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Louis' Moon

Every time I see the moon
Round and full and beaming
I think of Louis' emerald eyes
Under the night a gleaming

I picture him with lovely grace
His face pointed to the sky
His profile 'wildly attractive'
To any soul who wanders by

As he walks with folded arms
Underneath his beaming bride
The tender glow surrounds him
To the moon does he confide?

The moon is happy with her man
She smiles with rounded joy
As they romance in the darkness
His attentions gentlemanly, her's coy

Dense darkness surrounds him
But she never fails to light his way
Her eternal heartbeat reaches him
Without a moment of delay

They are a couple of perfection
Both eternal as The Divine
And they stand a handsome couple
They look smart, sure and fine

Every time I see her shining
I think of Louis, and his bride
They are the beauty of forever
They are the pearls in the eternal tide

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