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The A-Team: Poltageist

Author: Georgina Ann Price AKA Hannurdock

Rating: NC-17

Standard Disclaimer:  I make no profit from writing these stories, I do them for fun and enjoyment.  Characters owned by Stephen J Cannell.

(Action from the episode There Goes the Neighbourhood thrown into the pot with Poltergeist - hope you enjoy!)

This is a Work In Progress story. There are no dates for future chapters presently.

Part 1:  This Truly Is A Dream House!

Murdock looked at the new house Face had scammed to keep Stevie Faith safe. It was perfect, the suburban look, a little weathered by the seasons, but otherwise, perfect.

"Its what I always dreamed of!" Murdock said, mocking the relaxed calm of the peaceful neighborhood. "But, Colonel .... can we afford this? Its so much, so soon ...."

Hannibal lit a fresh cigar and turned to the real estate developer, a short balding man called Sam. "Well, this is just what we need, a nice quiet neighborhood ..."

A sudden blast of music from across the road drowned out Hannibal's voice. He looked over angrily at the two rough bikers with radio on full blast.

"I hope that will work out" Sam said, smiling towards Face who looked slightly uneasy watching the bikers across the road.

Murdock took a quick tour of back garden. "Hey, Colonel! There's a pool out here!"

Hannibal looked at the pool with a slight approving nod of the head, and then saw that Murdock had stopped still in his tracks.

"What's up Captain?" Hannibal asked, walking up to Murdock who seemed frozen in horror.  Hannibal looked up, and saw what had frightened Murdock.  A huge withering old tree stood before them, hulking in its monstrosity, glaring down at them from its imposing height.

A noise suddenly startled Hannibal and Murdock who turned and saw Face smiling at them from the patio. "You comin' guys?"


Once inside, Hannibal decided on roomies.  "Murdock, you and Face in the left hand side room, Stevie take the master - BA and I will bunk the other side"

Murdock realised in horror that himself and Face would be sleeping in the room directly opposite that horrific dead tree, but put aside his disturbing thoughts and followed Face up to the room.

Face stretched out on one of the two beds, the one nearest the door, and stretched his limbs luxuriously.

Murdock watched the tree outside the window with undisguised hate, and then sat on his own bed, the one nearest to the window.

Face started to unpack, whistling happily to himself.

"Ah, Face. Why bring that horrible thing?" Murdock complained.

Face looked up in surprise. "What horrible thing, Murdock?"

"That damned toy clown of yours. I swear it looks evil." Murdock shuddered as Face sat the clown on a chair in the middle of the room.

"Hey, Father Magill gave me that when I was in the orphanage. I take it everywhere"

Murdock sniffed unhappily and opened the closet door, checking inside for a light switch and then turning to Face in relief. Face shook his head. Murdock never slept without the closet light switched on.

A few hours later, the team rejoined at the dining table.  Hannibal was reading a paper, BA was outside with Murdock and Stevie Faith looking at the distant approaching storm. Hannibal got up and walked out into the sunshine, fearing the sunshine wouldn't last long.

Face was looking at the TV set, distantly flicking the TV channels. Suddenly the reception faded, and white dots filled the screen like a snow shower. Face sighed, as he realised the approaching storm would be damaging the signal.

Face heard whispers coming from the television set, and he got to his feet suddenly without thinking, and walked over, and knelt beside the set.  "Thirty, no, yes I am, yes we are"  

Face reached out a hand - and suddenly, a wisp of fog, which vaguely resembled a human hand escaped the television set, danced around Face for a couple of minutes and then sank into the wall. As if on cue, the house began to shake violently.

Hannibal, BA, Murdock and Stevie ran back into the house, feeling the shaking subside, and stopped in surprise at what they beheld.

Face knelt beside the television set, a vague expression in his eyes.  He turned to them briefly and said "They're here" before putting his arms around the television set.


Two hours later, Hannibal checked on Face who was wrapped up in bed with a slight fever.

"What did you make of it, Colonel?" BA asked.

Hannibal shook his head.  "I really don't know, BA.  Face seemed to be so far away, almost as if he wasn't really here.  It was unnerving"

"Kinda like that storm drawing in" BA pointed out the window to the first spots of rain appearing like daggers on the window pane.

