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If I could, I would

Rating: PG13/SLASH

Disclaimers: The characters from the Chronicles belong to Anne Rice.

These stories are purely for pleasure and 'What if's'. 

Nothing is meant to infringe upon the author's rights.

I am doing this for fun and I love sharing my stories with others.

Dearest Louis,

The last time I saw you, we were sitting on a beach. Words of fear and anger clouding both our better judgements. Knowing how hard and how terrible our words would injure the other. Not caring. Too lost in our fear of our love, too lost in the fear of desire, to understand that we needed each other. Louis, I miss your touch. I miss your light. I miss your love.

If only you knew how terrible the pain is in my soul. If only you cared enough to seek my embrace once more. How terrible I felt when you turned your back on me for the final time, without saying goodbye. How awful my small and thoughtless comments made me feel when you walked away from my arms without turning back once. Oh, Louis. Forgive me.

If I could turn back the hands of time, if I could have the chance to do things differently, I would lay my head upon your shoulder and whisper endearments. If I could have another chance I would kiss every inch of your beautiful skin, I would touch your raven black hair and my brown eyes gaze into your own.

It was wrong the way we parted. It was wrong to feel such hatred after all our years wandering with only each other for company. I hope one day you will forgive my dependance on your love the the words of fear that caused me to lose you forever.

Maybe one day you will return to me and I shall fall before you, tears streaming from my eyes, as I beg your heart and soul for forgiveness. I shall kiss your feet and kneel before you as if you were my saviour. I shall love every inch of you, and you will call my name and not be ashamed.

Remember only that I love you, and forgive what I said, what we said, that caused us to part. I only wish now that we meet in the future, and the fire of our relationship be sparked once more.

With all my love and my apologies,
Your own ................. Armand.

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