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Interview with the Vampire 2:

                 Lestat's Response
by Hannurdock

Rating: R/SLASH

Pairing: Lestat / Louis
Disclaimers: All the characters in this story, from the Vampire Chronicles belong to Anne Rice. No infringement is intended.
Notes: Alternate IwtV.
Summary: Lestat's side of the story. A response to Louis' interview with Daniel Malloy.
Warnings: M/M Slash and Romance only


Daniel patted his neck with a napkin, wiping away the last few traces of blood before putting a small cassette into his machine and hitting the record button.

"I would say its nice to meet you, but after our introduction..." Daniel pointed to his neck.

I smiled. Viciously. "What can I say? Its my nature".

Daniel gulped and patted his forehead, now covered with a slight sweat. "Shall we begin, Lestat?"

"First of all" I said kindly "Don't be afraid of me. I understand Louis has not exactly painted a pretty portrait of me. And of course, me drinking from you in that car did not help my cause much at all. I however want the opportunity to put the records straight. Oh, not tell the whole story again. That would be foolish. The story itself, for all its misunderstandings, captures an eerie atmosphere in which we lived very well. I want to recall some of the events that happened that Louis either exaggerated, lied about or just plain left out".

"Why would Louis do that?" Daniel asked weakly.

Smiling, I rose from my seat and crossed the distance between Daniel and myself. He gasped in fear as I ran my fingers down his face. "Don't be afraid".

I brought my thumb to my fangs and tore the skin. Then I forced the bleeding thumb into Daniel's mouth, feeling him suck at the wound with growing passion.

My blood tastes like fire. Fire and ice, extreme pleasure. Daniel gasped and drank deeply, but I moved away from him again. I sat back down and waited.

Daniel composed himself, his cheeks reddened. He was feeling better, that I knew would help immensely as I told my story. I couldn't have a half dead reporter to tell my story to.

He looked better as he lit a cigarette, which made me smile with glee. If a stranger had walked into the room and glanced upon him, they would have been positive he had just orgasmed and was now enjoying the warmth afterwards.

Grinning, I gestured to the tape machine.

"Can I begin?"

Daniel nodded, his eyes half closed.

Damn! Why do they always fall in love with me?

I closed my eyes, my hands shaking a little, and began my side of the story. Oh, not the whole story.

Just the parts that really mattered.

Chapter One... When I let him slip through my fingers

I paused, looking at Daniel. "Louis thinks I made him because I wanted his plantation, doesn't he?"

Daniel nodded "I think so, Lestat".

I grinned. "It is strange that Louis, for such a thoughtful being, can have such limited vision at times"

"Well, why did you make him?" Daniel asked curiously.

"Perhaps its best if I take you back to that time" I said distantly, memories flooding my mind "To the time I first saw him and knew at that moment he would be mine ...."


"Give us your money or you die".

It was almost laughable, the tone in the pimp's voice.  I quickly pulled him away, lest he cut that beautiful throat of Louis', and broke his neck without a second thought. The whore was screaming now, and I had great pleasure in breaking her small neck. Price to pay for all the murders they had committed between them. All the lives they had taken. The audacity that they had tried to conspire to kill my Louis.

Ah, yes Louis. Lying on those sacks of filth. So stunning in the moonlight, mouth slightly ajar. His thoughts were in turmoil. His wishes for death and death alone.

Kneeling beside him, I gazed for a moment at the length of his throat, milky white and vibrating slowly awaiting death. I snarled as I reached down and sunk my fangs into that beautiful, soft human flesh, as I drew powerful draughts of his blood into me.

Louis and I. So perfectly matched, body and soul. He was my complete opposite, a fact which I revelled in. He would be mine for eternity.

For now, I had to make sure he did not truly want death. The best way to test that is to take a human to that point and then demand if they truly want this. Nine times out of ten, they do not.

So, I wound my arms around him and took to the air with him. I rose past the mast of a great ship, high into the air, drinking him into myself. He was in rapture, his eyes half closed, his thoughts confused and amazed. I felt an immediate love from him.

Suddenly, I drew back. "Do you still want this? Or have you suffered this enough?"

Louis could barely form words in his pleasure. "Enough".

Smiling with glee, I let him slip through my fingers and plummet into the waters below me.  I saw him splash into the waters and waited for him to resurface.

It was almost dawn. The light of day was literally only minutes away. He hadn't resurfaced.

Dipping down, soaring through the air, I drew in a deep breath and dove after him. I followed his scent, visible even in the water, and found him caught in the reeds below the surface of the water.

It was a good job I had decided to follow him. Trapped he was, without a way to re-surface on his own. His own weakness from my drinking from him was stopping him from freeing himself. He was flailing underwater, unable to free himself. Struggling as a wild animal might. Unable to breath.

Swimming up to him, I locked my arm around his shoulder and breathed into his mouth for him. He stopped struggling and allowed this, his eyes widening in disbelief as he recognised the blonde haired demon who had given him the choice between life and death. Suddenly his lips brushed mine in a deep kiss, and I felt his tongue in my mouth.

Reaching down, I released his ankles and waist from the reeds that surrounded him, and brought him to the surface with me. The water lapped around us as we continued to kiss, his lips desperately seeking more of me. So passionate. So full of life, even this close to death. I pulled him even closer to me as I observed the sky. Even brighter now, it seemed. I had to go.

Taking him to the shore, I left him on the sands. I fed him a little of my blood before seeking my rest, just in case he would be too weak to travel back to Pointe du Lac without me.

Once I was resting comfortably and the sun had risen outside, I reflected on the beauty of my next fledgling with a passion growling at my heart I had never before felt. Yes, this was love. This was passion. This was pure, erotic sensuality.

I closed his eyes. Tomorrow I would give this one the choice.

I already knew that this decision would benefit me forever. I just had to convince Louis that this was the case for him as well.

Whatever the outcome, I knew with certainty I had fallen in love with him.

