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No Justice (WIP)

By Hannurdock


Murdock lay in the dirt, a knife in one hand, his trusty AK-47 in the other.  He looked around himself in the lonely darkness, counting to himself.  His heart was racing like a jack rabbit, his breathing irregular.  Murdock finished counting, took a furtive look behind him, and then raced out into the darkness, aware of the shouting and machine guns firing behind him.  In his pocket jangled the fruit of his labour, a chemical Stockwell had ordered him to retrieve from a dubious chemical company.  He had got his intelligence wrong, and Murdock had found many guards awaiting him at the company.

The chemical company was well fortified, with backing from unscrupulous sources around the world, and had plenty of military support.  Murdock was in over his head on this one.  

As Murdock saw the fence ahead, he felt several sharp stings in his back and shoulder, and fell to the ground, spitting blood.  He took out of his pocket, the vial and threw it into a ditch before the enemy closed on him, beating him with their hard boots until he was coughing blood and vomit.  He paled, the wounds on his back and shoulder exploding in pain as he was dragged to his feet.

A young man approached, in Murdock's eyes he was ready for the rubber room.  He looked at Murdock briefly, a psycotic animal ready to condemn this man who had taken his prize money-making venture.

"Where is it?"  The man asked, with absolutely no compassion.

"Fuck you ....." Murdock said, calling on his reserves of strength.

"I said where is it!" The man pulled Murdock's head back, tearing some of his hair from the scalp.  Murdock groaned in pain, refusing to answer still.

Annoyed, the man turned to his soldiers.  "Put him against the wall and shoot him".

Murdock felt a rough hand drag him to his feet, and felt himself vaguely carried to the wall and shoved up against it.  Moaning, he heard the safety of several weapons release simultaneously, and then felt nothing but fire as his world turned to darkness .....


Stockwell watched the men talk before him, Hannibal looking as if his fist would connect with Stockwell's jaw at any moment. Face looked worried, and very pale.  BA looked like he needed to punch something, bad.

"What do you mean you sent Murdock off on a mission without us?" Hannibal hissed.  

Stockwell tried to gain strength and continued "It was clean cut.  A little undercover work, nothing he hadn't done before. He was trying to locate and retrieve a chemical that was lost to the CIA several years ago.  Unfortunately, the company was hotter than we realised, armed guards ten times what we initially expected their would be".

"Why do you keep referring to Murdock in past tense!!" Face blew up.  "We'll go in and get him out, dead or alive!".

Stockwell shook his head.  "That won't be necessary, gentlemen".

Face, Hannibal and BA looked searchingly into the General's eyes.  

"What are you saying, Stockwell?" Hannibal asked softly, although he already knew the answer.

"Captain Murdock's body was found earlier this morning, he had suffered multiple gun shot wounds, and he is now in the morgue".

Hannibal, Face and BA sat in shocked silence, listening to the grave news.  Then BA rose to his feet, and ran at the General, his hands closing around Stockwell's neck.  "You bastard!".

Hannibal coolly walked up to BA.  "Hands off Sergeant, now!!".

BA turned to face Hannibal, his eyes bright with unshed tears.  "He sent Murdock in alone, and now Murdock is dead!!".

Hannibal put an arm on BA's shoulder.  "The only reason Murdock was killed was because we took R&R, leaving him here.  Its my fault.  I should have anticipated Stockwell would use him for a mission if we weren't around.  And Murdock wouldn't have refused".

BA started to tremble, and Hannibal embraced him momentarily.  Then he turned to Stockwell,  the misery written all over his face.  "Can we see him?  Make sure of it".

Stockwell nodded, and led the team over to the morgue.

Face followed in mute silence, Murdock dead?  He just couldn't believe it.  He didn't want to believe it.  As they walked into the morgue and saw the lifeless fugure before them, they gasped. The finality coming home to all of them.

Face struggled to walk forward, his eyes wet and streaming.  "Murdock, no!!!"

Suddenly a draft startled the four of them, and Stockwell drew his coat closer around himself.  The air had turned a deathly icy cold.  

Hannibal turned to the others, trying to remain strong under the circumstances.  "Lets go, guys. Now".



Murdock felt the stings all over his body, quickly turning to fire. The darkness descended and he felt his breathing cease with only one word of regret passing his lips, understanding his own failure completely.  "Hannibal .....".

A dozen flashbacks from Nam flooded his mind, followed by team memories. The day he'd become a true 'member' of the A-Team, followed by his birthdays, by his romances, and then ...... Face, Hannibal, BA.  God!!  

Murdock fought out of these rememberences, and found himself alone in the darkness once more, wandering without cause or reason ..... until IT came.  A light so bright and powerful that he thought he would be burned up by it.  However, this light did not threaten, it was inviting, and Murdock began to walk towards it.

"Murdock, no!!" Face cried.

Murdock heard the sound, the utter despair in Face's voice, and stopped short of the light before him.  He hadn't said goodbye, shit!! And that chemical was lying outside the company.  If he went now, his sacrifice would be in vain.  He started to back away from the light, moving with his eyes closed and thinking hard of Face.  Face ......... A moment later he was aware of the morgue around him, and stared fascinated at his body lying still.

He watched amused, as Stockwell drew his coat around his shoulders, and Face trembled with cold.  

"Let's go, guys. Now" Hannibal had ordered.  Murdock heard the door slam and was alone in the darkness, with his dead body.  He suddenly felt very afraid.


Back at Stockwell's compound, Hannibal looked at BA and Face sadly.  "Want to go get something to eat?" he asked hopefully.

Face got up, disgusted and walked out of the living room, walking up to his own room and slamming the door shut.  He lay on his bed, finally letting his pain out in a flood of tears and sobs.  He ground his head into the pillow, helpless.

Murdock watched Face, feeling every bit as helpless, and lay on the bed beside the Lieutenant, putting a hand on his forehead, and covering his body with his own spiritual one.

Face suddenly looked up, and felt a warmth inside, something which instantly took the fear away.  "Murdock? ....." Face wondered weakly. He could almost smell Murdock beside him right now, taste him on his lips. It was this reassuring sensation that caused Face to close his eyes, and start to dream ......

'DREAM SEQUENCE - Face was on a cliff, his arms spread wide listening to the roar of the ocean against the pointed rocks beneath him.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you" A familiar voice behind him. Face turned and ran into Murdock's arms.

"But, you are dead ... Murdock" Face sobbed.

"Yep, but I haven't finished here yet. I need you to help me, Face".

"Sure, anything" Face said happily.

"I need to finish the mission Stockwell sent me on. Recover that chemical".  Murdock said.

Face nodded. "What can I do?".

"I need a host, a body, someone I trust won't throw me out until my work is done".

Face nodded.  "You want me?".

Murdock nodded.  "We'll be sharing your body, that's all".

"Do you have to go?" Face asked.  "Can't we share it till we both die?".

Murdock shook his head, smiling at the desperate entreaty by his best friend.  "I'm afraid not ....".

Face felt overwhelming sadness for a moment, and then shook Murdock's hand.  "Deal".


(This fiction is in the process of being written - please check back from time-to-time)

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