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Immortal Idiot
by Hannurdock

Rating: PG13/SLASH

Pairing: Armand / Daniel ... this is based upon my favourite Armand / Daniel scene in Queen of the Damned.
Disclaimers: The characters from the Chronicles belong to Anne Rice.

These stories are purely for pleasure and 'What if's'. 

Nothing is meant to infringe upon the author's rights.

I am doing this for fun and I love sharing my stories with others.

"Call Paris. I want to see it done" Armand asked as he dragged Daniel out of bed at three in the morning.

"Call it yourself!" Daniel roared. "What are you? Some immortal idiot? Can't you even use a damned telephone?"

No, Armand thought. Stop making me feel like a fool.

Daniel sighed as he felt the above thoughts projected into his mind. "Very well, but you pay for the call".

"Of course" Armand reached into his jacket and pulled out several hundred bills. Daniel looked infuriated and kept making strange noises of desperation.

"Let me show you something ..." Daniel moved out of the small hotel room in his pyjamas and into the lobby where a payphone was located at the end of the room, by the elevators. The night attendant did not take any notice of the strange young man, dressed in his PJ's. Armand was amazed by this. In his day, men had been thought less of if they had not looked exquisite and dressed to the hilt when appearing in public.

Daniel pointed to the payphone, and to the small opening for quarters. "I need a quarter, Armand!!"

Armand looked defeated. "I don't carry small change, Daniel. I only carry notes".

Daniel crossed his arms and looked victorious "Then we can't call Paris then, can we!!"

"Haven't you got a quarter?" Armand asked desperately.

Daniel shook his head. "I've used all the change I had on bus run's for the past six years, trying to flee from you!"

Armand looked over to the night attendant. "Wait here, Daniel".

Daniel watched curiously as Armand approached the night attendant. The night attendant laughed for a moment and then shook his head. Armand looked slightly annoyed as he made his way back over to Daniel.

"He couldn't change a hundred" Armand said glumly.

"Wouldn't have thought so" Daniel smirked. "Your asking a bit much at 3 in the morning, Armand".

"Well, how can I phone Paris?" Armand asked Daniel.

"Get a mobile!!" Daniel roared. "That's what most people do now".

"A mobile?" Armand asked, confused "As in home?"

"As in phone!" Daniel said, exasperated. "Bloody hell, Armand. Where have you been living for the past century!"

Armand grunted and turned away. "I want to phone Paris!"

"Wait until tomorrow, get a mobile phone and ring Paris then" Daniel said softly. He was tired, he wanted to be back in his bed.

"No!" Armand said angrily "I will not wait! I have hundreds and hundreds of dollars here. And I can't even make a phone call!".

"Well, any idea you have will be as good as mine" Daniel said, folding his arms.

"Come with me" Armand said, leading Daniel to the door.

"Are you mad!! Its cold out there, and I'm still in my pyjamas!" Daniel yelled, pulling away from Armand. He walked away from the door, wanting to stay within the warm lobby.

Armand grabbed him from behind and wrapped Daniel's body in his own coat. It was far too small to cover Daniel completely and one leg felt the cold rather intently. Daniel yelped in pain.

"Calm down, we are almost there" Armand said reassuringly.

"Where?" Daniel asked, a small muffled sound coming from inside the coat.

"The bank".

"Bank???? You really think they'll be open at 3 in the morning!"

"Why not?" Armand stopped near the bank's entrance and let Daniel slip away from the warm coat. Daniel stood in the street shivering.

Armand walked to the bank's large door and tried to open it.


"Is everything destined to go wrong tonight?" Armand wandered as he stood back, away from the door. His brows were furrowed in confusion.

"I tried to tell you, but would you listen?" Daniel said, shivering.

"I'm sorry" Armand apologised. "What can I do to make amends?"

"Get me somewere warm" Daniel shivered.

Armand lifted Daniel easily, and put him inside his own coat once more. He carried Daniel to a place he thought Daniel would love. Except when they reached the place in question, Daniel yelped in horror and slapped Armand across the face.

"You asked for somewhere warm" Armand said, amazed Daniel had struck him.

"I didn't say take me to a fucking nightclub in my pyjamas!" Daniel accused. "Take me back to the hotel room".

Some youth's were smirking as Daniel and Armand turned to leave the club.

"Nice PJ's" one commented. "Especially love the cartoon bunny on the chest!"

"Get me back to the hotel" Daniel said angrily, his voice a whisper as Armand carried him back to where he would finally be safe.

As soon as they were back in the room, Daniel snuggled back into bed. He was freezing cold and Armand was sorry for hurting his friend. He undid his shoes and took off the coat and jumped in beside Daniel, pulling him close.  

"Forgive me" Armand said softly, holding the shivering body against his own. "I acted foolishly. I was a complete immortal idiot".

"No" Daniel sighed. "I didn't mean what I said. You just don't understand this age. I want to help you, truly I do. But you need to listen to me a little more. When I say something isn't open, believe me. I'm telling the truth".

Armand nodded and kissed Daniel's forehead. "Then let's see how I can warm you back up". He rolled Daniel onto his back and lay on top of the violet eyed man. Daniel gazed lovingly into Armand's eyes.

"I already am warm, Armand" Daniel said softly "Make me hot".

Armand kissed Daniel's mouth and smiled. "Anything you want, Daniel ...."


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