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In Bed
by Hannurdock

Rating: R/SLASH

Pairing: Lestat / Louis
Disclaimers: The characters from the Chronicles belong to Anne Rice. These stories are purely for pleasure and 'What if's'.  Nothing is meant to infringe upon the author's rights. I am doing this for fun and I love sharing my stories with others.
Summary: Lestat and Louis spend eternity in bed with each other
Warnings: M/M Slash ... Violence

Prologue... Eternity

"I wish ...." Louis murmured sleepily.

"Wish what, mon amour?" Lestat queried. His arms tightened around the naked body of his fledgling, drawing him closer. They could feel each other's heartbeats, feel each others soothing cool flesh.

"I wish we didn't ever have to get up" Louis finished, opening his eyes slightly and gazing into the icy eyes of his maker.

"Well, beloved. We have been here in bed for a few years now. How much longer should be stay wrapped in each other's arms" Lestat laughed gently, and fondled Louis' hair fondly.

"Its a good job you don't need to feed anymore. What would we do for sustenance?" Louis moved slightly, pressing himself harder against the body of his lover.

"Is that a request?" Lestat smirked. "Hungry already?"

"Lestat! You promised" Louis sulked and turned away. Guilt shone in his emerald eyes and Lestat felt guilty at once. Two years of being together naked in bed makes you familiar with someone's habits and pains.

"I'm sorry Louis. I know you still find it difficult to feed from me. But it is so perfect. Your conscience is clear when you feed on me knowing I don't feed anymore" Lestat shifted against Louis, moving atop the younger vampire and looking directly into the glowing embers of Louis eyes.

"You are so beautiful ..." Louis murmured, lifting a shaking hand to push a couple of loose blonde strands of hair from Lestat's face.

"You are hungry" Lestat observed "Hungry and shaking. It's not good. Drink from me now" Lestat bared his throat and Louis instantly lunged forward, sinking his fangs into the unyielding flesh with animal abandon.

Growling with the sudden pain, Lestat sank his teeth into Louis neck, completing the circle which had happened night after night for the last two years. Louis sucked Lestat softly now, self control returning as his strength increased and he began to move his lips erotically, stirring a deep moan of appreciation from Lestat.

Lestat returned the favour, moving his lips lightly on the treasured neck, withdrawing his fangs briefly before expertly sinking them in, feeling his fledgling start with both pleasure and pain beneath him.

Finally, Lestat drew back and gazed at the tender flesh of Louis neck. He moved his fingers to the now healing flesh and sealed the fang marks with a splash of his own blood, drawn by a fingernail on his thumb.

"I love you" Louis whispered, tenderly. His eyes half closed, his face flushed with pleasure.

"I love you too" Lestat whispered, moving his lips seductively around Louis' ear, and sucking the tender flesh.

"Will we ever get up again ...?" Louis wondered.

Lestat shook his head "It does not matter, my love. We have all the time in the world"

Chapter One... Lestat and Louis' Date with Fate

"Lestat .....?"

It was about time Louis opened his eyes, Lestat was considering mouth to mouth (modern parlance, in other words, something drastic) until he saw the lids open weakly, and the emerald orbs settle on him.

"What is it?" Lestat asked, a little sharper than he had intended to be, and then softened immediately.

"What year is it?" Louis asked.

Lestat snorted. Like he was going to let go of that precious figure for one second to check on something as meaningless as the current year. "It doesn't matter, Louis".

Louis looked unhappy for a moment, a ploy which worked wonders on Lestat. "There is a huge pile of unopened letters by the door." (Pile was too soft a word for the mountain of paper building by the dusty door) "The top one is bound to have some postmark with the current date on it".

Lestat sighed and focused sharply on the precarious paper pile with his telekinetic ability, drawing a single envelope from the top of the pile. It flew towards his grasp but knocked Louis on the head as it fell inelegantly into Lestat's waiting hand.

