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Title: IT  (Crossover with the Stephen King horror classic)

Author: Georgina Ann Price AKA Hannurdock

Rating: NC-17 (WIP)

Summary: Horror.  A phone call from an old friend stirs painful, horrific memories.

Face walked into the lounge, seating himself next to Murdock.  The two were enjoying a quiet night in a lavish hotel Face had scammed earlier in the week. The pretence of the master con artiste was that he was an art critic for Fine Art Magazine covering a selection of glorious hotels and their upbeat 'art'. Face promised a glowing review in exchange for a couple of rooms for the night.

Murdock sighed "Man, you sure know how to get the big ones".

Face smiled proudly.  "Takes a little hassle to get the razzle dazzle. But its worth it".

Just then, the phone began to ring. Face sighed, mildly irritated.  "Would you get that, Murdock?".

Murdock sighed, and moved slowly to reach the phone.  "Hello?".

Face flicked the channels idly, waiting for a response from Murdock.  Murdock came into the room and sat beside him, motioning for Face to go to the phone.

"Well, who is it?"  Face asked.

"Says he's an old friend" Murdock answered mysteriously, and then grabbed the remote.

"Gee, that's helpful" Face sniffed, going over to the receiver, and picking it up.  "Hello, this is Peck".

"Face? This is Mike Hanlon.  Remember me?".

Face felt his heart race at the name suddenly, and felt a small feeling of fear.  "Mike ..... oh! Mike. Good to hear from you buddy.  Catching up on some old times?".

"Face .... are you sitting down?"  

Face gulped and sat down. Murdock looked bemused at the shaken Lieutenant, trying to remain disinterested but becoming intregued with the small mannerisms associated with fear that Face was displaying.  So unlike Face to be suddenly afraid.

Mike continued.  "IT's back Face ......... IT's back".


1958 -  Small Chapel Orphanage, Derry.

"Hey, Face. You coming to build the dam after school?"  Johnno asked.

"Sure, JD. Its gonna be the best dam ever!"  Face said.  JD was Johnno's name because everyone called him dork.  Johnno the Dork.  He hated the name, but he was a member of the loser's club after all.  He had a slight case of asthma triggered each summer by severe hayfever.

The school was a run down study, mostly ran by three nun's who had taken on the responsibility of educating the orphans in their care.  Face was a bright student, with a lot of potential, and the nuns admired his handsome facade.

"Okay Face. Meet you after school". Face smiled and walked out of the school house, the little chapel. He walked sprightly up the road, away from the orphanage to get some fresh air. He watched Johnno wave to him briefly as he turned a corner and disappeared from sight. Face considered JD as a younger brother, and had never failed to look out for the young boy, even when Butch and Chris the Killer were around.

Butch was the leader of a small gang of rebellious teens. He had narrow eyes and a cold expression that would make anyone shiver. Chris the Killer was a member of Butch's gang on a temporary basis, he had been in court twice for almost killing small children he bullied.

Face whistled to himself, when he stopped dead in his tracks.  He heard the screams coming from where JD had dissapeared and began to run quickly towards the sound.  He grabbed his old bike and made double time, until he reached JD.  

JD was lying on the ground. His body pressed against a storm drain. He wasn't moving.

"JD?"Face said.  He walked towards the lifeless figure, turning the body over.  JD's eyes were open, and his mouth gaping in horror.  

"Oh Shit!" Face let the body go, and scrambled away from his dead friend.  

"Hey, Bucko! Wanna balloon?".

Face edged closer to the storm drain.  He expected to see something vile lurking beneath the street surface, instead he saw a clown. With a red nose and extremely yellow teeth. Something was very wrong, Face leapt back again, further away from the storm drain.  "Who are you? Did you kill my friend?".

"Ahhhhh, the name is Pennywise, Face.  I'm Pennywise the Dancing Clown".

"Did you kill JD!!" Face screamed, moving further away from the storm drain.

Pennywise reached through the drain, and pulled JD's body through, leaving Face speechless in horror.  Suddenly, Face heard JD's voice.

"Face, Face, help me. Help me.  A bad man brought me down here.  We all float".

Face screamed and backed away, grabbing his bike and cycling so fast he thought his heart would burst. Upon reaching the orphanage, Face ran up to his room and started to sob.