A cry from downstairs alerted BA and Hannibal, and they ran the stairs to discover Stevie Faith rooted to the spot in the kitchen in fear.

"Watch!" Murdock said, as he sat inside a drawn circle on the kitchen floor, and was invisibly pushed  along to another circle a little further away.

"Hannibal, you try it!" Murdock encouraged.  Hannibal cleaved to the wall.

"Uh, no Murdock. I aint doing that"

"But its really cool.  It feels really strange, its as if there's this tickling inside you - and it pulls you, the tickling pulls you" Murdock's eyes danced with delight as he tried to sit in the circle again. Hannibal pulled him back.

"No, Murdock.  Everyone out of the kitchen. I want to find out what's going on before I let anyone go in there again" Hannibal led Murdock away.


What's the plan?" BA asked Hannibal as he walked out of the front door.

"We're going to see our next door neighbours, BA, see if they have been having weird stuff happen to them too"

BA shrugged and followed Hannibal.

Hannibal rang the doorbell, and a middle aged man with a son eating barbecued ribs came to the door.

"Can I help you" The man asked.

"Yeah, we're your new neighbours.  We were just wondering ... you see ... something, funny is going on next door" Hannibal tried to explain.

"Funny?" The man asked incredulously.

"Yeah, we were just wondering if you'd had anything strange happen to you, maybe a pot or dish move on its own accord?" Hannibal asked, swatting away some mosquitoes that had come too close.

"Those mosquitoes?" The man asked, as Hannibal slapped his own face in an attempt to squat the bugs.

"Yeah, damn bugs" BA said, similarly swatting the mosquitoes from his own face.

"I never been affected by them." The man proudly stated. "In fact, I don't think no-one in my family's ever been affected by em" The man turned to his son. "Mosquito ever suck on you son?"

"I don't know, dad" The boy said.

The man turned to Hannibal and shrugged. "He dunno"

Hannibal could see this discussion was of no help, thanked the man briefly, and walked off with BA wanting to get back as soon as possible.  The rain was lashing hard against Hannibal's skin as the wind picked up.

Hannibal and BA walked to the front door and pressed the doorbell, waiting to be let in.

Stevie Faith sat in her bedroom, watching the rain batter the glass. When the doorbell rang she got up, and went downstairs to answer it.


Murdock was sitting up, wide awake in bed counting "One one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand, four one thousand, five one thousand ...." A bolt of lightening cut him off.

Face looked across from his own bed angrily, he was trying to get some sleep.  "Murdock, pipe down, wouldya?" It was bad enough Murdock had to sleep with the closet light on, let alone keep him up all night chanting.

Murdock's eyes were wide in fear as he continued to count, oblivious of Face's plea. "One one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand, four one thousand ....." A bolt of lightening startled Murdock.

Face sat up in bed, and watched the subtle change of fear turn to horror in the pilot.

"One one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand ...." Murdock panicked, he hated the storm, and it didn't seem to be moving away.

"Murdock, I mean it. I want some sleep" Face complained.

"One one thousand ....." Murdock's voice trailed off, and he screamed as the old withered tree outside buckled and crashed through the window, picking him up and taking him outside in the pouring rain.

"Murdock!!!!" Face cried, as he ran over to the window.  The blinds fell as if automatically, so Face ran to the door of the bedroom, which slammed shut in front of him.  As Face struggled to open the bedroom door, the closet door swung open and a blinding whiteness of light startled Face.  "Hannibal!!" he cried.


Murdock felt his leg slipping into the hollow of the tree. It was almost as if he was being digested. He cried Hannibal's name once again and was suddenly aware of some activity below.


Hannibal and BA after hearing the cries had ran into the back garden, and watched in horror as Murdock tried to free himself from the tree.  BA, acting first, started to climb the tree until he reached Murdock.

A single branch snaked its way around Murdock's ankle and threatened to pull him away from BA.  Hannibal climbed the tree, grasping hold of Murdock too. Stevie Faith looked on horrified as the tree bucked and swayed, as if trying to dislodge the climbers.


Face grasped hold of the head rest on the bed, and held on tightly as everything began to get sucked into the closet, into the blinding whiteness. He cried out once more for help, as he felt the head rest buckle, and begin to give way.