Louis glared at Lestat and then snuggled against his maker winding his arms around the masculine frame and slightly sucking Lestat's nipple, feeling the rosy bud between his teeth. Lestat shivered. Louis had a way of touching him which made his entire body shiver with sensation. He opened the letter, and read the contents.

"Well ...?" Louis asked, trying to hide his obvious interest.

"Well what?" Lestat asked innocently. "Its a statement from one of my numerous bank accounts".

"The date, Lestat. The date!" Louis reminded him.

"Ah" Lestat appeared to have suddenly realised the meaning for bringing the scrap of paper between them. He looked at the letter and then smirked. "How much is it worth?"

"Lestat!! What does it say?" Louis asked, feeling frustrated.

Lestat appeared to scan the page briefly. "In sum, four million and fifty eight thousand dollars, Louis".

Louis sighed, depression and frustration blending into one "Forget it then".

Lestat lightly kissed his fledgling's forehead and cuddled the naked figure closely. "Now, now. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Your in the arms of one of the most powerful and beautiful vampires in the world. What have you got to be sorry about? Its 2005".

"2005???" Louis gasped.

"Yes, we have been lying in bed for approximately four years" Lestat smiled. "Isn't that romantic?".

"I'm surprised you have been here so long with me. Usually you have a book to write, a band to form, a world to take over. Its not like you to be homely and settled" Louis seemed almost sad for a moment, and Lestat gathered the precious bundle even more closely to his chest, kissing the face and forehead of Louis repeatedly.

"I could look at you forever and never become tired from the sight of your beautiful face and your slender body. And that hair!!! Ah, Louis! I could definitely stay here with you forever". Lestat sat up and lifted Louis up in his powerful arms.

"Hmmmm ...." Louis let his head fall back, his vulnerability striking Lestat in his heart. Lestat bent forward and kissed Louis neck, feeling the main artery pumping below his lips. He opened his mouth and drove his fangs sharply into the vein, unable to hold back, drawing gush after gush of Louis sweetness into his mouth. Louis groaned and pushed his right hand through Lestat's mane of flowing blonde hair. He murmured Lestat's name as he became dizzy and finally slept under Lestat's gentle caresses.

Lestat lay the sleeping Louis to one side, above the bedcovers and examined the naked form with approval. He ran his hands all over the slender body, and kissed the sleeping mouth as if Louis were the most precious jewel. To be touched gently. To be handled gently. To love gently.

Louis murmured something inaudible, and Lestat guided his sleeping head to his neck, slashing his own vein repeatedly, and locking Louis mouth to the wound.

Louis eyes snapped open. He began to suck, drawing Lestat's whole being into his own, and did not stop until he felt satisfied, as if he had hunted.

Lestat drew away and looked lovingly into the emerald eyes. The sight of Louis so full of blood as always taking his breath away.

"Jai tem, mon amour" Lestat whispered, snuggling closer to the lean body of his fledgling and closing his eyes.

Chapter Two... Starvation

Louis grew paler and paler.

It seemed even Lestat's powerful blood would not sustain him forever.

Lestat fell into deep contemplation. He was plagued by fear. Fear that if anything happened to the mortal inhabitants of this world, he would not be able to adequately feed his fledglings, and they would grow tired and finally fall asleep. Forever.

"Lestat ....?"

Lestat opened his eyes and gazed into the tender expression of his beloved. David Talbot. "How did you get in?"

"Such a warm welcome. You remind me of our English weather" David smiled. "Why isn't Louis awake yet?"

Lestat shrugged, feeling the cold and pale form beside him shiver slightly. "I'm not sure, David. Its odd really, very odd. My blood is more powerful than the ancients, and I cannot even sustain my own fledgling".

"Tosh!" David said, moving to lye fully clothed beside Lestat. "You just haven't been giving him the amount he needs".