Face put the phone down, and walked over to Murdock.  He sat by his side.  "I have to go, back to where I grew up - an orphanage in Derry, and you need to come to".

"Derry? I grew up there with my papa, Facey.  He was a private pilot".  Murdock said, wistfully.

Face put a hand on Murdock's knee.  "I forgot we'd all grown up together. How could I forget?  Murdock, IT's back".

Murdock froze, and began to whimper.  A torrent of memories returned to him.  "Oh God Facey! JD!".

"I know"  Face soothed.  "But, we all made a promise...... to go back".

Murdock nodded.  "I'll get my things packed".

"Me too" Face said.

Face and Murdock walked to their respective rooms in silence. Murdock began to pack, his mind swimming with past memories, and one of those memories hitting him in full force was the memory he'd hoped he would forget forever.


"Papa, I'm gonna be a fighter pilot when I grow up" Murdock drawled.  Murdock and his father were relaxing in their back garden, a quiet Sunday.

"Now Murdock. There is nothing worse than war.  I survived the second world war, and would hate to think  my son is fighting in any war".  Papa Murdock said.

Murdock looked hurt.  "If I grow up, and there is a war, I'll fight in it".

"There will be NO MORE talk of war in this house! We left Texas to get away from my old war buddies, Murdock. Nothing to do with war, do you understand?" Papa Murdock said, hitting Murdock across the mouth, sending him sprawling onto the ground, and grazing his face.

"Leave ME ALONE!!" Murdock yelled, running towards the gate, and letting himself out, running far away from the house. He heard the distant sounds of his father's raised voice and kept running, not looking back.

He ran so hard and so fast, he suddenly realised he'd ran past the orphanage, and was now panting at the gates of Laken Manor, the old house that no-one had inhabited in years. The rusty creaking of the shutters withheld a murder 10 years ago, a domestic violence that had gone too far. The house had been bordered up.

Murdock walked up to the front door, which was slightly ajar. He sighed, thinking how wrong domestic violence was, especially since he was experiencing it first hand from his father, and turned to walk away.

"Murdock ..............".

Murdock turned back to the house, and pushed open the door.  "Hello .......?".

No sound, only the gentle creaking of the shutters, a small clatter as one of the boards dislodged itself, and fell to the floor inside the boardered livingroom.

Murdock walked inside, and the door closed shut behind him.  He desperately tried to open the door, but it was stuck.

He could hear the sounds of something upstairs, something heavy dragging itself along the landing above him.  He started to scream, hoping someone would hear him.  As the 'thing' started to walk down the stairs, Murdock was filled with terror, his hands splintered from the cracked wood on the door, desperately trying to open it, and get away.

Face was riding his bike along the road by his orphanage. Still trying to come to terms with JD's death, he was suddenly aware of someone screaming.  Such horror he had never before heard.  He gulped when he realised the noise was coming from Laken Manor.  

Two thoughts crossed Face's mind as he tried to decide upon a course of action.  Either he could high-tail it back to the orphanage and get help, or he could see if he could help.  Knowing from the tone in the voice that he might be too late if he did the former, Face ran to the door, his fingers closing around the knob, trying to open it.  

"Try and open the door ...." Face screamed, as the door suddenly sprung open.  Face reached inside, grabbed the boy screaming, and ran down to his bike.

Murdock got on beside him  "Hurry, IT's coming!!!".

"High ho Silver! Away!" Face said, as he got the bike moving quickly.  Face cycled to the orphanage, and sat down with Murdock.  He was shaking violently.

"Who are you?"  Murdock asked, his trembling subsiding a little now he wasn't in immediate danger.

"My name is Face" Face held out his hand for Murdock to shake.  Murdock smiled. "So what happened to you in Laken?  No one goes in there, you know. People say its haunted".

"My name is Murdock.  Something really nasty happened.  A clown appeared, with big red buttons and razor sharp teeth. IT's face was wrapped in bandages, and there was puss seeping from IT's eyes.  Oh Jesus, Face! It was horrible".

Face shuddered, extremely glad he'd not seen it.  "A clown?  That dude seems to be making quite an appearance lately.  He seems intent on killing all the kids in the neighborhood, he killed my best friend JD".