Chapter Two... The Night Before

"Interesting" Daniel said, enthralled. The truth was, he found my lips succulent. The way I talked, the way they moved with speech. He was becoming lost in my dialogue.

"Yes, it was" I sighed. "If I had known then what I know now, I would probably have had second thoughts about my Louis"

"You wouldn't have brought him across?" Daniel asked wide-eyed.

I shook my head "Oh no, that was always my intention. I could have never decided against making Louis a vampire. That was always my intention".

"Then what do you mean?" Daniel asked, confused.

"What I meant was that Louis was always destined to come across. Maybe I would have done things differently, that's all. If only we had the luxury of hindsight in our lives" I laughed "I doubt that God or the Devil will allow that for a Devil like me!"

Daniel laughed. "I don't think any of us will be given the opportunity to correct our mistakes. I'll ask God that myself when I die and stand before him in judgement".

I gave him a sharp look. He was bizarre, this Daniel. He, like Louis, misunderstood my intentions toward him.

I smiled affectionately at him, but he shrank away from my gaze fearfully.

"Please continue" Daniel asked softly, his voice edged with fear and desire.

Sighing, I continued my tale.


The next evening I returned for him, the soft succulent scent of Louis' flesh drawing me toward Pointe du Lac. Indeed, I could have easily found the plantation blindfolded.

I slipped into Louis' bedroom, noting the sickness on the young man's face. He had paled considerably since my feeding yesterday, he seemed on the verge of life and death.

"Life has no real meaning any more does it?" I asked softly, my hand brushing the curtain which prevented knats and bugs from intruding Louis' rest, adding to his vulnerability.

"The food has no taste, the wine sickens you ... there seems so reason for any of it, does there?" I said gently, my hand gently drawing back the mosquito netting and kneeling beside Louis with a soft smile on my face.

Louis had put his hands to his face. The truth, so blatantly told, ate at his soul. His very existence seemed so trivial. He just wanted to die.

"But what if I could give it back to you" My heart was racing as Louis looked at me with interest, as if wondering what I meant.

I suddenly realised I was going to do it. Going to bring him to me. Even if he said no to my Gift, I would still make him mine.

"Pluck out the pain, and give you another life. One you could never imagine. And it would be for all time .... and sickness and death would never touch you again" Louis looked terrified for a moment, fear clouding his expression, adding to the soft vulnerability that emanated from his fragile form. Death was so close. So little time.

"Don't be afraid" I said as lovingly as I could "I am going to give you the choice I never had".

I reached for him and softly drew him out of bed. Protectively covering his shoulders with my arm, I led him from the plantation and into the woods.

He allowed me to lead him, although I could feel him tiring. I could feel his breath become ragged. Death was so close. But, not close enough.

I led him to his wife's grave and sat him gently on the steps in front of the tomb, the marble angel on the foot of the grave jutting out behind Louis like the Grim Reaper. He sat wearily, his legs trembling with weakness and despair.

"Why have you brought me here?" Louis asked hoarsely. He looked at the grave behind him with a fearful expression on his face.

"I need to show you what I can prevent" I said softly. "Your mind is still full of morbid thoughts of the woman and child you were powerless to save. Let me show you what awaits you if you decide you do not want my Gift".

Lifting him into my arms, I walked up to the marble angel, the gravestone and lifted the lid of the coffin easily. I watched Louis' shocked reaction as he registered the lifeless expression of his dead wife in the coffin. I noted his sudden and fleeting despair as he reached to touch her features and maggots crawled from her lips. He drew back in disgust, almost falling down the steps in his hasty retreat.

"Is this what you really want?" I asked him kindly. "To be rotten and dead and decaying? I think not, my friend. For all our differences, we are much alike".

"What are you, that you can promise me forever?" Louis asked in a weak voice.

"Will you come with me?" I asked a little louder, determined to gain an answer from him. Patience was not my main asset. "Will you depart this grim world you inhabit for the sensual and seductive world only I can offer you?"

Louis gasped. "Sensual world? What is so sensual about this? You are evil, I know this. You are like Satan, tempting me with something you cannot deliver".

"You think not?" I asked, smiling. Louis saw my fangs glint in the moonlight for a moment, before drawing back in fear. "Don't be afraid. Let me prove myself to you now".

Louis looked at me with a heartbreaking expression on his face. "You don't love me, although you play with me as if I were a stupid lover".

"Never" I said, brushing his face with my hand.  "Let me love you now. After I have made love to you, made you see exactly what I can offer you in eternity, then you can make a choice with better judgement and perspective".

"By my wife's grave ...?" Louis gasped in shock.

"No" I said "Away from here in the woods, where we can be alone without the spirit of a dead woman coming between us".

I took him in my arms and sped away from him, taking him deep into the woods with me. I felt him gasp at the speed we were travelling, felt him tense in my arms. Finally I stopped, far away from any human, and I lay him on the ground.

He was staring at me with such an open expression on his face, as if he expected he would die now. He seemed to sense I were a killer, but he did not truly understand my intentions. That I wanted him with me for eternity.

"Let me show you now what is meant by sensual" I said softly, unbuttoning his shirt. He tensed, his eyes looking worriedly from my face to my hands. Then, unable to restrain myself any longer, I removed his shirt and ran my fingers along his taut belly, his fine and manly chest.  He shivered, my hands were very cold, and lifted his hand adventurously to my face. He looked amazed as he touched my flesh, the soft fingers making slight impressions in my skin.

He looked stunning in the moonlight, his upper body only clothed by the light of the moon. His eyes had taken on a husky lustre to them, as he panted with arousal at my touch. I leant over him and nipped the skin of his neck, not completely breaking the skin, but hovering above his soft and fragrant neck.

He arched up to me, wanting more. However, I contented myself by moving my lips to his, in a soul searing kiss. Time stood still between us. It seemed eternity was no longer real, as if this moment were determined to stay with us forever, as if it would not allow another moment to pass where our lips were not joined.