"No" Lestat sighed. "Its more than that ..." his voice trailed off. "David, have you forgotten your impeccable English manners? Why are you still dressed?"

David smiled charmingly "All part of English reserve, dear chap. You know we're renowned for our stiff upper lip".

Lestat laughed. "Its a pleasure to see you again, David. I have missed you so".

"Then why did you not write to me? Why have you spent so many years ... in bed?" David asked, looking lovingly at the naked and slender form of Louis.

"I knew it couldn't last" Lestat grumbled. "I've been rolling a dice, waiting to see what would happen, and Louis is suffering because of it!"

"You are a complete imp, Lestat. You know that is not true. Your just using the situation to blame yourself for the weakness in Louis. Yet again" David analysed.

Lestat sighed, then tugged at David's shirt. "Anyone who lies on this bed must take their clothes off".

David sighed and stood up, brushing dust from his shoulder. "The motorway is clogged with traffic. I should be making my way home. I say, what's that noise?"

Lestat strained his ears. "Its Louis. He's crying again".

David's eyes widened "Louis? Louis doesn't cry. He weeps, but he doesn't cry".

Lestat sighed and bundled his fledgling closer, baring his neck to the young one. "He needs food, and is growing so weak he can hardly keep his head up".

David looked shocked, as if he were about to burst with recrimination, then drew silent. "Why on earth are you pair in this bed?"

Lestat smiled wickedly. Reaching out in a quick movement, before Talbot realised what was happening, he grasped David's hand and pulled him onto the bed. David was writhing, and Lestat seated himself triumphantly on his fledgling's chest. "Shirt!"

David sighed. "I am not amused".

"That's unimportant" Lestat huffed, ripping the shirt from David's back, and running his hands along the masculine frame. He sighed in pleasure.

A small sob came from Louis. David dislodged himself from under Lestat and moved beside Louis. "Can you hear me, Louis? Its David"

Louis mumbled something and then fell silent. David protectively gathered Louis into his arms and then moved quickly out of the bed.

"Where do you think you're going?" Lestat's eyes were burning with anger.

"I am taking Louis out for a decent meal" David snapped. "He is suffering!"

"What else is new?" Lestat commented dryly.

"This is physical suffering, not emotional depression. He needs food" David walked over to the door with Louis safely tucked in his arms.

As quick a lightning, Lestat barricaded the way, snatching Louis from David's grasp. He was reacting in anger, not accounting for his tremendous strength.

A horrified scream suddenly made Lestat turn his head and look down at Louis.

David gasped in horror. He was holding Louis' severed arm in his hand.

"Lestat, what have you done?" David whispered, shocked.

Chapter Three... Screw the Reunions

"Answer me Lestat!!!" David demanded.

Before another word was spoken, the door exploded into a million fragments and Khayman rushed in, tackling Lestat to the ground. Louis, still screaming, fell to the floor landing on his wounded side and tears of pain slid down his white, deathly cheeks.

Marius walked through the splintered door, sighing at the mess Khayman had made and immediately walked to Louis and began to hush the wounded and terrified vampire. As an ancient vampire, his wisdom far excelled the younger vampires in the room. David stood trembling, still clutching Louis' arm so carefully, as if it were about to shatter into a million pieces.

Santino was third into the room, followed by Eric. They had both been nearby, ready to intervene as Lestat became more and more unhinged as each night without feeding affected his mind. Santino walked coolly past Khayman, still fighting with Lestat on the floor and then beckoned for Khayman to get off the blonde haired brat, who was now attempting to bite Khayman's hand to swat it away.

"You know what they say about biting the hand that feeds you ..." Eric remarked dryly, the sarcasm making Lestat scowl in anger.

"Not biting, more like nipping. You think Lestat could break through that flesh?" Santino remarked, smirking slightly. Khayman's hand was like stone.

"What the hell is this!" Lestat dusted himself off and glared at Khayman, who smiled indifferently at Lestat.