Murdock sighed. "Oh great!  So IT's after me then? What am I gonna do?".

Face smiled.  "What are WE gonna do.  I have some friends I think you should meet, Murdock. Whatever happens, we'll stick together".

Murdock took Face's offered hand.  "Together ......".


Murdock packed his bags, and he felt tears rising into his eyes.  "God, how could I have forgot the bond forged between us all that summer. How could I have forgot how much the guys mean to me?".

BA was in the middle of watching an important game.  The Redskins vs Santa Monicans.  Hannibal sat beside him, cheering the game on as the telephone began to ring.

"Hannibal, you wanna get that?" BA asked, eyes glued to the screen.

Hannibal sighed, and walked over to the phone, demanding attention, and picked up the receiver.  "Hello?".

"Hello, Hannibal. Long time no speak.  Its Mike Hanlon".

"Mike???!! How you doing?" Hannibal yelled into the receiver.

"Hannibal, IT's back ......"

Hannibal sat down.  "Are you sure?".

"Yes. Will you come?  Will you keep to the promise we made".

"Yes. Me and BA will be there" Hannibal set down the phone.

"Who was it?" BA asked.

"Mike Hanlon.  BA, IT's back .....".

BA's eyes widened in horror, as a flash flood of forgotton memories came back into his mind instantaneously.


"My name is Bosco Baracus.  Me and my mum moved here to Derry because we wanted a new start in a small town".

"Very good, Bosco.  What is your essay about?" A young teacher called Louisa asked.

"Its about the terrible child killings that happened in Derry twenty years ago.  A vicious clown ...."

"Bosco! That's enough.  I said an essay about something 'good' about Derry, not some vicious fairy tales" Louisa said disgustedly.

BA sat down, annoyed. He hadn't want to come to this little town, way out no where. He glowered across the room, and spotted one of the kids smiling at him. He turned away immediately and waited until the small bell rang for recess.

Leaving the school grounds, BA almost collided with the young boy who had smiled at him earlier.

"Watch where you going, sucka" BA growled.

"Bosco, isn't it? My name is John Smith, but people call me Hannibal" Hannibal extended his hand, which BA shook.

"Yep, the name is Bosco, but my friends call me BA - stands for Bad Attitude"  BA said proudly.

Hannibal laughed.  "Listen, some of us are building a damn down by the creek, your welcome to join us if you're not doing anything after school tomorrow".

BA shrugged "Well, I aint doin' much. I might take you up on that".

Hannibal grinned "See you tomorrow, BA".

BA smiled, and thought of how proud his mama would be.  He had made a friend on his first day of school, usually he ended up in fistfights with the other kids.

He saw Butch, Chris the Killer and the gang walking on  the other side of the road. BA wondered whether to turn back, but decided to keep going.  Butch crossed the road, and stood in his path.  The gang surrounded BA, and Butch drew a knife to BA's throat.

"Well, boys.  Looks like we've got a tough case on the block.  You tough, boy?"  Butch ran the knife over BA's stomach. Acting on instinct from all his previous fist fights, BA elbowed the boy to his right, and kicked out viciously at Butch, winding him.  The force of his kick knocked him over the railing and into the small woods by the creek. BA ran until he found a drain, clambered into it, and lay there.

Butch and his gang made their way down to the creek. However, something caught their eye - and they moved away from BA, towards two boys talking quietly near a makeshift dam.

"Well, well. If it aint pretty boy and fly boy" Butch said nastily.  The gang proceded to kick the makeshift dam apart.

"Hey!" Murdock said.  "You didn't have to do that! Why did you do that?".

"'Cause we don't like fly boy's.  Got nothing to say about this pretty boy?".

"Leave him alone!" Face said angrily.

Butch grinned.  "You girls seen a black kid running along this creek?".

Face and Murdock shook their heads 'no'.

"Well, if you do - tell him we'll be waiting for him. Later girls" Butch smirked and took off, Face and Murdock sighed relief as the gang retreated.

BA got out of the drain, and walked towards Face and Murdock.  "Are you okay?".

Face and Murdock nodded, and walked towards him.

"Hi there! My name is Face, and this is my friend Murdock" Face said, shaking BA's hand.

"My name is BA, nice to meet you"  BA said shaking Murdock's hand as well.