I pulled back, finally. Louis gasped for breath, his heart racing with tender, swift beats. He was strong, so strong. Pulling him up beside me, so we were sitting close together, I kissed his sensual lips once again. His legs wound around me and we touched and felt each other for a long moment, admiring the suppleness of each other's bodies, admiring each other's soft and perfumed skin.

Finally, I tilted my head back and Louis looked bemused at me.  "Bite me Louis. Take my blood the way I took yours the previous evening".

Louis leaned over me, and I felt his breath against my neck. He was unsure, and so insecure at this moment. I brought my hand to my throat, and deliberately tore the vein with my sharpest nail, hearing Louis gasp in astonishment and horror.

"Drink from me, Louis. Let me show you the world in which I live" I said.

Louis took the wound into his mouth, sucking at the tear I had made with soft and succulent sucking noises. I sighed with pleasure. Little did Louis know how much he stirred the passion within me. How much I loved his soft and innocent views and perspectives. He was little more than a child. A man-child of twenty-five years old.

He had never truly lived. Never seen the world with clarity.

Well, I would change that. Forever.

Finally, I drew him away from me, feeling him gasp in disappointment. He wanted more, but not quite yet. In hushed and sensual tone, I explained to him why he could not drink his fill from me. "Do you want this now Louis?"

Louis nodded, his indecision finally cast aside. He wanted this more than he wanted death. He wanted me, and he wanted the sensual world I could offer him.

"Firstly my love, you need to see your last sunrise. It is perhaps the most important last thing you will ever do. This is nature's gift you will never see again after tomorrow night. I have given you enough of my blood to ensure your survival for one more night. Tomorrow. I shall come to you and make you mine forever".  

Louis nodded, carefully storing every word I uttered in his intelligent brain, and watched fascinated as I carried him to the edge of the forest.

There I left him, with a brief kiss on his cheek, before disappearing to feed heavily for the upcoming event the next evening. I could hardly wait I was so excited.

I wasn't just in love. I was intoxicated with pleasure.

Only one word on my lips as I drank from victim after victim after victim, and plunged their dead bodies into the lake outside Pointe du Lac.


My Louis.

For eternity.

Chapter Three... The Night After

"How sensual" Daniel murmured. It didn't take much to realise he was drunk on my words, drunk with desire. His erection straining at the fabric of his trousers.

I smiled softly. "It was erotic, and sensual. The story he told you of my creation of him was correct. He described in detail the succulent and sensual events of my visit to him, how I brought him across. All that was correct and beautiful, but he failed to really mention his events of the following evening".

"The following evening?" Daniel asked, fascinated.

"Oh yes" I grinned. "Which was perhaps more sensual than the making of Louis. Seeing him reborn into darkness was quite a sight. He was startlingly beautiful, his pale alabaster skin reflecting the eerie moonlight. His emerald eyes glowing at me from under his long, dark hair. Perfect".

Daniel blushed. I eagerly went into his mind and read his thoughts. He had glanced at my own mane of blonde hair, thinking how perfect it looked in this artificial light.

I smiled.

He backed away.

I rose and walked towards him.

He broke into a sweat.

I knelt before him. "Do you find me beautiful, Daniel?"

Daniel was swooning. He glanced into my eyes. "Yes. But then you are a creature of darkness, and you are a predator. Yes, you are beautiful".

I ran a hand along his cheek, felt him shudder a little, and then relax under my touch. "I know what it feels like to believe you are in love with someone who is beyond your reach. Louis was beyond mine....." I glanced at Daniel, a slight mischievous smile creeping into my expression ".... and you believe I am beyond yours. Maybe I am not that far from your reach, Daniel".

Daniel gulped, and almost fainted. His eyes clouded over with fear and his bottom lip trembled. "I think you are beautiful and fascinating, Lestat".

I smiled, flattered "Here, have a cigarette". I gave him the pack and watched with interest as he lit one of the foul sticks and began to suck the smoke with pleasure. It calmed him instantly.

"Please continue ..." Daniel begged, waiting for me eagerly to continue my tale.


"I am a newborn vampire weeping at the beauty of the night" Louis said softly. He looked at his hands, the eerie way they shone with preternatural beauty in the moonlight. A bird of prey perched between us both suddenly flew away, as if aware of the sudden supernatural presence of we preternatural beings.

"You are a beauty" I said with feeling, fascinated by the way he was judging himself. He moved over to the lake and watched his reflection with seeming amazement.

"Am I really?" Louis asked dubiously.

"You are stunning" I confirmed, "A masterpiece, a thing of beauty I could gaze upon forever"

Louis blushed, and smiled. His teeth caught the light of the moonlight. Walking towards him I gently touched his mouth, parting his lips with my fingers. I checked the length of his teeth. Just pointed enough to make the feeding easy. Not long enough to draw suspicion. Perfect fangs. I grinned as Louis watched me in fascination.

Then Louis convulsed. I caught him as he fell forward and wrapped him in my arms. "Easy, Louis. Your body is rejecting all the human food you have eaten, all the toxins and poisons. You will find your body release those poisons soon".

Louis gasped and sought to free himself. "I am afraid I will soil myself in front of you".

I laughed tenderly. So beautiful, and he was afraid that would repulse me! I loved him! Didn't he realise he could throw up on me night after night for eternity and I would still be in perfect bliss with his mere company?

Slowly, I stripped him of his garments. The flow of waste had not begun to leave his body, but the convulsions were worsening. He was gasping for breath.

Naked in the moonlight, I dipped his body in the lake, leaving him to drift easily whilst I quickly undressed and joined him in the cold water of night. I wrapped my arms around his shaking form and drew him close to me.

"I can ... feel it ... leaving my body" Louis gasped, his grip tightening around me.

"Shhhh, Louis" I sighed against his earlobe. "It is almost gone, and when it has finished, it will be gone forever".

Louis sighed and allowed his wastes to leave him. I could feel his humiliation, the human side of him repulsed by the simple action of his mortal wastes leaving his body. He grimaced and I could hear soft sighs coming from him as the convulsions lessoned and he relaxed more fully into my arms.