"We are saving Louis" Marius responded, letting Santino take Louis in his arms and beckon for David to approach them.

David remained rooted to the spot, his bottom lip quivering in horror.

"Come here" Santino said kindly, as Khayman knelt by their side and took the severed arm from the shaking hands of the ex-Talamascan.

Santino gazed into Louis blood teared eyes, and immediately Louis fell silent, staring at the elder without fear.

"What have you done?" Lestat shouted.

"Contain yourself, Lestat!" Marius scolded. "You should be thankful they are here to help! Stay quiet" Marius did not bother to point out that Santino had spellbound Louis. Lestat knew damned well what had happened, he had used that technique enough in his years.

Khayman waited patiently as Santino aligned the arm and then grasped the stone-like wrist of Khayman. Slashing the wrist, he watched the blood flow with narrowed eyes, and then let go of Khayman's wrist. Khayman, the whole while, regarded Santino with a small smile, tender approval of his actions.

"Thank you, Santino. Khayman. Eric" Marius said softly.

"Our pleasure" Eric smirked "Although I really didn't contribute to this communal effort, except for keeping an eye on that brat of course".

"That's it!" Lestat roared, taking a step toward Eric.

Khayman suddenly appeared between them, facing Lestat with his indifferent expression. "Watch it Lestat, Maharet is near and she will not approve of you threatening her fledgling"

"I can speak for myself, thank you Khayman" came a voice from the door.

Chapter Four... Great minds become unhinged sometimes

Santino quickly stepped back, sweeping Louis away from the elders. Grasping Eric, he moved swiftly into a corner of the room watching the scene from a distance. His priestly black robes made of satin made Louis murmur in pleasure.

Lestat stood beside Khayman, staring at the new intruder furiously. "That's better than your sister can do!"

Maharet looked angry for a second, and then the scowl melted into sincere pity. This further infuriated Lestat. "I forgive your rude comment about my sister. Lestat, do you realise how mentally unbalanced you are? You have become uncontrollable, and you are hurting those around you".

"So what are you going to do?" Lestat sneered. "Lock me up in chains again? I won't allow it! Not this time you old hag".

Maharet sighed and closed her dying eyes. She looked so young for a moment, and then gestured for Marius to join Santino and Eric, hiding with Louis in the corner of the room. "Go wait over there, Marius".

"Lestat, pity what we shall be forced to do if you are not bound and cannot hurt yourself or others" Maharet said softly, her dying eyes stolen from a mortal victim gazing at him.

"Those fucking dead eyes make me sick" Lestat crossed his arms and turned away from her in defiance.

"Khayman. Seize him" Maharet ordered.

Lestat turned to face the indifferent man advancing on him. "You dare, Khayman. I have enough power to put you down".

Khayman's shoulder's shook with silent laughter as he embraced Lestat, feeling the younger vampire kick him and push at him, but to no avail. Khayman was like the oldest rock in the world. Unmovable.

"Bring him" Maharet sighed and walked out of the door, followed by Khayman who was carrying Lestat gently in his arms, yet firmly enough to prevent escape.

Once they had left the room, Santino turned to Marius "Its a good job Louis wasn't conscious to see all that. It would kill him seeing Lestat bundled off for a second time".

Marius nodded and turned to Eric "Are you alright? Lestat has a big mouth and threatens frequently. I have yet to see him carry out an act of pure vengeance. He would not hurt you".

Eric sighed and looked away. His eyes were clouded with sadness. "Its alright. I was provoking him anyway. Like stoking a fire with a stick of dynamite. I was just asking for trouble".

"What will they do with him?" Santino wondered aloud.

"Whatever it is, Lestat won't be viewing the night time sky for a long time" Eric said, a slight sparkle coming to his eyes along with his humour restored.

Louis looked up, his vision becoming clear "What happened ...? Where's Lestat?"