Unaware of Face's predicament, Hannibal continued to hold onto Murdock but felt his grip slipping, Hannibal grimly held on desperately, trying to keep him from being sucked in.  Hannibal took a knife from a sheath in his trouser leg and cut the invading branch around Murdock's ankles off. Murdock fell free, and toppled onto BA, who missed a footing. Together they fell to the ground.  Hannibal jumped down quickly, now seeing his men freed and Stevie Faith ran out suddenly, pointing to the tail end of a tornado fading into the distance.

"Hannibal! It was just a tornado!" Stevie said, as Hannibal got up and looked around himself.

"Where's Face?"  Hannibal asked suddenly.

"He was upstairs when I got sucked out" Murdock explained.  Hannibal and BA took one look at each other before running into the house.


Face gave a single scream as the headrest gave way completely and he lost his grip.  Disappearing into the closet, the bed closely followed, crashing into the closet and narrowly missing the toy clown on the chair, which was sucked in shortly afterwards.


Hannibal and BA reached the bedroom first, followed closely by Murdock and Stevie Faith.  Hannibal opened the door to find the room completely wrecked, the beds against the closet. The team began a united effort to remove the cluttered objects from around the closet, not one daring to speak.

As they saw the figure underneath the white sheet still and lifeless, Stevie Faith put a hand over her mouth in horror.  Hannibal whipped back the sheet quickly, and sighed in relief when he realised it was the toy clown and not Face under the sheet.

Stevie let out a deep breath of relief. "I'll go check the kitchen" she said.

"No! I'll check the kitchen, you check the other bedrooms Stevie, BA see if you can see him outside, Murdock you got the living room" Hannibal ordered.


"Murdock wandered into the living room and watched the TV set, without a signal.  The whiteness of the screen almost resembling flakes of snow.

"Hannibal ....."

Murdock jumped. He had heard Face's voice, and shouted to Hannibal.  Murdock stood still in front of the television screen as Hannibal arrived.

"Face?" Hannibal asked, looking underneath the furniture and in each corner of the room.

"Hannibal ...... where are you? I can't see you"

Hannibal whitened considerably.  "Facey, where are you?"

"Hannibal ...."

In realising the cold truth, Hannibal wandered over to the television set, and looked at the screen, without a signal, yet switched on and hissing.

He knelt in front of the screen and his hand touched the glass, the static immediately crackling with his touch.

"Face, you there?" Hannibal asked.

"Hannibal ...... where am I?"

Hannibal turned to Murdock. "We need someone in on this one, we've never handled something like this before. I say we go to a paranormal investigator.

Part 2: Dreams turn into Nightmaries, Happiness to tears, Light into Darkness ....

Dr Lush, trained psychologist, psyciatrist, parapsychologist and reputable spook hunter watched the three men with eagle eyes as they poured out the whole story of Face's disappearance. They were all extremely tired, hadn't shaved and were generally looking worse for wear.

"And this Stevie Faith?" Dr Lush asked of Hannibal, settling more comfortably into her chair.

"Is with some friends down the road" Hannibal said, his eyes half closed with utter exhaution. "Dr Lush, we don't give a shit about all the screaming. We don't give a damn about the crying, the singing, the music, the noises. We just want Face back".

Dr Lush turned to Dr Alex White, photographer of ghosts and poltageists. He nodded briefly. She turned and looked at Dr Peter Appletion, who smiled at her and nodded.

"Okay, Mr Smith. You've hired us" Dr Lush said gently, shaking the man's hand and turning to the others.

Hannibal sighed in relief and headed to the door.


Dr Alex White listened soberly to the tale Hannibal gave him with doubt apparant in his hazel eyes. Dr White was not easily impressed with ghost stories, and this Hannibal fellow seemed to be sprouting on about so much poltageist activity.

"Are you sure your poltageist activity is so intense?" Dr Alex said dubiously "I mean, the breakthrough for us was when we captured a child's toy - a small vehicle with metal wheels moving across the floor six inches. Metal attracts spirits as light does, you see. The duration of the event took six hours, and I have it on this baby" Dr White patted his trusty cam corder.