Dawn was coming. A soft reddish light filled the sky. His limbs were loosening, and when I turned his head to face me he looked ready to fall asleep in my arms. I kissed his forehead, relieved this part of the process was over and done with. Then I leapt from the icy water, and carried Louis back to his clothes. I dressed us both fully, and quickly led him to the house where we sneaked into the cellar.

Previously, I had made arrangements with the servants for an empty coffin to be left in this cold and dank place alongside my own which was now by his. I grasped the candle, giving out a soft and glowing light, and led him to his own resting place.

Removing the lid, I gestured to the coffin and Louis looked at it hesitantly.

"Don't be afraid" I said gently "Soon you will be sleeping as soundly as you've ever slept"  Louis clambered into the coffin and watched fearfully as I pushed the lid into place above him, his hand stopping the lid before it covered his face.

"And when you wake" I continued, smiling lovingly at him "I'll be waiting for you, and so will all the world".

Louis nodded, although fear was still making his heart beat wildly. Finally, he let go of the coffin lid and I shut it quickly, retiring to my own larger coffin quickly and laying down.

"Lestat ...." A muffled voice from the other coffin.

"Yes, Louis?" I asked him softly.

"I have claustrophobia"

I opened the lid of the coffin and walked over to his, gently removing the lid. "You have what?"

"A fear of enclosed spaces" Louis explained.

"Ah" I looked at my larger coffin. "Would you like to swap places with me for tonight? Until I can arrange something less constricting?"

Louis nodded. Green eyes blazing at me with fear.

Picking him up, I returned to my own coffin, and placed him into the extravagant and spacious coffin. He was already dreaming by this point, the death sleep taking him into its firm embrace. Closing the lid, I returned to the smaller coffin and shut myself in securely.

I could smell Louis' faint, husky scent in this coffin. I could almost taste his essence.

Louis .... one night in eternity and I feel as if I have known him forever.

Louis .... how I adore him more than anything I have ever cherished before.

Louis .... how I fear for his vulnerability, and his misunderstandings.

I vowed to research 'claustrophobia' the next evening, so I could understand his limitations fully. I realised how much I truly loved him that night, lying alone in the coffin, waiting for the death sleep to wash over me like a dark shroud.

Louis .... how I love him.

Chapter Four... Searching For A Soul

"Louis has claustrophobia?" Daniel asked quietly.

"Yes" I said. "Which is why I hope to high heaven he's worked out he need not sleep in a coffin any longer"

"You don't need to sleep in coffins?" Daniel asked, his jaw dropping open in surprise "But Louis said you did!"

"Louis doesn't understand much when it comes to his nature" I explained.

"If not in a coffin, where do you sleep?" Daniel asked naively.

"In a bed, Daniel" I laughed. "Luxurious, soft. Silken sheets. Four Poster. King sized. Alone" I looked sharply at Daniel "Although there is room for someone by my side".

Daniel blushed and turned away. For some reason I found this engaging.  

Unable to restrain myself, I found myself asking "Daniel, what if I asked you if you wanted to sleep by my side? Would you accept?"

Daniel looked at me strangely, eyes half closed, in love. "Yes".

I nodded "I think we should continue my tale, Daniel. For we have much to do before dawn".

Daniel gulped and nodded, finally the understanding dawning on his handsome features.

He knew I wanted him. Not as much as Louis, but almost.

Best of all, when I love someone, the love is eternal.


The next evening I awoke and felt a sudden stab of fear. What if Louis were just a dream? Something I had imagined while I slept?
Leaving the small coffin, I ventured over to my own larger one, and pulled off the lid. A statue beneath me.  Alabaster skin. Soft curl to his lips, a half smile. Dreaming. Hair all around his head like a dark halo.  Arms folded neatly, one leg tucked under the other.
I kissed his forehead and waited for him to awaken.  Ten minutes passed. Restless and impatient, I lifted his seemingly lifeless form from the coffin, his tucked leg falling limply as I gathered him to me.  I sat down with him on a dusty chair, rocking him in my arms.
Eyes flickered a little. Flash of emeralds in the darkness.  He was struggling to awaken, so deeply lost in sleep was he. I kissed his forehead again, lost in the sensation of being close to him, feeling his bodily warmth. Finally, his eyes snapped open and he seemed rather embarrassed at my complete devotion, moving away from me and almost falling to the floor in his haste.
Disappointed, I allowed him to leave my side and brush himself down. He was looking at me with an innocent and lost expression. So soft and beautiful. I gestured for him to approach me with the intention of holding him in my arms for a while but he declined. He seemed humiliated at the mere thought of being close to me.
Angered, I turned away from him and let a gasp of disappointment escape my lips. "We have to feed" I said softly, saddened by his rejection.
Louis nodded, although he was still unsure of what feeding really meant. I gestured for him to leave the cellar with me, and we walked into the main room. Louis sat on the chair, one leg curled beneath him in the same manner as his sleeping posture. I sat alone on the couch.
"Is everything okay?" I asked gently, determined not to let Louis' reluctance to be close to me ruin his first evening of being a vampire.
"I'm not sure yet" Louis said distantly "I feel strange"
"Your body and mind will adjust to the differences you are feeling" I answered, feeling every bit the protective master vampire, looking at my dazed and weaker fledgling.
Louis merely nodded, lost in all the new sensations. His mind was unreadable to me because I had given him my Gift, his expression blank and fearless. Such a monster he would make in the night time streets.
"We have to go and feed now" I said firmly, noting the look of hunger on Louis' expression, the rapt expression as he watched the vein on my neck pulsate. No humiliation could prevent the desire for my blood from cresting in him.
Louis nodded and rose to his feet. Quickly, before he turned away from me, I grabbed his hand and we left the house in a horse drawn carriage. I took him to a tavern, full of evil wretches that murdered and plundered on a regular basis. He merely gazed at me the whole time, uncomprehending.
We sat in the far corner of the busy bar. I watched Louis' expression turn from rapture into hunger.  Then the tavern girl came to take our orders. She had with her a small pitcher of wine, the finest in the tavern. However, I could smell the faint horrific scent of poison in the wine she was to offer us. Angered, I brought her onto my lap and kissed her firmly on her delicate rosy red lips.
"Once you taste this, you'll never go to another tavern again" She insisted, trying to feed me some of her polluted wine.