Santino, Eric and Marius glanced at each other, pondering what to say next. However, the decision was taken abruptly from their hands. A figure scowled at them from the door, her boots muddied from sleeping in the earth for centuries. Her beautiful golden tresses masking the hatred in her eyes.  She glanced over at Marius, then her eyes lingered on Santino, and finally rested on Eric.

"You are my prisoner. I will not release you until that witch releases my son".

Eric gulped. It wasn't his night at all.

Chapter Five...  Blue Ice and Matted Gold

"Its nice to meet you again too" Eric quipped.

"I mean what I say" Gabrielle muttered, walking forward and seizing Eric by the collar of his jacket.

Eric looked at Marius, who shrugged. "Gee, thanks a lump!"

Santino laughed easily, and sat back. Louis was still in his arms, looking confused and expecting answers with the infinite patience of a saint.

"Why has Lestat been taken?" Louis asked softly, gazing at Marius.

"He ripped your arm out Louis" Eric remarked sarcastically.

"My son would never harm Louis" Gabrielle declared dropping Eric and moving into the centre of the room. She regarded Louis with raised eyebrows.

"He did this awful thing" Marius confirmed.

Gabrielle was stunned for a moment, and then her expression hardened. Her whole expression was full of malice as she glared at Louis "Then he must have provoked Lestat in some way".

Marius scoffed. "Louis? Louis couldn't provoke a rattlesnake, let alone Lestat. That brat hasn't been feeding. Louis was merely in the way when David and Lestat were fighting".

"You were fighting with Lestat?" Gabrielle's anger was now directed at David Talbot, who had had enough trauma for one evening, and was sprawled on the couch, worn out.

"Yes ...." David murmured, shamed, and quickly adding "But I didn't mean to have Louis injured in the process".

Louis clambered unsteadily to his feet to prove he wasn't injured, feeling embarrassed by the attention he was receiving, and toppled inelegantly back into Santino's waiting arms. He sighed in frustration, tears marking the sides of his eyes.

"Easy now" Santino murmured, lifting Louis back into his lap "Your not well enough to be walking around"

"Its getting lighter" Marius observed "Louis will need to retire soon, as will we all shortly. I suggest we leave immediately for my resting place which is slightly North of here".

Santino and Eric nodded in agreement. Santino lifted Louis into his arms, and prepared to carry him. Marius coaxed David off the couch and slipped the darkened hand of the ex Talamascan into his own. Gabrielle moved beside Eric.

Eric gulped and tried to slip behind Santino, but Gabrielle caught him by the arm and whirled him around.

"Remember" Gabrielle warned, her voice hostile and low "I will not release you until my son is returned unharmed".

Eric nodded wearily, and they followed Marius out of the house with the broken door, Louis already drifting into the death sleep before they reached their resting place.


Lestat snarled as a woollen blanket was tossed over his head to stop him from biting anyone. He fought valiantly, but his weakness of the last few years was a disadvantage. Finally, he stopped altogether and allowed Khayman to carry him without causing anymore trouble.

He had no idea where he was being taken. He could sense Maharet leading Khayman, feel her presence in front of them. He smelled a damp cellar and started to struggle again. He heard the chains rustle in front of him and almost screamed.

Dawn was coming, but the night had him helpless and locked in the strong chains. He was trapped once more, and screaming for Marius and David. He felt relief when the two ancients left him in the darkness, bound and captive, their light footsteps retreating into an adjoining corridor.

Lestat blinked, blood tears falling from his eyes as he uttered three heartfelt words. The horrors of this night overwhelmed him with guilt as he struggled against the chains uselessly.

"Forgive me, Louis ......"

Chapter Six...  Gentle Sigh, Heavy Heart

Louis awoke the next evening to feel the press of Santino's masculine body against his own. They were both naked, Santino's arms slung casually around Louis' waist.

