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Title: Rabid
by Hannurdock

Rating: R/SLASH

Pairing: Lestat / Louis
Disclaimers: The characters from the Chronicles belong to Anne Rice. These stories are purely for pleasure and 'What if's'.  Nothing is meant to infringe upon the author's rights. I am doing this for fun and I love sharing my stories with others.
Notes: Violence .... suggested SLASH
Summary: After 'Tale of the body thief' Mojo is bitten by a rabid rat and attacks Louis
Warnings: M/M Slash (Suggested) Violence

"Are you sure you don't mind looking after him whilst I go to Paris?"

"We'll get along just fine" Louis said, patting Mojo affectionately.

Lestat smiled, and knelt beside the huge, hairy animal. Mojo pawed him eagerly.

"I wouldn't have asked if the old woman hadn't passed away" Lestat said hesitantly, looking up at Louis.

"I know. I love Mojo. He and I will be just fine" Louis promised. He suddenly looked concerned and knelt beside the big dog, ignoring Mojo's frantic eagerness and looking carefully at the dog's body.

"What are you doing?" Lestat asked, laughing.

"Mojo's been bitten" Louis said "But it doesn't look like the wound is affecting him very much".

Lestat knelt beside his beloved dog, and felt the bite mark gently. Mojo let slip a little whimper of pain as his huge brown doggy eyes stared into Lestat's.

"Hurts, does it?" Lestat asked, eagerly rubbing one of the dog's massive paws. "Never mind. It will heal, Mojo. It will heal. As all natural things heal".

"Lestat rose, and walked over to the door, passing Louis a slip of paper "My mobile number. In case of an emergency".

Louis took the piece of faded paper and smiled at Lestat "Its a pleasure to look after your pet. Just don't stay away too long, Mojo might become restless".

Lestat laughed, and moved away from the eager animal, striding to the front door and blowing a kiss to Louis before he left.


The next night, Louis was reading a short novel by an unknown author. His fingers delicately turned the pages. A small whine from the porch door indicated that Mojo wished to be let out into the back garden.

Louis got up and walked over to the door, letting the dog out and watched it lope across the garden. It was almost dawn and he had to sleep soon. Keeping the door slightly ajar, Louis retired elegantly to his coffin and closed his eyes. Within moments he was asleep.

The next evening, Louis awoke to a faint growl from outside his coffin. Startled, Louis pushed back the lid and sat up. His eyes were immediately fixed on Mojo's.

He had never seen anything look quite as horrific as Mojo did now. His fur was tangled and mangy, his eyes were fathomless pools of insanity driven by hunger. His teeth were bared and the fangs were yellowish, drool and ooze dripped from his mouth.

"Dead Lord" Louis gasped "Your rabid".

The dog leapt forward suddenly, and bit into Louis chest. Louis grunted in horror as he heard the faint lapping sound and knew with fear that Mojo was drinking his blood. He tried to pull away, but the dog was very powerful and Louis was weakening fast. He cried out as Mojo continued to feast on his blood and tossed his head from side to side.

Louis's last thought before darkness descended was of Lestat, and how badly he had failed his maker.


Lestat phoned Louis number, the ringing seem to drone on for eternity. Still no answer. Lestat frowned, he had been trying to reach his fledgling all night. Lestat sighed. It was unlike Louis to be this long in feeding.

Suddenly the phone rang. Lestat jumped in surprise and angrily answered the caller "Louis! Where the hell have you been?".

"Its Marius" came the reply.

Lestat quietened immediately. He knew something was very wrong for Marius to contact him by telephone. Marius hated any modern invention.

"Louis is in immediate danger. He will not survive the night if you don't go back to New Orleans right now".

"What's happened?" Lestat asked, his voice no more than a whisper. The line went dead. Marius was gone.

Lestat ran out of the door of his apartment and took flight immediately, praying he wasn't too late.

Lestat arrived home in a matter of hours. His heart pounded relentlessly, pushing him on.

He opened the small porch door and let himself in. "Louis ....?"

Lestat stopped dead in his tracks. Above him on the landing Mojo sat, watching the vampire enter. He was no longer an ordinary dog. He was a vampire dog. Lestat shuddered, wondering what had led to Mojo's vampirism, and walked down to the basement where Louis slept. He gasped in horror and drew back when he saw Louis lying lifeless over his coffin, as if trying to flee. Louis face was in an expression of pure terror.

Lestat quickly moved over to Louis and felt the cold flesh. He looked into the soulless eyes. Nothing.

Lestat drew his own wrist to his mouth and bit into the cold and hard flesh, and let the blood run into Louis mouth.

Louis was staring forward, lifeless it seemed. The blood trickled into his mouth and a little trickle came from the corner of his mouth, staining his collar. Louis didn't move, so Lestat pressed the wound hard against the mouth, parting his fledgling's lips and feeling the sharp teeth against his wrist. Lestat rubbed his wrist against the sharp teeth of his beloved, feeling the wound open once more and continuing this desperate attempt to bring his child back to life.

A moan. Then a soft murmuring as Louis grasped the wrist viciously and drank from the vein in an almost savage fashion.

"Louis" Lestat moaned, as he lay beside his fledgling.

Louis drank and drank, feeling the elder's blood re-vitalise him and then finally he drew back. He felt Lestat's blood strengthen him.

"Louis ... are you alright?" Lestat's soft and tired voice.

"I'm fine, just a little shaken up".