I brushed the pitcher to one side and took her hand. Her murderous hand. "But what if I'd rather taste your lips ...."
"My lips are even sweeter still ...." She said dazed, her expression clouding as I mesmerised her completely.
Instead of kissing her lips, I dived to her throat. I made the gash big enough for Louis to see and smell, the preternatural hunger evident as he tried to restrain himself from taking her.
"My friend, you should taste those lips" I said hungrily, looking at Louis' lips all the while.
"Is his kiss as deep as yours?" The tavern girl asked eagerly.

"Deeper, ma Cherie" I said softly, giving her over to Louis who cut her bottom lip with his fangs and started to drain her. Softly, quietly I cut her wrist and proceeded to drain her also.
Suddenly, Louis drew back. His fangs bared for the whole tavern to see. "I will not take her life!"
Annoyed, I pushed his head down.

"I've done it for you. She's as dead as a doornail, my friend".
Louis licked his lips in disgust. Finally, I lost my rag. I had given him eternity, the most precious Gift of all Gifts. I had offered him love and support.
"What's wrong! Can you please act the part of a disguised immortal rather than one who wants to be staked by morning?"
Louis looked at me in shock. He had not expected such an outburst "I'm sorry, Lestat".
"Let's go now" I said angrily, dropping some coins by the tavern girl's lifeless body. Louis rose and followed me back to the carriage, a look of horror and astonishment on his face.
Alone in the carriage, I bared my fangs at him and laughed heartily "Its so easy you almost feel sorry for them!". My anger had quickly subsided, but Louis was bearing a grudge against me for having lost my temper.

"Oh, come on Louis" I said, sighing deeply. "I didn't mean to shout at you. I always lose my temper. It doesn't mean I believe in the things I say when I am angry".

Louis sniffed and turned away. That was the last noise I got from the man until we reached Louis' plantation. In the luxury of the dining area, I sat nervously. Louis was looking very withdrawn and kept moving his hand in and out of the heat of the flame on a candle. I was edgy about this, because I knew that fire was on of the sure-fire ways of destroying vampires successfully. I hated any flame or fire near Louis. I am sure he knew this, and kept his hand close to the flame deliberately.

Slowly, getting bored, I started to fling grapes at him from one of the oversized dinner plates. Very light hearted. I would have loved to have relieved the tension hanging in the air with a good food fight, but Louis wasn't game. The grapes hit his arm and he ignored them, preferring to concentrate on burning his hand with the candle.

I sighed. "Think yourself lucky. In Paris, a vampire must be clever for many reasons. Here, all one need's is a pair of fangs!"

Louis perked up. His eyes shone. I almost shouted in delight "Paris, you came from Paris?"

I suddenly had an idea where Louis was taking this. His natural curiosity about my humble beginnings began to appear in his face. His eyes shone with excitement. I shrank back, not wanting him to know how I was raped by a male vampire one dark evening on a rooftop in Paris. Forced across I was. None of this gentle loving I was giving Louis. And what thanks did I get for my trouble?

"As did the one who made me" I mumbled sadly, trying to concentrate on something else. It wasn't hard. Louis' hand was hovering above the flame of the candle, and it took all my reserve not to snatch this hand away from the fire before it could harm him.

"Tell me, you must have learned something from him" Louis pressed, making the anger dance in my eyes. Why did he always try to get me mad?

"I learned absolutely nothing. I wasn't given a choice, remember?" The very words I had spoken to him the night before I brought him across. To give him the choice I never had. But was he grateful? I felt like I was hitting my head against a brick wall.

Then Louis leaned forward and pressed me in the most awful, heartfelt voice "But you must know something about the meaning of it all ....."

That was it, I had had enough. Why was he searching for the answers to my humble beginning? What did it matter anyway? Was he searching for his mortal soul? Tough luck, Louis. Its gone. "Why! Why should I know these things? Do you know them.....?" The beating of the slaves drum's began to wind me up terribly as well "That noise, we've been in the country for weeks with NOTHING but that noise!!!"

Louis, sensing a cut was eager to pour salt into the wound "Yes, they know about us. They watch us eat from empty plates and drink from empty glasses ..."

I appealed to him, trying for his sake to comprise, to make my anger lesson "Then come to New Orleans then. The Paris opera is in town. We can try some French ... cuisine".

Louis shrugged me off with an unfeeling and uninterested gesture "Forgive me if I still have a lingering respect for life".

I smiled at this. Not for long Louis. Not for long. The hunger would soon force you to hunt properly. "You'll soon run out of chickens, Louis".

Terribly disappointed, I left him alone. I went to the stables, saddled my horse, and left the plantation. I interrupted a group voodoo session from the slaves, riding straight through their magical fire. They looked at me terrified before I rode away, into the forest, away from Louis de Pointe du Trouble.

I rode around for half an hour, just enjoying my own company. It had been a while since I had been able to ride alone, without having to worry about someone else.

However, my solitude and peace did not last long. The scent of burning suddenly distracted me from my thoughts and I turned to face Pointe du Lac, a rising fear clawing at my heart. The main building was in flames, and my heart jumped into my mouth. Dear God! Louis was in there.

Leaving the horse tied to a tree, for the simple truth was I could move faster than a galloping horse, I ran back to Pointe du Lac, searching for a way inside the building. My Louis, probably frying alive inside. No way in.

"Louis!" I shouted desperately.

Then I saw him. Through a large window, he was sprawled across a table, hands over his head as the flames licked all around him. Desperately, I smashed into the window and dusted off the little fragments of glass with fast and fierce movements.