"Welcome back" Santino said "When you sleep, you really sleep. I've been waiting hours for you to open your eyes"

Louis looked up, and smiled. "It comes with the territory, Santino. Being the weakest vampire among us entitles me to a long lie-in every night"

Louis glanced around himself to determine where he was. A cool underground room, clean and orderly met his eye. He was alone in the room, except for Santino of course, and wrapped comfortably and snugly in a duvet on a double bed in the middle of the room. He moved a little away from Santino, embarrassed, and wondered how he could get his clothes on without Santino around.

Santino smirked, and quickly threw on a robe and left the room. Louis dressed into the garments he had always been fond of - black velvet and lace shirt, silken trousers - and suddenly realised with shock that he wasn't suffering through his years without feeding, and he was strong again. Two possibilities had Louis almost quaking with fear. Either one of the vampires had brought a victim for him, or the elders had fed him from them. Either possibility filled him with slight dread, for he could not remember the previous evening, except for pain. Pain that turned his whole world red in colour.

Once Louis was dressed, he left the underground room, and made his way up to the lounge area, where Santino was waiting for him patiently. Marius, David, Eric and Gabrielle were talking together in whispered tones as Louis walked through the door.

"Good evening" Louis said politely, standing in the centre of the room.

Santino gestured towards an empty chair "Please sit with us".

Louis sat down as asked, and immediately asked "Why am I not weak? I could barely lift my head last night, and now I am stronger".

Marius glanced at the small group of vampires, and acted as spokesman. "We let you have a little from each of us, Louis. Our blood is strong, and not tainted as Lestat's was".

"Where has he been taken?" Louis asked, the heat and worry in his voice unmistakable.

"Not far" Gabrielle answered "I was there earlier this evening. Khayman and Maharet hadn't even considered letting him keep his dignity, he was tossed naked below chains. I placed a blanket over him to help his retain a little dignity"

Louis frowned, the little lines of his face furrowing in disapproval. "May I see him?"

"Of course" Gabrielle said "He was asking for you".

Louis smiled and gestured to the door, unable to wait and be patient "May we go now?"

Chapter Seven... Cold as Ice

Louis trembled as he was led by Santino down the cellar steps. The old house was rusty and damp, cold as ice.  Louis shuddered and Santino stopped for a moment, waiting patiently for Louis to compose himself.

"Are you alright?" Santino asked solicitously.

"Yes" Louis replied, although his voice was weak from fear. "I am afraid to see him"

"Don't be" Santino said kindly, squeezing Louis' smaller hand affectionately. "Lestat should have been more rational and reasonable. Its not your fault, and you must realise this".

Louis nodded, his face whiter than usual. Marius lay a gentle hand on Louis' shoulder from behind. "When you are ready we shall continue. Take your time".

Louis took a deep breath and nodded to Santino. Santino moved down the steps slowly, Louis' hand securely held in his own. He glanced back and smiled reassuringly.

Marius looked back briefly to ensure Eric and Gabrielle were following behind. He saw them briefly hold hands before they noticed him looking at them, and quickly released each other, a faint tinge of red coming to Gabrielle's pale cheeks. Marius pondered on that, pondered on the relationship between Gabrielle and Eric.

They were good friends, certainly, although they were nothing alike. Eric was humorous and bold, often stepping into a situation with sarcasm. Gabrielle was quiet and cold. She did have a sense of humour, but it was very reserved, unlike Eric. She had a habit of running away from situations, and not facing facts. She was bitter and icy by nature, but that was due to events beyond any of their control. Marius delved into her mind silently, not letting her be aware of his presence. Yes, she was raped when she was mortal. All men were alien to her, even vampire males. However, she had found comfort in Eric's arms. Marius read from her everything, including the moment they had first met at Sonoma, and become interested in each other.


Sonoma Compound.

Marius glanced around himself at the vampires in attendance of this unusual event. He doubted any 'coven' had ever been like this, from the newborn to the most ancient. All beautiful. All deadly.