"What did you do to get Butch's Boys on yer tail" Murdock asked.

"I was walking down the road" BA said.

"Don't take much" Face sniffed.

"Butch is nothing but a bully" Murdock said.

"I gotta get going.  I gotta get home before my mama worries". BA said.

"Well, we'll see you around sometime" Face waved as BA walked away.

BA walked through the woods alone, towards his mama's house, away from Face and Murdock.

The woods became darker around him, threatening him with their bleak tree limbs, and he heard a voice from across the marsh.

"Daddy?"  BA ran fast until he reached the beginning of the marsh, and looked out, tears streaming down his face.  

There was his father, in the middle of the marsh, waving to him.  He was wearing his military garb.

"Daddy?" BA called again, looking at the figure, the father he had so loved, and then he came to a realisation that something was wrong. The buttons on his 'fathers' military costume were red and yellow, large clown buttons, that proceded down his suit.

BA blinked, and looked again. This time, a clown was staring back at him, a manic and evil gleam in IT's eye.  BA stepped back, and ran into the woods again, losing his way in the dense and unfriendly wood.  After a while, he stopped, and caught his breath.  

He looked around himself and called for help. No-one answered.

"Help!" BA called into the darkness.

"Help .... help .... help ...... Baracus, no-one's gonna help you!"

"Who was that! Where are you???" BA called out in terror.

"You'll die if you try to fight us.  You'll float all the way into the marsh and downstream to me.  You'll fllloooooaaaat"

"Leave me alone" BA ran again, unaware of the direction he was travelling, then saw the welcome lights of his mothers house up ahead. Running like he'd never ran before, BA went inside, and closed the door. Without a word to his mother, he shakily went upstairs to his room.


BA and Hannibal drove all night, taking turns behind the wheel. They arrived at Derry early the next day, and memories flooded back to them regarding the horrors that had happened in the small town.

Hannibal pointed to the corvette. Face and Murdock were already here.  How strange.  Walking into the old shop which used to be the local grocery store, Hannibal almost walked into Face and Murdock.  

"Hey!" Murdock hugged Hannibal, and then molested BA who growled.

Face looked at Hannibal with tears in his eyes.  "Hannibal ..... what the hell happened? I can't remember much except the clown itself".

Hannibal put a reassuring arm on Face's shoulder.  "Whatever happens and whatever happened, we will get through it together, as a team. As we've always done. All seven of us".

"Lucky seven" Murdock said, his eyes misting with tears.

A flood of memories assaulted Hannibal with these two words, and his thoughts drifted back to the day he thought he'd never forget ......


A few boys gathered around the dam they had made, and felt slightly awkward. The trees shifted uneasily around them, the wood as bleak making BA uncomfortable. However he felt more secure with these boys around him.  Face decided to break the silence.

"BA, we'd like you to meet the Laurel and Hardy of our Losers Club - Dean Kline and Calvin Caine. And the guy over there is Mike Hanlon" Face introduced, indicating for the three boys to come forward.

"Calvin is the stand up comedian, Dean is a jew" Murdock said, as BA shook hands with the two boys.

"Nice to meet you" Dean said, cowering a little at BA's angry expression.

"Same here" BA said gruffly.

"Leader dude is late today" Murdock sniffed, looking at his cheap watch, that didn't work.

"Leader?" BA asked, intregued.

"Yeah!" Murdock said excitedly. "We call him Hannibal after the commander dude who climbed those mountains with elephants".

BA sniffed at that "Why the dude so good?".

"You'll see" Face said confidently. "The guy always has a plan!".

Just then, an older boy with light blonde hair whizzed by on his bike.  "Guys, leg it! IT's coming!"

Something in the tone of the older boys voice spurred the other boys into action. Grabbing their bikes they cycled after him, narrowly missing colliding with trees and various foliage.  Finally they came to rest near a tree and caught their breath.

"God damn it" Hannibal swore.  He looked around himself, standing in front of the other boys protectively. Then he noticed BA and held out his hand.  BA shook it shyly, seeing the intelligence gleaming in the boys blue eyes.

"Name is Hannibal Smith" Hannibal introduced himself.

"I guessed so. I'm BA" BA said, looking away.