"Great, just great!" I yelled, noticing that Louis really did not give a rat's arse about all the trouble he was causing "Burn everything to the ground! Have us living in the field like cattle".

Louis just grinned at me with a dazed expression on his face. He was definitely not thinking clearly. His eyes were clouding over every few minutes. "You thought you could have it all ...."

Fire licking at his leg. "Ahhh, shut up Louis!" I said angrily, grabbing his shirt and pulling him towards me. Chest against chest. I gazed into his eyes.

"What happened Louis? That little flame you were playing with get the better of you?"

"I burned it up with a torch" Louis said, tears staining his face "I accidentally killed Yvette. I killed her. I killed her ...."

"Hush now" I said kindly. "That's in your nature. You have nothing to be sorry about. Its who we are, and now we must leave here. Do not fear anything, Louis. Relax and let yourself dream. I will take you into my arms and I will escape with you".

Louis sighed and closed his eyes. He had a subtle graceful manner, and even in the most heated of moments between us he touched the tenderness in me. He could be cruel and vicious in his own way, but I loved him dearly. I would not see harm come to my Louis.

Taking him into my arms, I fled with him. Away from the burning house. Away from the slaves. To a dirty old cemetery. As I sat beside a corpse, I felt the anger slowly return to me as I gazed at Louis' perfect sleeping form.

Chapter Five... Uncertain Future

Daniel shuddered. Anger had laced the tone in my voice with something vicious, something evil.

I smiled to reassure him, but that only made him more fearful.

The cigarette by now, was stubbed in a small ashtray by his side, and he eagerly lit another cigarette and inhaled deeply.

Inhale as much as you want, for after tonight you will never smoke again, I thought gleefully.

Daniel smiled "Please continue ...."


I waited impatiently for him to rise. He murmured a couple of times, moved around a little. Finally his eyes opened and settled on me. He sighed, and turned away.

"Where are we?"

Again, my anger sought to get the better of me "Where do you think my idiot friend. We're in a nice filthy cemetery! Is this what you wanted? Is this fitting?"

Louis chucked a low humourless chuckle. It pained me to see the hurt flickering in his eyes when I spoke angrily to him.  "We belong in hell ...."

Forcing myself to calm down, I took a few deep breaths and said something which made Louis go quiet and deep in thought "What if there is no hell? That they don't want us there, ever think of that?"

Louis thought for an hour on what I had said, staying very still on the ground. Finally, I walked over to him and picked him up. His head rolled back, helplessly. I felt a surge of protectiveness flood my veins. Gathering him to me, I took us both out of the cemetery and into the night. I carried him deep into the forest, deep into the same place I had once made love to him. When no anger or hurt clouded our love.

I lay him gently on the tender and soft earth, cuddling him to me as I lay beside him. He was still lost in thought, his mind as closed to me as it had ever been.

"What is going wrong?" I asked softly. "Why am I so angry with you?"

Louis sniffed, his beautiful eyes clouding with tears.

"Why don't you communicate with me?" I persisted; dropping kisses on his soft fledgling forehead.

"I am afraid you'll think of me as weak and useless" Louis said softly. "Because I feel as such".

"No, no" I said quickly. "You are not weak. You are not useless. The process of adjustment is always slow and filled with misunderstanding. I just want you to trust in me and confide in me. Will you not do that?"

Louis wept on my shoulder, shamelessly letting the tears stain my shirt. I allowed this, feeling the love for him crest in me as desire swept through my body, causing me to shudder in lust.

Rolling Louis onto his back, I straddled him. I massaged his shoulders, loosening him. I felt him sigh and watched in fascination as he closed his eyes. I unbuttoned his shirt, massaging the supple flesh beneath with both hands. Undoing his trousers, I pulled them down, and continued my ministrations. I massaged Louis' legs, his feet. I felt him gasp and squirm beneath me in pleasure.

Finally, I undressed myself and lay on top of him, rubbing my lower body against him. I liked the feel of our organs, lifeless though they were, rubbing together. Friction. Soft flesh rubbing my hardened flesh. His gasp at my hardness, his soft expression, eyes half closed in lust and pleasure. I took him into my arms and allowed him to wrap his legs around my waist. He gasped and arched away from me. His neck bared.

Snarling, I leant forward and pressed him to the earth, my tongue pressing softly against his vampire skin.

"Please Lestat, please don't tease me" Louis gasped, wrapping a hand around my head and forcing me even harder against his neck.

"Open to me" I asked of him, softly. Opening my mouth, I sank my fangs deeply into the flesh of his neck. I sought the main jugular vein and drank of him deeply. He moaned at my initial penetration, his legs quivering, and then he fell silent. I drank of him as I would a mortal victim. I went deeply into his thoughts and drank in his memories. Then I saw myself. Through his eyes and I immediately withdrew. Shivering with repulsion I backed away from him, wiping at my mouth.

He was still swooning. His eyes half closed, wound healing slowly on his throat. Finally, he awakened from this dream state and stared at me with dread in his eyes.

I was sitting away from him, my hand still at my mouth in horror.

Tears ran down his face.

"Now I know what you think of me" I said nastily, determined to obtain a little dignity "Maybe we can retain a certain amount of respect in our coven since love is definitely out of the equation".

"Lestat ...." Louis began desperately, but I cut him off with a haughty gesture.

"I will help you to accept the nature I have given to you, and then we shall depart each others' company. I have made a mistake in creating you, Louis".

Louis gasped. His mouth fell open in horror. "Louis, you will rent rooms for us by the waterfront. I will not have you leaving my side whilst you are vulnerable. However, once you have adjusted, I will leave. Find myself a fledgling who will love me in return".

"Lestat ...." Louis gasped, but I cut him off once again.

"When I leave you, you will never see me again. I will stay out of your existence since you think I am such a monster. I will stay completely away!".

"Lestat!" Louis cried out in horror, hunger cramps clawing at him. He buckled over in sickness as I watched on with cold eyes. Think I would help him after what I had seen in his mind? Not a chance.