Hannibal was leading the team of investigators slowly up the stairs, towards Face's bedroom, where the trouble had all began. He turned to Dr White and asked "Six hours for what?".

Dr White looked confused for an instant. "For the vehicle to complete the distance ....".

Hannibal sighed and wondered if these people could really handle what he was about to show them.  He muttered something to himself, something the team of investigators didn't hear and put the key in Face's bedroom lock.

Dr Lush drew in a sharp intake of breath, her way of preparing herself for something preternatural to happen.

Dr White readied his camera, ready to catch even the smallest item which moved on its own.

Dr Appelton held a microphone close to the door, and nodded towards Hannibal to turn the key and open the door.

Hannibal sighed and obeyed, too exhausted to care, turned the key in the lock and opened the door.

The three doctors turned pale immediately, and backed away from the door. Their eyes were widened with shock at the sight before them.

The first thing their trained minds noted was that NOTHING in the room was stationary. All objects (including the bed) were merrily jumping and flying about them room as if they were alive. There was the most hideous noise coming from the closet and the doctors strained their ears to listen more closely. The closet door was closed, but it seemed someone had by mistake placed a 300 amp fuse in the light bulb - for the cracks in the door released tremendous rays of light into the room.

A smallish record player flew by the team of investigators and stopped mid air. A record started to play as they were staring at it. A lamp flew by and suddenly turned itself on without being plugged in. A toy clown was on the bed, riding it as if it were a bucking bronco. A book suddenly appeared in front of them and laughed hideously as the pages opened and closed before them.

Hannibal sighed and looked at the three pale doctors.

Dr Lush cleared her throat nervously. "Okay we've seen enough. Please close the door".

Hannibal smiled at the obvious fear in her voice and closed the door. In mute silence they followed Hannibal back down the stairs and into the kitchen, where Murdock had prepared a strong coffee for all of them.

Dr Lush sat down and tried to raise her cup of coffee. It trembled in her grasp, and she quickly put the cup down again and looked towards the A-Team in disbelief. How had they survived all this? It would have sent any normal person insane. Yet, even as she asked this question to herself she knew the answer. Hannibal's hand squeezed Murdock's shoulder tightly and Murdock nodded. BA put his hand gently across the back of Murdock's head and Murdock half smiled. They had survived by being together. Dr Lush was impressed by their endurance.

"What I think you have here ... I don't think its a ghost". Dr Lush said.  As if outraged by her statement - the coffee pot suddenly moved across the table.

Dr Lush stared at it open mouthed and signalled Dr White to prepare his camera in case anything else unusual happened. "What I meant by that ..." Dr Lush continued, as if speaking to the spirits as well as the team "... is that it might very well be a poltageist intrusion. Which explains the sudden moving of objects for their shock value. Ghosts generally tend to be quieter, less horrific in their intentions. They quietly haunt places that mean something to them in their former lives. Poltageists, however, are malicious spirits and enjoy moving obstacles to shock people. Poltageist hauntings can last for days, or even years".

Hannibal looked at Dr Lush in horror "Are you saying that this could just end, at any time?".

Dr Lush nodded. "Yes. Hauntings to this degree are very rare, and usually last shorter periods than regular hauntings".

Murdock walked forwards, and looked in terror at Dr Lush "Then we haven't got much time. Dr Lush, my best friend is stuck somewhere in this house!".

Dr Lush nodded gently, and looked at Hannibal "Maybe its best if you tried calling for Face now. So we can determine what we are up against".

Hannibal nodded and signalled towards BA. BA moved towards the livingroom and switched on the television set. Murdock walked over to the lamp and switched it on.

Dr Lush and her two investigators sat closely huddled on the couch, watching the strange routine before them. The men seemed to know this routine by heart, as if they had done this a thousand times before. Maybe it was that they were so close knit a team, they knew what each other were thinking and doing before a question was asked. Again she was tremendously impressed by their teamwork.

"Okay ..." Hannibal nodded towards Murdock. As if suddenly remembering Dr Lush's prescence, Hannibal added "... Face seems to come more quickly when he's asked to by Murdock. They are best friends".

Dr Lush nodded and gulped as Dr White again readied his camera.

Murdock walked into the centre of the room fearlessly.  "Facey ....?".