"Did you see Mojo?" Lestat asked.

Louis shook his head, disturbed "The vampire dog is no longer here. That I feel".

Lestat shivered at Louis terminology, and backed away from his beloved, his back against the wall.

"I was afraid I'd lose you, Louis" Lestat whispered "You should have killed the dog".

Louis shook his head "I couldn't destroy your beloved dog".

Lestat looked at Louis lovingly "I couldn't let Mojo destroy my beloved child".

"What do we do about Mojo?" Louis asked, concerned.

Lestat shook his head. "Not tonight, beloved. Tonight we sleep together under the earth. Tomorrow we seek out the dog and destroy it".

Louis nodded and shook his head sadly. He followed Lestat to the coffin and allowed Lestat to crawl on top of him. Louis closed his eyes and the nightmares started. Nightmares of those vicious canine eyes glaring at him. Nightmares of Lestat's grief over the loss of the animal. Nightmares of his own uncontrollable guilt as Mojo pleaded with those huge brown eyes, as the dog whimpered knowing the end had come.


The next night Louis awoke alone. He looked around himself and saw the note propped on the stand beside the coffin. He read the words aloud.

"Beloved Louis. Tonight I have begun the hunt myself. My wish is for you not to be involved, as your tolerance and guilt are pushed to the summit of their endurance. Leave this matter to me, and forgive me for this tragedy. I have one small request to make of you - please lay no blame on yourself for the events leading to Mojo's demise. The decision to destroy the animal has been made by myself, and I alone can be held responsible for leaving such a rabid animal alone with you. Forgive me, and forgive yourself. Yours forever, Lestat".

Louis sighed and replaced the note on the stand. He walked out of the room briskly and changed into some fanciful clothes his maker would approve of.

He sat down on a leather sofa and waited for his maker to return. The television played a repeat of a show from the mid eighties and during the action sequence Louis felt himself begin to drift into sleep. He closed his eyes and found exquisite darkness in his unconsciousness.


The dog growled as it watched the vampire sleeping through the window. It wanted more of the special blood. More from its source. And the source was Louis.

It crouched and pounced, glass shattering as the window collapsed around its heavy form.

Louis cried out as he awoke with a startled cry. The dog leapt on top of the vampire, eager for more sustaining blood.

Louis sobbed as the dog's vicious fangs tore at his throat. He was vaguely aware of the shadow passing above them. He was vaguely aware that the dog was forcefully ripped away from him and thrown roughly against the wall. He watched with tearful eyes as the dog attacked this welcome visitor.

"Marius ...." Louis mumbled before darkness descended upon him.


"Lestat ... you fool" Marius muttered under his breath as the dog attacked him again. He effortlessly shoved the dog away as he walked over to the now blood stained sofa and held Louis gently, examining the torn flesh and bleeding neck.

"Louis, can you hear me?" Marius asked in a low voice, eyeing the dog warily as the beast circled them both.

Louis gasped and tried to speak.

"Hush now .... I have to take care of this problem, Louis. Then I will tend to your wounds" Marius said, gently pushing Louis into the soft leather and turning to face Mojo.

The vampire dog snarled, and bared his teeth at the elder vampire. Marius sighed with a heavy heart and drew a match from his jacket pocket. He lit the flame with his mind, and threw the blazing match at Mojo. The dog yelped in pain as the match struck its soft fur and started to burn.

Marius turned away, unable to watch. He saw Louis attempt to shield his eyes in vain and walked over to the injured vampire. Marius tenderly put his hands over Louis eyes, and muttered soothing words in the fledgling's ear to mask the dog's whines.

Louis looked up at Marius miserably "This is all my fault, Marius".

"Not so" Marius disagreed. "Lestat should have been more careful. None of this is your fault".

"It is" Louis moaned. "I feel so miserable for all this trouble I have caused. Please do me a favour Marius. Place me where the sun will find me. I have no desire to live".

Marius sighed. It was a familiar entreaty. As always, he knew he could never yield to Louis soft cries. He walked over to Lestat's desk and quickly wrote a short note, and then picked Louis up gently and left the little house.

Lestat returned back later in the evening after a fruitless search to find Mojo.

When he saw the broken glass in the living room, his heart missed a beat. He ran into the living room and found the charred remains of Mojo, and blood soaked the sofa.

Panicking, Lestat unfolded Marius brief note and read the message.

'Lestat. I have taken away this young one. I will be the teacher you could never be, and I will give him the knowledge he seeks. All doorways will be opened to him and he will grieve no more. Please forgive me for this action, but you realise you cannot look after Louis the way he needs to be taken care of. We shall be in touch shortly, and you shall hear his voice every week on the telephone so you know I haven't done anything untoward. Love, Marius'.

Lestat sighed heavily and sat on the blood stained sofa. He re-read the letter.

Marius was right. He had never once been able to touch Louis deep suffering and solve the ever-present remorse that threatened to destroy his fledgling. He had unintentionally made things harder for Louis, and Louis was not a very enduring being. He could not learn from Lestat because they were so completely different.

Marius was a patient and gentle teacher. He would guide Louis away from the suffering and the guilt. He would fill Louis existence with purpose and meaning. He would take the core of Louis suffering and disintegrate it with tender learning.

Lestat smiled faintly, watching the sky lighten. Louis would be safe.

And one day, a day which he looked forward to with all his heart, he would return strong and without regret.


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