Do it yourself, Louis. Because I shall never help you again.

I meant it too.

No more guidance. No more love. No more affection. No more intimacy.

I would become the very monster he thought me to be.

Louis would never realise how much his simple and unrestrained thoughts would affect me.

But I never forgot them. The horror of what he thought I was, how he thought terrible things about me.

It hardened me to his plight, however.

Indeed I became cold and passionless.

The rest of "Interview with the Vampire" is the same as Louis wrote (or what you saw in that movie). Nothing changed until the night he came back to me. Nothing changed until I saw him after I had been sickened and weak for years, hiding in the old ruins by the Lafayette Cemetery.

But that night was not as it was written, or seen.

Something else changed within me that night.

Chapter Six... Cold Reunions

"What changed within you?" Daniel asked innocently.

"The love I had felt for Louis changed" I said simply "I began to understand exactly what motivates him. Louis thrives on pain and regret. In a strange way, its what keeps him going".

"How did the love change?"

"It became more paternal. More fatherly. Oh, don't get me wrong. Louis is the very meaning of the word 'Love' in every meaning. I could lose myself in his eyes for hours, days even. But something more crucial happened. I suddenly understood him, and I couldn't claim to do that all those years we were together. It brought a new emotion to me, something I had never felt before".

Daniel waited patiently as I tried to explain more.

"Quite simply, if I were in a situation where either Louis' life or mine hung in the balance, and one life could be saved only, I would choose Louis. I would die for him in a heartbeat, give my life essence so he would survive and live on. Morbid as he is, I love him truly".

"That sounds fantastic" Daniel said dreamily, and then realised the underlining desire in his words fell silent.

"Its alright to feel this way" I said kindly "Love is something we all strive for. However, eternal love is something only the few privileged will ever possess. Daniel, why do you think we are sitting here talking to each other?"

Daniel looked uncomfortable as he searched for the right words "You want to tell your side of the story, Lestat".

"That's not all of it"

Daniel blushed.

"You know it too"

Daniel reddened even more.

Kindly, I continued the tale to relieve Daniel of his embarrassment.


I had been badly scarred for many years. The physical scars were just as many as the psychological ones. I had suffered so much pain, I feared I would never be able to recover. Yet, I dreamed Louis and Claudia lived on somewhere.

I knew this was not the case.

Fledglings and Vampire masters do have a certain bond, even though we can not read each others' minds. I felt Claudia's demise that dreadful and fateful morning.

I heard Louis call to me for the first time since he had left me. All anger cast aside. All hate burned away. Please help. Help Claudia and myself from these vampires. Help, Lestat. I heard those very words because a more powerful vampire than I relayed the message to me. This powerful vampire helped me during the early stages of my physical disability. He helped guide me when the disasters of my existence threatened to consume me.

However, I digress. The evening Louis returned to me was soon after he had left the company of Armand. My powerful mentor and vampire guardian had left early and I was alone. The physical scars were not so many, and when I looked into the mirror I saw Lestat staring back at me, not some skinny reddened creature that had been burned twice by those he had called his own.

He found me, not by the trail of rodents he described, but by the scent of me. He followed my own musky scent and waited patiently at the door.

At first, I did not recognise his presence. Or more accurately, I didn't realise he was there at all. When it dawned on me that he was waiting outside for me to let him in, I darted down the stairs and immediately flung open the door.

"Louis" I clasped him into my arms and felt him sob on my shoulder.

Drawing him into the house, I lit a fire in the hearth and sat with him in front of the fire, rubbing his cold hands. He seemed so lost, so cold, so abandoned. Grabbing a comb by the fireplace I brushed his long dark hair until it was a shimmering shroud around his shoulders. Grabbing a wet rag, I washed his face until all the dirt was removed.

"Louis" I said softly, feeling him flinch beside me. "What's happened?"

In a flurry of words he told me what happened to Claudia, his brief affair with Armand and his travels around Europe. I listened tenderly, holding him firmly in my arms. It was clear he was blaming himself for Claudia's death.

Then quite suddenly, I realised why Louis had always remained so distant from me, like a star I could reach for but never grasp. He was a sufferer; he took the blame of the world on his shoulders. When he didn't embrace me before, it wasn't because he didn't love me; it was just that he did not know how he should act or what he should do. So lost.

I suddenly realised how much I loved him and how much I had feared Louis had been murdered like my beloved Claudia. A sudden rush of warmth and love flooded me and I glanced at him dazed, wondering how I had survived loving him. This dangerous and beautiful being that had captured my heart.

"Have you come home to me?" I asked, rather desperately.

Louis merely shook his head. Then he rose and looked at me with a terribly final expression on his face. I merely watched him, fixing every detail about him firmly in my mind.  "I will leave now".

I gasped in horror. "Why? Surely you don't mean this? Why come at all if only after a few minutes you decide to leave me once again?"

"I love you Lestat, and I am sorry for everything. So sorry. But I have to go before I can't leave at all. I will become too dependent on you".

"Don't you want me to love you and look after you?" I asked, tears in my eyes.

Louis shook his head "I am a broken thing. I have lost all the love I once felt for everything. All I am now is a predator. Detached. Changeless. Eternal.  I will leave now".

"Louis!" I cried, watching him as he sped away from me, away from my house and out of my line of sight.

What Louis did not see was the years I have spent watching over him from a distance, keeping a watchful eye on him. He seemed so final in those last moments together, that I feared he would throw himself in the sun.

So I watched over him.

And I have done so until this very day.

When I met you. The boy Louis told his story to.

I had to tell you the events from my own perspective. I just had to.

You captured Louis' imagination. You. A young man of twenty-five years old. No more than a boy in modern times. He loved you. I saw it in his eyes.

Yet he was afraid for you. Afraid of what would happen if he continued to see you, continued to develop a relationship with you. To cultivate the seeds of eternity.

Louis needs someone by his side, but he won't return to me. Unless .....

Unless, I choose the right fledgling that will help Louis to see differently.

