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Don't Leave Me Alone

Your love is greatly missed,
When you are not on the board.
I miss your passionate fire,
The way you strike so deep a chord.

Why you haven't been around,
Is a mystery to me, my heart.
We were talking of our emotions,
It seemed our hearts weren't far apart.

Two days after this exchange,
You are no-where to be seen.
This hurts my tender emotions,
After such an exchange had been.

If my love is too deep for you,
You only need to say.
I will stop my eager emailing,
I will try to keep away.

I am merely a lost child,
Wishing to find an eternal love,
Someone with fire and passion,
Who won't leave for Heav'n above.

I deeply feel for you,
You have the key to my desire.
I find you irresistible, my friend,
I dream of you as my Sire.

I will always love you,
Although you sometimes cause me pain.
I keep on coming back to you,
To feel your light again.

Without you I feel naked,
If only to see your prescence on the board.
When you write to me,
Each time I find I'm floored.

To engage this passion in another,
Is a responsibility so rare.
To find them open their soul to you,
To find them naked, truthful, bare.

I hope my words inform you,
Of the way I feel inside.
I can't keep my feelings in,
I am through with trying to hide.

From you I'm learning strength,
A will to survive and triumph well.
But, as for how you feel for me,
Well, I guess only time will tell.

You are taking over my life,
and I have never seen you face-to-face.
Maybe my heart is on the table,
As I put before you my case.

For you, I would leave my current life,
I would join you without a second thought.
But I get the feeling this sacrifice is nothing,
I feel my worth is less than nought.

For, what truly can I offer you?
Lestat, the Prince and Dark Hero!
I am nothing, if not myself,
and is my current worth not zero?

These thoughts make me feel upset,
I feel the tears about to flow.
My feelings for you are too intense.
So I question should I stay or should I go?

My heart will never be free,
You are the owner of my soul.
I will never be satisfied with life,
For its you that fills that hole.

Midnight darkness fills my mind,
With a dark foreboding fear.
That my life will be for nothing,
and will you shed a single tear?

Can I help my love is total?
Everything revolves around you,
Even my boyfriend knows my passion,
For this Blonde-haired Internet-Guru.

So, I leave you with a thought,
A way to describe the current pain.
My love for you has crushed me,
For I shall never be the same.

So, if you don't want me by your side,
Do the least cruelest thing for me.
Hold me lovingly in your arms,
Whilst your vampire nature sets me free.

I would give up my dream of eternity,
For one moment in your embrace.
If they were my last moments on this earth,
You'd see a smile upon my face.

Without you, I am crumbling,
I am becoming merely ash and bone.
Why not give me chance with you,
but, please don't leave me alone

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