Hannibal watched the television set intently. The white flecks of nothingness danced around the screen, and slight waves or ripples travelled down the screen periodically.

"Facey? Its Murdock. I want to speak to you ....".

Dr Lush watched the television set in awe as the light became more intense. She nudged Dr White to film the television quickly.

A dreadful noise came to all their ears. It was a sighing and a whispering and a dreadful hushed sound. Out of the belly of this sound came Face's small voice "Hey, Murdock".

BA felt a tear roll down his face and shielded his face quickly.

"Hey muchacho" Murdock called.

"Face .... its Hannibal. Can you see us? Can you see me?" Hannibal asked desperately.

The dreadful sound came again, and once again Face's voice came from the centre of the murmering, the sighing, and the whispering. "I can't see you. Where are you? Why can't I see you. I'm afraid of the light, Hannibal. I'm afraid of the light".

Dr Lush turned sharply towards Hannibal "Tell Face to stay away from the light!".

Hannibal looked desperately at Murdock, then Dr Lush and then stammered "But its a way out, kid. Its a way out".

Dr Lush hurried her explanation "Tell Face to stay away from the light. It IS a way out, but not for him!".

"Tell him, man" BA cried out in agony.

Hannibal looked wild eyed and desperate as he looked at the frightened eyes of his team "Facey! Listen to me! Stay away from the light! Don't even look at it, turn away from it!" Finally, having enough he turned to Dr Lush with pain filled eyes "Are you sure about this?".

"Yes, easy now" Dr Lush said gently.

The awful sound invaded all their ears.  ".... Hannibal. There's somebody here ....".

Hannibal looked at Dr Lush, his eyebrows knotted together in confusion.

The awful sound again, but this time Face's voice was desperate and frightened. ".... Hannibal ... is it you?".

BA rose from his chair and looked around himself. "No, Face. It aint Hannibal, baby. What is it Dr Lush?".

Dr Lush shook her head in worry.  "I'm not sure".

The awful sound again reached their ears, but this time they heard Face's utter horror and despair "..... get away from me! Leave me alone!"

BA whirled round in agony, his voice angry and desperate "Leave him alone, you bastard! Pick on me!"

Murdock rushed to Dr Lush's side, and held her hands in fear, his words coming out in a steady stream of fear "Dr Lush help him ... can't you hear what's happening ... please help him!"

The awful noise was becoming louder as the sounds of a struggle reached their ears. In the middle of this awful cacophony of horror was Face's desperate attempts to protect himself.

Hannibal headed for the stairs, determined to go into the dreaded bedroom and enter the closet. He couldn't stand to listen to Face so terrified and being attacked without being able to help himself. He clung to the rail, but suddenly stopped midway on the stairs.

Face's fearful voice was growing weaker, as if he were running away from this awful noise. Hannibal suddenly felt a rush of air about him, then felt the soft soul move through his own. He turned quickly and saw the brief outline of Face running in terror away from him.

Hannibal looked down at himself, and walked back to the others amazed. He smelt the cologne familiar to Face on his clothes and lifted it to BA who at once recognised the fragrance. Murdock was sitting on the couch, his head pressed firmly between his hands in horror.

Hannibal walked over to Dr Lush.  His voice finally broke and he released his emotions in a sudden flood of tears "Dr Lush .... he moved through my soul!".

Dr Lush smiled and patted his hand gently. "Its going to be alright, trust me".

Suddenly the fearful noise they had all heard intensified. Only this time, Face's voice wasn't in the heart of it. It moved towards the people with horrific speed as it came down the staircase, as if in pursuit of Face.

All the people were thrown aside like bowling pins. They stayed in stunned silence until the sob from Murdock disctrated them from their thoughts. Murdock sat on the floor, sobs wracking his body, rocking back and forth.

"Murdock ...." Hannibal rose and walked towards Murdock, taking the shaken form into his arms and embracing him tighly.

Hannibal looked at Dr Lush with tears forming in his eyes "What can you do about this? Is it too late?"

Dr Lush shook her head "I'm not sure. We need help from someone who has challenged this type of evil before. We need Mrs Kara Hudson, she's performed numerous exorcisms, battled spirits, and always been triumphant. She'll be able to help us".

Hannibal nodded, and turned his full attention to the pilot.