Epilogue... Actions Speak Louder
"The right fledgling?" Daniel murmured. "Who did you have in mind".

I grinned, allowing Daniel a brief flash of my fangs.

"Me?" Daniel asked nervously.

"Yes, you".


I sighed "I made Claudia to keep Louis and myself together, but there was a problem with that. Claudia was far too young. However, you are perfect. Old enough to have lived a little, young enough to retain physical perfection".

"But Lestat ...." Daniel gasped, rising from his chair.

"But what? Do you want this Gift, Daniel? Do you want what I have the power to give" I rose myself and walked towards him briskly.

"I don't know, Lestat" Daniel gasped.

"Its your choice, Daniel" I said lovingly. My fangs brushed his throat "Tell me what you want. I will allow you the choice I never had".

Daniel swooned, his legs giving way. I held him upright and steady. "Yes ...."

Smiling, I sank my teeth deep into his vein and began to drink steadily from him.

I felt his memories, his entire life flooding before me like a tidal wave.

Ah, Daniel.

Then suddenly ....

A strong arm pushed me away from Daniel with such force I hit the wall with a nasty thud. I slid to the ground, my eyes watering in outrage.

Louis stood glaring at me, his eyes locked to mine. His arms holding up Daniel.

"Lestat! What the hell do you think you are doing??!!" Louis screamed. He healed the bite marks on Daniel's neck with his own blood and then lay Daniel down gently.

"How did you find me?" I asked bitterly.

"I followed you" Louis said distantly. "Do you think you are the only one who follows vampires around?"

"You know" I groaned, slapping my head in disbelief.

"I've known for years" Louis snapped "I can't believe you feel the need to check up on me like I were a rampant teenager".

"You act like it at times" I murmured, rising to my feet shakily. My eyes were on Daniel. I made my way over to him and rolled him over. I checked his pulse and his heartbeat. Both were faint.

"Well, Louis ...." I said coldly "Do you want me to let him die?"

"You complete fiend!" Louis seethed in rage "I am not going to let you bind him to me, to ensure I don't leave you! Look what happened last time, do you never learn?"

"Hush now Louis. The time has come" I looked up at him sincerely. "Live or die, your choice".

Louis gasped and turned away.

I slashed my wrist.

Daniel latched onto the wound and began to feed from me.

Louis turned around, tears in his beautiful eyes. "Why, Lestat?"

"Because he is beautiful. Because he is dying. Because I want him to be mine" I lay on the floor with Daniel in my arms. He was still feeding from me. "Because I love and miss you Louis. I thought this would help us come together".

Louis sighed.

Then he lay down beside me and wrapped his arms around me. I sighed, the pressure of Louis' body against me was almost unbearable in its soft strength and beauty.

"The twentieth century Louis" I moaned softly. "We will see the new millennium together, the three of us. Not just this millennium, but the next one, and the next after that".

Louis tightened his grip as if in answer, but not a word left his lips. I felt his lips touch my forehead and opened my eyes to see him smiling down upon me. All mistakes forgiven. I used my free hand to touch his stunning face.

"Nothing can separate us" I murmured "We are together .... forever"

"We always have been" Louis said softly. "Even when we've been apart, we've been following each other"

"I can't believe you were following me too and I didn't know about it" I groaned.

Louis smiled.

"It was so true" I murmured, feeling the blood loss weaken me beyond my being able to move.

"What Lestat? What's so true?" Louis pressed.

"You always were the stronger one ...."

Louis leant forward and pushed Daniel away from me before he drank too much, and lay with me in his arms, his lips whispering sweet words of nothingness against my forehead. I was barely aware of Daniel joining us, linking himself to us. His body pressed against my own from behind me, as Louis was pressed against me.

"I could get used to this ...." I mumbled, feeling the heavy weight of them both pressed against me in both directions. I was happy. I was content.

"Well, we'll see how long we can stay together" Louis said.

A promise. A new beginning. I could hardly contain my excitement.

"I'm sorry Louis" I mumbled "It took me a century to understand exactly how much I love about you and then I lost the courage to tell you".

Louis smiled "I've always known".

With each passing second, my strength was returning to me. Finally I sat up and glanced at them both. They were staring at me, their expressions full of worry.

I rubbed my wrist "I'm fine" I turned to Daniel "How are you feeling, Daniel?"

Daniel looked around himself, his eyes burning with preternatural fury "I feel strange, Lestat. I feel stronger, and my whole body is humming".

I nodded. "The strange sensations you describe will end soon"

Daniel nodded and then doubled over in pain. I glanced at Louis who nodded and smiled towards me. Daniel was trying to hide the pain he felt, his humiliation evident as he wrapped his arms around his own waist.

"Daniel" I said softly. I moved over to him and held him close. I signalled for Louis to come close. "Its alright. Its merely your human wastes leaving your body. It will be gone soon, I promise".

"I'm afraid" Daniel sobbed against my shoulder, the pain drawing tears from his eyes.

"Of what, my love" I asked softly.

"That I will embarrass myself before you both".

Not this time.

I hugged him ever more tightly to me, and drew Louis against him also. "No need to fear on that account. We've both been in the same position many years ago".

Louis nodded.

"Just let the process finish" I said against Daniel's ear. "Then we will both bathe and redress you"

Louis nodded and turned away, a dark look in his eyes "Then we will show you how to feed".

I smiled "Yes, to feed".

I rose to my feet and danced around the room with Daniel in my arms as Louis looked at us, a slight smile lighting up his countenance.

"Its time to go home, Lestat" Louis said simply.

Understanding his words for once in my existence, I took his hand with my left one, still carrying Daniel in my right arm and we left together.

The three of us.

Louis and Lestat, and now Daniel.

Would our coven last for long?

Unfortunately, we do not possess hindsight. However, all we can do is make the best of what we have at any given moment in time.

I was completely content with both Louis and Daniel by my side.

The prospect of eternity had never seemed so grand.

Lestat de Lioncourt, 1995


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