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First Time
by Hannurdock

Rating : R/SLASH

Pairing: Lestat / Louis
Disclaimers: The characters from the Chronicles belong to Anne Rice. These stories are purely for pleasure and 'What if's'.  Nothing is meant to infringe upon the author's rights. I am doing this for fun and I love sharing my stories with others.
Notes: More slash than usual, quite graphic
Summary: After 'Merrick' Lestat and Louis make love the vampire way, through their deep and tender vampire kiss
Warnings: M/M Slash (Suggested) Violence

Louis looked shyly at Lestat. It was the second week of his rebirth to darkness, and the magnetic charm Lestat possessed was pulling at every vein in his body. When he had drank the more powerful blood he felt ... connected to his beloved elder. For the first time he saw Lestat as something he could draw close to and love.

Lestat watched the glazed expression on Louis face with worry. Not even two weeks had passed, and Louis kept staring at him with a rather dazed look each night. Lestat was still unsure what his potent blood was doing to his fledgling, but from the looks of things, Louis seemed to be retreating within himself.

"Okay, what's up!" Lestat rose from his armchair and briskly walked the length of the room to sit beside Louis. He sat heavily on the couch beside his fledgling, crossing his legs and eyed Louis suspiciously.

"Nothing ..." Louis stammered. Although nothing could have been further than the truth. He saw Lestat in a different way now, a way which frightened even him. He suddenly felt as if he couldn't trust himself in Lestat's prescence and began to curl himself away, turning rather sharply from Lestat's gentle, carressing and probing eyes.

"What is the matter, beloved? Have I failed you?" Lestat whispered, grief lining his words like poisen eating at his soul.

Louis jumped slightly and looked back at the searching eyes still probing him and sighed. "No, you have given me what I have always dreamed of. Your powerful blood is what I have been seeking since the night you made me".

"Then what is it? Surely you can tell me" Lestat smiled gently, and allowed Louis a few moments to collect his thoughts and prepare what he was going to say. Louis always required time to say things properly, and he would never allow himself to speak rashly, without enough thought.

Louis sighed and looked defeated. Lestat began to worry more, and his concern manifested itself in the cool gray eyes. This was very unlike Louis.

"If I tell you, you might not see me the same way again" Louis confessed, his voice full of shame.

Lestat felt his worry lift slightly, and embraced Louis. He felt the stiff shoulders relax against his own and tenderly whispered into Louis ear "Nothing could ever make me see anything but the beautiful Louis I fell in love with".

Louis sighed and relaxed completely. In a low and hurried voice he began to carefully explain his emotions to the concerned elder. "Lestat, since that fateful night when our blood was passed between us, I have been .... longing for the next intimate moment with you. I can only explain this feeling as desire, and it is as strong as the desire I have for Merrick. I think of our blood exchange every waking moment, and I dream of you during the daylight hours. There seems no peace from this need for you, this carnal lust. It makes me ashamed ...".

"That's it?" Lestat was very relieved. "You want to .... fuck me?"

Louis drew back, shocked "Lestat! I didn't say that! I just want to .... be close to you again".

Lestat grinned and sat back, an impish smile forming on his lips "Close? We are close now, Louis. Is that what you want?".

Louis sighed, exasperated and the humiliation he felt caused him to retreat further into himself, away from the smirk "This is perfect".

Lestat smiled and drew closer to his beloved "Perfect? I believe the modern world has a word for a phrase like the one you just uttered. Bull...shit!".

Louis sighed, the slight reference to his novel not escaping the sharp vampiric hearing. "Do you see me as your Louis still?"

Lestat sighed, the smirk leaving his face only to be replaced by a look of pure desire and love. "Always".

Louis sighed, relieved. "Now what happens?"

"Are you really such a novice?" Lestat smirked, gently mocking the younger one.

Louis nodded, a faint blush appearing on both his white cheeks. Lestat laughed, and moved closer to the younger vampire, his arms winding around the slight frame and pulling the soft and light body into his arms. Louis relaxed as Lestat embraced him closely, and placed his head delicately on Lestat's shoulder.

"What do you desire of me, beloved?" Lestat asked, his voice soft and gentle. "Tell me without fear what it is you want me to do".

Louis bit his lip as he continued to rest against Lestat's shoulder, his lower lip trembling as he fought his desire. "I want .... to feel you inside me ....".

Lestat gently took Louis perfect oval face in his two hands and shook his head with a brief smile "Would that I could, beloved. Would that I could. There are other ways we can be connected, but I'm afraid I cannot perform that".

Louis eyes darkened, and the hope vanished. It became clear to Lestat that Louis was entertaining secret fantasies about him - and some of them, no matter how grand, would be impossible to grant the wide-eyed, innocent younger vampire. Louis wanted an intimate connection akin to sex, using Lestat's lifeless organ to penetrate his anus and lye beside him ... to feel united with his maker in the traditional fashion. It didn't occur to Louis that Lestat, quite simply, could not order the organ to straighten at will, and it remained lifeless and hanging limply inside his tight jeans. Lestat felt helpless suddenly.

"I know it is a dream, a dream that won't come true" Louis whispered sadly, his eyes locked onto the steady violet eyes of his maker. "I am too old to be fooled by my dreams. But you persisted with finding out what was bothering me".

"Is it really bothering you? That we cannot make mortal love" Lestat asked gently.

"Yes" Louis sighed. "Its the connection I want to feel. I want to feel your organ inside me, and your arms wrapped around my waist. I want to feel that ... not the orgasm as such. More the simple action which would make us united".

Lestat sighed and looked away. He thought deeply and then turned back to Louis. The heartbroken expression on his fledgling's face said it all. No words were exchanged. Lestat could clearly see the distress and utter hopelessness in Louis' eyes. He drew forward, closing the distance between them both. He planted a long, deep kiss on Louis mouth, feeling out Louis' fangs with his tongue. He circled the sharp teeth, circled the mouth twice, tasting Louis with a secret delight, and then finally he drew back and looked at Louis in the face.

"I love you, Louis. Do not distress yourself with mortal thoughts which are melancholy and cause you such pain. Forget them. I want to give you something infinately more exquisite than mortal sex". Lestat tossed his beautiful and rich golden hair back and bared his white neck for Louis to see.

Louis felt the desire rise, as he felt the last time he and Lestat had shared a similar exchange. The temperature of the room rose rapidly as Louis edged closer to the grinning, blonde vampire and lingered by the flesh of his maker's neck for a moment, before sinking his fangs into the hard flesh. As soon as the blood hit his tongue, he felt Lestat reach for his wrist and bite savagely into his wrist. He cried out in utter abandon as he and Lestat completed the circle, each draining from the other, becoming united in their single goal for satisfaction.

Louis drank steadily, his thoughts consumed with lust and fire. He could hear nothing except the sounds of their hearts, united. The rythmn of the beats were identical. Finally he felt Lestat withdraw his fangs from his wrist, and reluctantly drew away. Louis glanced at Lestat's crimson cheeks and smiled.

"Louis would you do me the honour of spending the day in my bed?" Lestat asked in a low, husky voice.

Louis laughed in pleasure and nodded his head vigorously. "I would be more than honoured, Lestat".

Lestat smiled, and took Louis' hand. Together, they wandered up the stairs, eyes locked on each other and disappeared into the bedroom before the morning light invaded the rooms with rays of golden sunshine, and the world woke up to the next beautiful day.


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