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Most Hearts Deserve A Lover
by Hannurdock
Rating: PG-13/SLASH

Summary: David Talbot's POV

Disclaimers: The characters from the Chronicles belong to Anne Rice.

These stories are purely for pleasure and 'What if's'. 

Nothing is meant to infringe upon the author's rights.

I am doing this for fun and I love sharing my stories with others.

What did I feel when Lestat confessed that he and Louis were back together? Absolute horror and distress. I had all my love and devotion for one man, and he was dating someone behind my back.

Me, David Talbot. Ex-Superior General of the Talamasca. I guess I shouldn't try and blow my own trumpet on that one. Talamasca are not that well liked in Vampiredom. Even so, I am an outstanding lover and I never leave Lestat wanting. Many a night, we have lain bare together, our naked legs wrapped around each other as we snarl and sink our teeth into each other's eager flesh.

Yet, tonight, very abruptly (which is very Lestat-like, I assure you) Lestat catches me as I am disappearing from the house to feed. He leads me inside, sighing heavily. He seats me and kneels before me and tells me he has something to say.

For a moment, I thought he was going to ask me to marry him. A crazy thought in a crazy existance. The manner betrayed a proposal however, and I eagerly waited him popping the big question.

"Me and Louis, well, we are back together. Everything is going good".

He was stammering. I was heartbroken.

"I know, I know this is sudden David. I don't love you any less you understand. I just want to mend a few fences, start again with my oldest".

At times like this, I truly have to wonder what motivated the man to bring me into the darkness. Instead of replying to his statement, I rise to my feet in a dignified fashion, brush my coat slightly with a furious gesture and leave the house with a rapid step.

Finally I stopped walking and allowed myself to fall to my knees. I sobbed with all my heart, confident I was alone to grieve for a passion that was obviously never meant to be completely fulfilled.

"David ....?" Santino's voice.

Bugger off, I thought. My love for Lestat is dull and lifeless. He walks towards me and drops by my side, a lock of pure black hair falling over his shoulders. He open's his arms in a truly welcome gesture and I accept the embrace. I lean forward into his arms and close my eyes. I sigh.

"Lestat, he is very strange" Santino said softly, his large hands petting my hair affectionately. "To create one as beautiful as you, and say something he knew would drive you away must have torn his heart".

"I'll get over it" I said gruffly, stiffening slightly and moving away from the elder. I am not too fond of the elders, their age always overpowers me and fill's me with a slight fear. "I'll be alright".

"I'm not too sure" Santino mused "You seem so rejected, so alone. As if all you want is to embrace someone forever".

"Well, Coven Master" I said dejectedly "If Lestat won't even embrace me, I'm sure to high heaven no-one else will".

"I would like to embrace you" Santino said softly. "I would like to do that very much. I enjoyed it the first time".

I sighed. Did I want to get close to Santino? No!

"I ..." Trying to think of an excuse with Santino reading my mind is not easy.

Instead of responding, the old Coven Master embraced me quickly. He wrapped his arms completely around me and held on tightly to me. I could feel his cold heart beating against my own.

"Cold?" Santino sighed. "No, David. Everyone has the most terrible misconception about me. True, I have done some awful things in the past ..... but I did not mean to hurt Marius. I have a heart. Our kind doesn't think I deserve to love or be loved in return".

I felt very ashamed.

I had not really wished for Santino to read me so deeply, and I did not think he didn't deserve a lover. I just didn't know if I wanted to be that for him, if I was ready. Santino was a very hard being to love.

"You think so?" Santino asked softly.

"I don't know" I confessed, relaxing into his embrace.

"I don't want a lover confused" Santino confessed "Either you want what I can offer you or not. Call me if you want my love, my embrace, my touch".

Then he was gone.

I stood coldly, shivering. For all my reluctance to touch the man, I was actually hurt by his disappearance. I remembered his words. To call him if I wanted him.

I could not do it.

