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A Poem for Lestat

At the darkest hour of the night  
I think of you and your immortal heart  
As my fantasies take flight  
Our world's so far apart  
I try to imagine life with you  
But its so hard to do  
I find it often makes me blue  
To think you might not think of me too  
If I believed the world was right  
I'd have no problems with belief  
But with limited vision and mortal sight  
My life is so small, so brief  
If you existed on this earth  
The immortal of my heart  
I'd never believe I was of worth  
That we'd never be apart  
I am lonely, dearest one  
I find my mortal life ticking by  
Soon I will die and be gone  
Leaving one question behind ... Why?  
Words are powerful, and so  
I leave you with this verse  
I live within my tale of woe  
This evil, mortal curse

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