Hannibal grinned, and turned away again, to scan the wood.  "Face, I want you Murdock and Dean to check out the wood to your left.  I'll take Calvin, Mike and BA to my right, we'll meet back here in ten minutes".

After an extensive search, the boys were satisfied the clown had not followed them, and sat by a tree talking.  Ten minutes turned into three hours as BA found himself settling in with the group, and finally they got to Mike's photo's.

"Mike wanted to be a photographer" Hannibal explained, shoving Mike forward a little.  Mike blushed, but brought out his album cheerfully.

"Well, this album goes back through Derry's history" Mike explained, lightly flicking the pages.

"Wait!" Hannibal said, stopping him for a moment.  "That, that clown there.  That's IT".

The others looked at Hannibal. The shock of recognition painted on all their faces, as they scanned the black and white photo with Pennywise walking down the street. Then the photo began to move, and the boys watched on in fearful fascination as Pennywise jumped, danced and back flipped his way down the street, almost colliding with a carriage heading in the opposite direction.

Pennywise disappeared for a moment, and then his evil face suddenly filled the photo completely.  "You'll DIE if you try to fight me, YOU'LL DIE. DIE. DIE. DIE....

Face leaned forward and closed the book in one fluid motion and left the other boys momentarily to stand a little further away, trying in vain to stop the inevitable tears welling up in his eyes.

Hannibal listened as the boys voices grew more desperate around him. Dean was shaking violently. Mike was staring with speechless horror at the book on the floor, not daring to pick it up.  Calvin was saying 'no' repeatedly. Murdock had his head trapped in his hands. BA just looked on with disbelief.

"Shut up!" Hannibal finally said, bringing the boys to order instantly.  Then he looked up, and turned to Face "Face?".

Face didn't turn around, he was shaking a little, his body convulsing with sobs.  Fearlessly he stepped further into the wood.  "You BASTARD! You killed my little brother you asshole. Lets see you now".

Now, Face turned to the others. His face was ashen and he was trembling.  He looked beseechingly at Hannibal "IT's afraid of us, y'know. I can feel it.  Afraid of us together".

Hannibal forgot his own fear momentarily, and started to walk to the younger boy, his arms outstretched.  Face shrank further into the wood, his eyes bright with tears.

"Help me ...."

The plea tore at all the boys hearts, so heart rending in its plight.  They looked in despair at Face, unable to offer solace in their own fear.  

Hannibal continued to walk to Face until he reached the younger boy, and pulled him into his arms "I'll help you kill IT. I promise Face".

BA felt himself moved by this compassion, and found himself moving towards them. He put his arms around them both, his heart pounding in his chest. He felt the arms of Murdock encircle him and was vaguely aware of the prescence of Mike, Calvin and Dean.  They all wrapped their arms around each other and promised that they would kill IT.  


Mike Hanlon rubbed his weary eyes. He had been phoning all night, and knew that BA, Hannibal, Face and Murdock were on the way. That only left Calvin and Dean.

Thinking ahead, he had arranged a table for seven at the only chines restaurant in Derry, and then had tried to contact Calvin and Dean again. He finally got through to an answering machine at Dean's house and left a brief message.

Begging heaven for help, Mike again tried to ring Calvin.  This time the phone was answered.

"Calvin, its Mike Hanlon" Mike began.

"Mike, you okay mate? Haven't heard from you in years!" Calvin said excitedly.

"Calvin, IT's back. How quickly can you get down here?" Mike asked wearily.

The line was silent for a moment, and then a choked voice responded "I'll be there as soon as I can.  In a few hours".


Dean arrived home late, and didn't check his answer messages.  He had won an award for his business ventures, which had been very successful.  He was becoming the Richard Branson of the building industry, and his achievements had been incredible over the past few years only.

On his own, he slept until late the next day.  Then he saw the message indicator on his answering machine flashing red.  Quickly, he refreshed the answer machine, and listened to the message.

"Dean, its Mike Hanlon from Derry. IT's back.  We need you down here as soon as you can. Remember your promise, Dean.  Remember your promise!".

Dean's face became ashen, and he sat down heavily. He remembered the day he swore silently to himself that if IT ever came back he'd commit suicide.  He couldn't cope with having to deal with IT again ....


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