He had seen Gabrielle sharing a tender moment with Eric one evening. Gabrielle had seemed distant, which wasn't unusual to her nature, but Eric had picked up on some terrible images from her. Things from her mortal past which should have been dead and buried with her mortal nature. He had gently probed her mind and then discussed the events that had occurred with her. Gabrielle had been tearful, and had opened up to Eric completely. Her cold icy nature had evaporated into the burning passion of guilt and sadness. She had leant onto his shoulder, her long golden tresses falling onto his chest and he had sighed in pleasure. He had whispered something to her. She turned and watched Marius staring at them, his mouth open in disbelief and surprise.  He saw her laugh suddenly, and Eric kissed her on her forehead and grinned at Marius.


Marius had never forgot that moment. The emotion he had seen displayed in Gabrielle that evening had left him amazed and confused.

Until today. He stopped probing her mind suddenly. Eric was pushing him out and as they reached the bottom of the stairwell, Eric pushed him to one side.

"Stay out of her mind, Marius" Eric threatened, his entire body bristling with rage. "Watch it, I do not want her harmed any more"

Marius nodded. He had been amazed at Gabrielle's emotional outburst, true. But the cowardly Eric, who had never stood up for anyone in his existence, the same Eric who looked at Maharet with frightened eyes when he realised he might be destroyed by the Queen, the same Eric who was Gabrielle's prisoner, protecting a loved one from one who was possibly more powerful than himself? Eric was a gentleman and was not impressed when a man compromised a lady, but he had never to this day displayed such courage. Marius was impressed.

"I understand" Marius said, and Eric let Marius go. "You love her and she loves you. It started at Sonoma and has become something more, especially over the last few days".

Eric nodded. "She is so lost, Marius. So horribly lost. I want to be there for her, forever if I must".

Marius nodded. "Come on, Eric. Lets visit Lestat. We shall talk about this later.

Louis waited patiently for Santino to push open the door and then walked through, immediately giving a startled cry when he saw Lestat bound in chains on a rough, wooden table. He ran up to his maker, tears spilling from his eyes and buried his head in Lestat's exposed chest, running his hands along the naked frame.

"Louis ....?" Lestat said weakly. "Don't be sad. I'm alright".

"Get some clothes on him!" Louis cried out indignantly. He immediately stripped his own coat off and put it around Lestat's shoulders, shielding his naked body from the rest of the vampires. He turned around, fire in his eyes.  He saw Maharet and Khayman watching him coldly.

"Let him go" Louis commanded. "I mean it".

Marius looked at Louis in shock. Louis commanding the ancients to release Lestat? The night was turning out to be even more surprising than he had initially thought.

Chapter Eight... Chains do not a Prison make

Lestat moaned and looked at Louis in fear "Shhhh, don't make them angry at you, Louis. I am fine".

Louis looked at Khayman and Maharet, his gaze like fire. "I mean what I say! Lestat, trust me".

Khayman shrugged indifferently, and Maharet smiled gently.

"Louis, easy now" Santino said, moving between Louis and Maharet. "Lestat is alright, naked, but alright".

Eric smirked. "Depends on what you think of his body"

Gabrielle silenced him with a sharp slap to his head "Watch it Eric! That is my son you are talking about!"

Louis glared at the smirking Eric and then glanced at Maharet and Khayman once again "May I stay with him until he is freed?"

Marius looked surprised "Are you sure you want to do that, Louis? We are not sure how long this will take"

Louis nodded "Yes, I am sure. I'll stay with my maker".

Maharet nodded her consent. "Very well, Louis".


Weeks turned into months. Louis stayed by Lestat's side. Marius had to bring Louis a victim from the streets to ensure he was fed properly. For Lestat, Marius brought a victim rarely so the blood would not feed his strength and enable him to escape.

After five months, Lestat woke one evening to find Louis sprawled on top of him. This was nothing new, Louis often slept either by the side of Lestat or on top of him depending on his feelings and emotions.