For the first time in his life, he prayed for his Lieutenant.

Part 3: Mrs Kara Hudson

Mrs Kara Hudson walked around the house with a light step. A petite and beautiful brunette with dark hazel eyes she walked with a sure step. This type of situation was not uncommon to her, she had faced similar incidents in other households world wide. Her successes had brought her to the attention of Doctor Lush.

Hannibal watched the petite brunette stand at the bottom of the stairs and close her eyes. She opened them quickly and walked briskly up the staircase, to Face's bedroom door.

"I thought you said this woman was special" Hannibal hissed. "She doesn't have any ability".

Dr Lush looked at Hannibal in surprise "How would you know that?"

"I just asked her a question through my mind, and she couldn't hear me" Hannibal whispered "I thought you said ...."

" .... I am. I just don't like trick questions" Kara said sweetly, before moving back to the door and listening intently to the noises of the supernatural spirits within.

After an hour, she ventured downstairs to the livingroom where the team, and Dr Lush and her assistants sat waiting impatiently for her.

She signalled for Hannibal to come and stand before her. Hannibal obeyed weakly.

"Your Lieutenant is alive and in this house" Kara said softly.

Hannibal let a long sob escape, and he buried his head gratefully into Kara's shoulder. Murdock didn't even attempt to stop the tears flowing from his eyes, and BA just smiled in relief.

Kara drew Hannibal gently away from her and gestured to the sofa. Hannibal obediently took a seat and waited for her to speak.

"There is something more I must tell you. There is a spirit in this house. A very old and dangerous spirit who  was strong enough to rip a hole into this world and take Face away from you. I don't know exactly what lingers over this house but it is pure evil. It keeps Face close to it. It lies to him, it tells him things to keep the other spirits at bay. It has been using him to restrain the others, and keep them away from the spectral light".  Kara smiled sadly at Hannibal "To Face, its simply another man. To us, it is the beast".

Hannibal closed his eyes, feeling the colour drain from his face.

Suddenly Kara's pretty features hardened, and she looked at Hannibal. "Let's go get your son".


Kara watched as the men ran about the house, collecting items she had specifically requested. "Rope, lamp, tennis balls" she said, ticking the items off a small sheet of paper.

"Hannibal, you take the rope up to the bedroom door, but don't open it just yet. Dr Lush, go with him and take the tennis balls with you. BA, you and Murdock are to remain right here in the livingroom until we specify otherwise. Appelton and White, stay right here".

Immediately, the people sprang into their designated roles.

BA grabbed Kara's shoulder "Why do we stay here?".

Kara put a reassuring arm on his shoulder. "The exit is here. This is where Face needs to come to, before he can rejoin us".

BA bowed his head respectfully, and prepared the livingroom whilst Kara walked forcefully upstairs. She looked at Hannibal and Dr Lush who were waiting impatiently near the door.

"Open the door" Kara said simply.

Hannibal immediately obeyed and they walked into the room together. Kara was amazed. The room's furniture had been sucked into the closet which had now opened to reveal the gateway to the spiritual realm. She gasped as she realised how little time they actually had.

"You stay right here ..." Kara saidm gesturing to Hannibal and Dr Lush.  Kara ran downstairs to the four men and switched on the lamp. "Murdock ... call to Face ....".

Murdock stepped forward. "Facey? Its Murdock".

Nothing happened. Kara closed her eyes and concentrated deeply. She opened them in shock suddenly. "The demon is keeping Face from responding to you".

"What!!??" BA asked, walking over to Murdock quickly.

"Quickly! Who is Face more threatened by ...". Kara said.

"BA" Murdock said softly.

"What! I'd never hurt him". BA growled.

"Argue about it later. BA, make Face answer you" Kara shouted.

"Face ..." BA began.

"Be angry with him, else you'll never see him again" Kara prompted.

"You answer Murdock else I'll hit you so hard you'll wish you were never born".

Kara closed her eyes again and listened intently. "Face has escaped from him".

"Escaped from who? Is he okay?" BA asked.

Kara didn't answer BA. She concentrated deeply, ignoring the men around her. "Tell Face to run to the light".

"No!" BA said angrily.

"Do it now before the demon get's Face again" Kara said.


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