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First Time 2 : First Date
by Hannurdock
Rating: R/SLASH

Pairing: Lestat / Louis
Disclaimers: The characters from the Chronicles belong to Anne Rice. These stories are purely for pleasure and 'What if's'.  Nothing is meant to infringe upon the author's rights. I am doing this for fun and I love sharing my stories with others.
Notes: More slash than usual, quite graphic, the sequel to 'First Time'
Summary: After 'Merrick' Lestat and Louis make love the vampire way, through their deep and tender vampire kiss. After that, they decide to date each other the old fashioned way, with Lestat wooing Louis
Warnings: M/M Slash (Suggested) Violence

Louis awoke in Lestat's bed the next evening to the scent of fresh flowers.

He rose weakly, and moved over to the wardrobe. He dressed in beautiful clothes, clothes Lestat would approve of - gorgeous silks clinging to his skin.

Walking down the stairs, Louis was astounded by the sight that befell his eyes in the living room. Red roses everywhere, some in vases, most littered around the room. Lestat sitting in the centre of the room, dressed as beautifully as Louis. Louis gulped, the longings he had felt the previous evening returning in full force.

"Do you like this?" Lestat asked, gesturing to the roses.

"I love them" Louis answered. "However, don't you think this many are a little excessive?"

"The roses are like my love for you" Lestat said cryptically "Eternal".

Louis smiled, blushing. "What do you want us to do tonight Lestat?"

"Ah!" Lestat lifted a rose to his nose, and inhaled the fragrance. "I want to woo you. I want to love you. I want to make you mine".

Louis smiled and shivered with delight "How will you woo me Lestat? I fear a mortal meal will not fulfil me".

"Who said anything about mortal food?" Lestat sniffed. Louis walked towards him eagerly. Lestat swept him into his arms and brushed a fragrant rose across his left cheek. Louis smiled and kissed Lestat on the forehead.

"How then?" Louis pressed, eagerly.

Lestat smiled at Louis, not giving away his surprise as yet. He lifted Louis in his arms and moved over to the couch in the centre of the room. David and Merrick had left the house thoughtfully to Louis and Lestat this evening. He lay Louis down, and straddled him.

"Guess what I have got for you, Louis" Lestat whispered huskily against Louis' ear.

Louis shivered in pleasure. "I cannot even begin to guess, Lestat".

Lestat laughed and suckled Louis' neck, licking and smelling the flesh with eager flicks of his tongue. "I have a present for you".

"A present?" Louis echoed, worriedly.

"Yes, something you will absolutely adore".

"What is it?" Louis asked, his curiosity aroused.

"Hmmmm" Lestat teased "Let me see ...." He fumbled in his pockets as if he were searching for the present. "Ah, here it is!".

Lestat drew a small box from his pocket, and gave this to Louis who sat up immediately. The present was wrapped in soft paper, and Louis tore this open and gazed at what was inside the small black box in amazement.

"Its beautiful" Louis said in astonishment, as he fingered the chain with his left hand and watched the sparkling crucifix dance in the light, the diamond's and gem's glittering seductively at him. "Where did you find this, its an antique. And so beautifully restored".

Lestat took the chain and put it around Louis' neck. "For you my love and lover".

Louis smiled and let Lestat fasten the clasp. He sighed as Lestat moved off him, and drew him into his arms.

"Now for surprise number two ..." Lestat winked.

"Yet another one" Louis smiled, seductively "You are spoiling me".

"Ah, this one is truly the ultimate present" Lestat said wickedly, moving away from Louis and over to the stereo system. He whisked a CD from his collection and started to play the soft and classical music, swaying his hips in time to the soft beats. He closed his eyes, and started to remove his shirt. Unbuttoning his shirt fully, Lestat undid his trousers slowly, seductively slowly, and stood before Louis. All he was wearing was his underpants and socks.

Louis shivered with delight. Lestat played with the sides of his pants before pulling them down completely and pulling off his socks as well.

"Care to join me in the nudity movement" Lestat grinned, holding out an eager hand to Louis.

Louis grinned and quickly followed suit, dancing slowly with Lestat. His naked hips grinding against Lestat's naked hips. His head against Lestat's. His lips against Lestat's throat.

"Ah, not yet beloved" Lestat said, holding Louis away from him. He smiled at Louis in delight "I do actually have another surprise for you, something important before we make love".

"What is it, Lestat?" Louis asked in surprise.

"Close your eyes" Lestat said softly.

Louis obliged.

"My gift is this. Do you know how erotic and utterly sublime it is to be taken by another vampire? To feel yourself immersed in memory as if you were vampire and victim? As if you were one being?"

Louis groaned, feeling Lestat's lips move to his throat and stay there, hovering just above the flesh.

"I want to give you this feeling. The feeling your victims have when you sink your teeth. I want you to know how utterly pleasurable this whole process can be".

Louis moaned in erotic delight, and tipped his head back. Inviting. Tempting.

Lestat smiled and lifted Louis into his arms. He held the tender being close to him, spreading his legs and forcing them around him. They stood like this, Louis wrapped around the elder vampire, his legs wound around Lestat's waist.

Lestat spoke against Louis' neck, the voice soft and infused with feeling. "I want to feel your blood inside me, taste your immortal essence knowing that no matter how much I take, you will not die".

"Lestat, please ...." Louis whispered, his voice soft and melodious. His grip tightened around Lestat, his hip arched against him.

"I want to feel you in my soul, my very spiritual being" Lestat continued.

"Lestat ...." Louis cried out, his back arched.

Finally, Lestat sank his teeth into Louis' exposed flesh. He moved in deep, right into the vein in Louis' throat. He kissed the succulent flesh whilst sinking his fangs in completely and then took the first draught of Louis' blood.

Louis arched towards Lestat as he felt himself drained, the strong draught almost making him feel giddy and helpless. However, it did not matter how weak he became. He was safe within his maker's arms.

Suddenly a rush of sensual feeling overwhelmed him as Lestat picked up the pace, sucking in fast and lengthy draughts of Louis' blood.

Louis arched again, his body instructing his heart as he moaned and called Lestat's name over and over again. Lestat sucked in a steady rhythm, feeling Louis enter the swoon beneath him, and feeding more gently, more sensually.

Louis felt himself weaken eventually, and relaxed completely into Lestat's arms. Lestat settled on the couch with him and together they remained fixed in each other's arms - the elder vampire protecting the younger one with his arms and his gentle strength.

Softly, sensually, they both waited for the sun to rise the following day.


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