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Feeding Time

A thunderous low heartbeat matches my own,
As I feel my victim writhe and groan.
Its blissful but it causes so much grief and pain,
To have to complete this habitual necessity again.

My victim slides from my deathly touch,
I cannot look, this is too much
My suffering and my sin unite to destroy me,
I am so engrossed in pain, I do not see.

A figure gently walks up to my side,
And onto his shoulder I cried and cried.
The wavy hair was blissful, soft and had a soft scent,
I felt my body totally relent.

I look up and smile at the one who came at my hour of need,
When all passion and love was lost in my evil deed,
And I had no clue what stage my soul was lost at,
All I could see was tender concern from Lestat.

He glanced at me with a stricken expression of sadness,
"Louis this is utter madness!
Why do I find you alone and despairing here,
So full of tortured and unrelenting fear?".

Louis looked into Lestat's eyes and replied,
"Why are you here at my side?
You never helped me years before,
When I was the impressionable vampire whore"

Lestat put his finger to Louis lips,
And felt his face delicately with his fingertips.
"That word does not describe you, it is not true!
Tell me this ... am I losing you?"

Louis nodded, and turned away,
There was nothing more either of them could say.
Lestat turned softly and started to walk with a step so mild,
"Louis you were never a whore, but an innocent vampire child".

Louis felt the tears sting his eyes,
He thought those heartfelt words were lies.
And bidding a soft farewell, he moved away,
To finally burn in the coming day.

He sat down heavily on a bench and sighed,
The tears, they had long since dried.
He felt the elder sit next to him, arm wrap around his shoulder,
And kiss his forehead in a manner so much bolder.

"Lestat, why can't you let me die?"
Louis said softly, just wishing to say goodbye.
Lestat swept Louis into his tender embrace,
"What kind of master would I be if I let the sun scar that perfect face?"

Louis relaxed into Lestat's warm arms,
The embrace so warm and tender, it instantly calms.
He felt the death sleep come over him, and one last tear fell,
Before he was consigned to yet another night of hell.

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