked at the blood stained ear and sighed "Its going to take me a while to get used to this. I can never get the backs on these damned things. I end up with blood everywhere".

Lestat laughed lightly. "Let me try".

"You? Let a vampire near my pierced ear? Not a chance" Gina said, a slight laugh and then a sigh of sadness. Lestat felt her loneliness and reached out for her. He brought her close to him, inhaling her scent as she struggled a little. He reached down for the earring and attached the back instantly. He licked the blood from his fingers and then he licked her ear. Her ears were still bleeding a little.

"I wasn't that bad, was I?" Lestat asked softly.

"It was completely painless. How on earth am I going to get used to doing this?" Gina sighed, leaning her body against Lestat's.

"I want you to come back to us" Lestat said suddenly. "We miss you".

"But I have a family now, through the Talamasca" Gina said, shrugging away from Lestat's embrace.

Lestat smiled, a grin forming, an impish smile. "You will come with me, Gina. Please come of your own accord".

Gina gasped at the arrogance of Lestat "Go to hell".

Lestat shrugged "Suit yourself". He walked forwards and embraced the struggling girl tightly. She fought back, hitting his back with her fists and gasping in frustration. It was obvious he wasn't going to let her go and she relaxed a little into his embrace.

"Lestat, please let me go. I don't want to go back there with you. I don't belong with you".

Lestat sighed and drew back. He looked intently into Gina's eyes and smiled suddenly. "Have you ever noticed something, Gina? We don't really belong with each other any of us".

Gina looked confused "I don't understand".

"Louis spends every night on his own reading his books, staying as far away from us as possible. Merrick and David come to blows twice a week merely by hanging around with each other. I don't have the luxury of a close relationship with any of them". Lestat smiled. "We are not really good companions for each other. We love each other, but we can't stand each other's company. The dark trick works in mysterious ways and it seems we have all been fooled into believing our little coven could really stand each other".

"But you don't want me there!" Gina cried, her eyes filling with tears. "I feel as if I belong here, feel as if I am loved. All I have in your coven is Louis for comfort, the rest of you bully me endlessly".

Lestat looked away, pain filling his eyes for a second. "Have you ever considered we may all simply be ... jealous?".

Gina thought about this for a second. "Jealous or not, you vampires make me feel like committing suicide every time I am around you. I can't come back. I'm sorry".

"That's not fair. Besides, you know I HAVE to take you back". Lestat said firmly, taking her into his arms, and wrapping his coat securely around her before she could utter another word. Without hesitation, Lestat flew into the night with her in his arms, taking her back to the root of her misery.


"Welcome back, precious one".

Gina sighed and closed her eyes again. "What am I doing back here?"

Louis looked distraught "I asked Lestat to bring you home. I thought you would want to be with me".

"If it were just you, I would happily spend my life with you. Unfortunately there are others here who hate me, and I cannot live with that" Gina said.

"They don't hate you. I think they are a little jealous because I have found happiness with you" Louis said softly, his hand brushing her hair away from her eyes.

She looked around herself, vaguely. She saw that she had been put into Lestat's own lavish four poster bed and the silk sheets were wrapped around her tightly, shielding her from the cold.

"Happiness, Louis? I've not felt it since I've been here" Gina confessed, truthfully.

"I know" Louis responded, tenderly. "But from now on, things are going to change around here.

Three weeks later, the vampires sat around a board game. Gina sat between Lestat and Louis, laughing as she collected more paintings.

"This game Masterpiece is great fun" she said, purchasing another million dollar investment from the paper images before her.

"Would be if you weren't so good at it" David grumbled, with a slight smile on his face.

Lestat idly flipped over the next card and kept it to himself, eyeing the others suspiciously. Gina laughed at his possessive expression. "The bidding starts at $50,000".

"$100,000 Louis offered, checking his paper money to ensure he had enough for the purchase". The room went silent.

"Oh come on! Anyone going to bid more? Its a beautiful piece of art from the renaissance period, exquisite and extremely rare". Lestat showed the card's picture, placing his thumb carefully over the amount.

"Okay, £150,000" Gina said, counting out the paper money carefully before her.

"Any advances on that?" Lestat asked carefully. No-one answered. Lestat looked a little downcast as he handed over the picture. Gina read the amount and smiled.

"Guess I've made a sound investment" Gina smirked.

"This is really nice, sitting here together" Merrick sighed. "I'm glad you decided to come home to us - we've been so much closer since you arrived back".

Gina shrugged and smiled at David, who smiled affectionately back at her. "Charmers".

Lestat grinned and held out his hand to her suddenly. Surprised she took his hand and he brought her gently to her feet. "Speaking of charmers, we have the queen of them right here. We have enjoyed your company immensely, Gina. Would you accept the dark gift from me were I to offer it to you?"

Gina looked startled, and glanced fearfully at Louis.

"Its only hypothetical" Louis said softly "Nothing to be concerned with .... yet".

Gina relaxed and looked at Lestat tenderly. "Of course I would accept. Who wouldn't?"

Lestat smiled and drew her into a gentle embrace. "I love you, Gina. We love you".

Gina softened and remained motionless in the vampire's arms "I love you too. All of you".

The night was coming to a close, and the sky was becoming lighter. The vampires had to leave for their coffins. Gina embraced them all, and cleared the board game away with a slight sigh.

She had found her true happiness with those whom she belonged to.


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