Lestat raised a hand and noticed the chains were gone. He ran a hand through Louis' soft hair sighing contentedly at the sight of the fledgling lying on top of him. Moving slightly, Lestat helped Louis fall into his arms and waited patiently for him to rise.

For an hour, Louis slept soundly in Lestat's safe embrace. Eventually, his eyes opened and he smiled upon noticing Lestat had been freed.

"You are free once more" Louis said contentedly. "Where are the others?"

Lestat looked up and his eyes narrowed as he searched for the presence of the others. "They are gone. All of them have left".

Louis sighed with pleasure, allowing a finger to brush Lestat's deep and sensual lips. Lestat groaned and kissed Louis tenderly on his forehead.  

"I am sorry" Lestat whispered softly "I was confused and my thoughts were not right. Can you forgive me?"

"You are my heart, Lestat" Louis answered "To not forgive you would be foolish. You are a part of me as I am of you and I love you with my whole being".

Lestat sighed and embraced Louis close to his heart. "You are my soul. To live without you would destroy me".

Marius grinned from the vantage point he had taken, watching the two vampires embrace. He had consciously veiled his presence from both Louis and Lestat and his eyes were flooded with blood red tears. "Heart and soul of the vampires. Yes, you both have always been that".

Epilogue... Finality

Ten years later Eric sat by a roaring fire. He watched the flames flickering, making the shadows dance on bare white walls. He laughed to himself, that he could never tire of watching the dark dance of firelight, casting shadow upon flickering shadow on the wall.

"What are you laughing at, Eric?"

Eric turned and sucked in his breath at the beautiful sight of Gabrielle standing in the doorway. Her hands on her slender hips, her long blonde hair scraped back into an immaculate ponytail.

"The way the fire moves. The pattern the shadows make on the wall" Eric answered. "The flames are bright and beautiful, yet ruthless. Like your son".

Gabrielle smiled, her fang teeth showing for a brief second before she hid them and walked into the centre of the room. "I approve of your description".

"How are they doing?" Eric asked, referring to Lestat and Louis.

Gabrielle sighed "My brat son never learns. He and Louis are attempting that forever-bed idea again".

Eric gasped, his mouth fell open "Again??? After what happened last time?"

Gabrielle smirked. "You know Lestat, stubborn and determined".

Eric grinned "At least you said it, not me".

Gabrielle laughed and sat by Eric's side, letting her hand touch the elder's face and trace the outline. She leant forward and kissed the white flesh, letting her lips rest on Eric's slightly pink lips.

Eric moaned and lifted Gabrielle to her feet, and then swept her into his arms. He carried her over to a large bed and lay her down in the centre. He sat over her with darkened and lust-filled eyes. She looked hungrily back at him.

He climbed on top of her, and was about to bite her fragile flesh when the telepathic message hit him.

"Come quickly! We need to be on hand in case Lestat hurts Louis. Marius"

Gabrielle sat up. She had also received the telepathic message. "I have a terrible feeling of de ja vous".

Eric grinned "Well this time, lets not rush. After all, we have all the time in the world. Lestat and Louis can wait".

Gabrielle smiled, her sharp eye teeth glinting dangerously in the firelight. "Is that an invitation, my Eric?"

"Always, my Gabrielle" Eric moaned, as he dipped his head and sank his teeth into her slender neck.

Meanwhile, Marius welcomed Maharet, Santino and Khayman's return. Shaking his head he glanced at his watch and wondered where Eric and Gabrielle were. Turning around, he saw the other three vampires smirking at him.

"Do you know where they are?" Marius asked, not understanding why there were massive grins on all of their faces.

Santino chuckled. "Lets just say, they have got their hands full presently".

Marius shrugged. It made no difference, anyway. His attention immediately drifted back to Lestat and Louis. "Right ..." he sighed. "Lets start this watch all over again....."


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