I stayed where I was for a moment, and then continued to walk. I did not want to go back to the townhouse. Lestat and Louis would be there, making love loud enough for me to hear and not to misinterpret.

I walked away from my home and away from all I had ever loved.

The sky was lightening, and I ground to a halt. I had walked too far. There wouldn't be enough time to return home before the sun rose. I thought briefly about going into the earth for one night, but the thought has never really appealed to me.

There was the option of a hotel room, but that is quite dangerous.

Instead, I again sank to the ground and allowed my tears of shame and abandonment to run freely down my face. I sighed and waited for the sun to rise.

Suddenly, a black cape was thrown around me and I felt myself being lifted and carried away. The sudden oblivion of the death sleep came upon me before I could react.


My eyes opened.

I was staring right at a roaring fire.

Hotel room. Quaint. Expensive. Old fashioned.

An arm tightened around my waist. I realised I was lying on my side, and someone was spooned beside me. Behind me.

"Santino ..." I whispered.

"Yes?" Santino said softly. He shifted a little beside me. The movement was reassuring. I felt him hook one long and masculine leg over my own.

"Why were you still there? I didn't call you ..." Again the guilt knawed at me. I could understand why Louis had been depressed for centuries. After all, just as feelings and emotions are magnified to us beyond belief, so is feelings of depression.

"I came because there was no-one else" Santino said simply.

I suddenly felt an overwhelming love for him.

"Thank you" I said softly. I meant it too.

Santino kissed me on the forehead. "I love you, David".

I turned around, dislodging Santino's leg momentarily and looked at him directly into his eyes. Dark, they were. But I saw the suffering and loneliness he had been hiding for centuries beneath his seemingly cold expression.

"Santino ..." I whispered.

An invitation. A request.

He smiled at me, gently.

"Go ahead, David. I will be anything you want me to be".

I kissed him softly on the lips. Suddenly the passion ground in me and I snarled. Kissing him viciously, I dragged him beneath me and savagely assaulted his throat whilst he writhed beneath me in obvious pleasure.

I sank my teeth deep into his throat, feeling him gasp beneath me in shock.

Yes, this is what I had needed. A release from the pain of my making, and to make someone else feel the distress I had suffered all these years.

Santino tightened his arm around me. He further intensified my movements until he was gritting his teeth in agony as I knawed relentlessly at his neck. He allowed this, as the tears streamed forth from my eyes. He understood the abandonment and fear. He knew how rejected I felt when Lestat had chosen Louis over me. He knew.

Suddenly, he rolled me over and bit savagely into my own throat. I thrust my hips at him as my teeth continued to knaw at his throat and as he drank from me I felt a connection akin to being turned into a vampire.

An all intense passion.

He rocked against me, following my previous passion and rythmn, as I used all my strength to roll back on top of him. He allowed me to do this, growling and biting at me as I moved back on top.

Eventually, worn down and wanting to sleep, I loosened in Santino's arm's a little.

Santino looked curiously at me as I went limp, as my fangs withdrew from his neck.

"That was an interesting experience" I said softly.

"Only the beginning, David. I can show you wonders you have never even dreamed of" Santino said affectionately, smoothing my hair for me.

"How to tell Lestat ....?" My voice was cut short in fear. I didn't seriously expect Lestat to approve of me dating Santino. After all, weren't Marius and Santino enemies? Of course I knew which side Lestat would take at once.

"Don't worry about anything. You don't need to tell Lestat if you do not wish to. Just let me love you, night after night".

I sighed, relieved. I had been half expecting Santino to forcce me to tell Lestat, that I should be proud of what we had done.

It was an accomplishment, all things considered. For David Talbot grieving over the lost love of Lestat and the loner master vampire Santino to come together tonight was such a feat.

"We'll have each other" Santino whispered in my ear as I felt drowsy and relaxed in his arms "and each other. Tomorrow and tomorrow and forever ....."


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