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Each Night

Each night my existance takes its toll,
And further shrivels my weary soul.
My victims do not relieve my pain,
Indifference is one attitude I cannot attain.

Lost am I, each wandering night,
With no clear path for me, in sight.
Trapped in a world I do not belong,
Trapped in this endless, tired old song.

Lestat, he thinks I'll survive this pain,
But my life is becoming, in modern parlance, "A royal pain".
I only dream of ending my life,
In an attempt to end this eternal strife.

When the moment comes and I have the courage to end it all,
When death decides to send a call.
And I shall die, the immortal feeding Knat,
On that day, God help Lestat.

He loves me, no. I can't deny,
To say he doesn't would be a lie.
He'll feel despair, that I have died,
But eventually all will heal in the immortal tide.

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