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TITLE: Depression's End

AUTHOR: Hannurdock


WARNINGS: Mental Angst / Depression

STORY TYPE: Third Person


LENGTH: One-off

DISCLAIMER: The characters are property of Cannell and company.

Face paced the empty streets, unable to return to the little abode he and the team were sharing this week. He was cold and miserable, but his heart told him he could not return to the little house. He looked at the wet ground beneath his feet, the bitter cold consuming him with little desire to go on. He stopped suddenly, and checked his watch.

He was an hour later than usual. If he didn't return soon, Hannibal would come looking for him. He didn't want that. Suddenly he began to wonder if he should turn away and start running. Never looking back once, away from all he knew into the murky darkness. However, Face could not do that.

A distant train rumbled. Face looked up startled. He moved towards the sound, his mind determined to throw his body over the train tracks as a train approached. He moved towards the track, feeling isolated and alone.

"Face! What the hell are you doing?" came an angry voice from behind him.

Face turned and watched BA emerge from the van. Face sighed and walked towards the burly black man, his hand white and shaking from the cold.

"I asked you a question, sucka" BA growled menacingly.

"What you gonna do, hit me? Go ahead and do it big guy, I can take anything you can dish out" Face said, his voice breaking with his heartache.

BA softened, his expression melted into worry "Hannibal's been fuming, you'd better come back with me right now".

Face shook his head, determined to make a stand "I'm not coming back with you, BA".

BA blinked twice, and looked at Face closely. "Say what?".

"I'm not coming back, I need some time to think .... alone" Face said, looking towards the train track and walking again towards it.

BA walked forward and took hold of Face by the shoulders. "What's up? I'll drag you back to the van if I have to!".

Face's features crumpled suddenly, and he tried not to surrender to the inevitable sobs that threatened to consume him. BA looked at Face worriedly, wondering what to do. Finally, after Face had given in to the inevitable and his shoulders wracked as he cried shamelessly, BA wrapped Face in his arms tenderly and led him to the van. Once inside, BA dialed the team's house number on the van's mobile.

"Hello?" Hannibal's alert voice.

"Hi Hannibal. Its BA. Found Face, and I bringing him back now" BA said gruffly.

"Is he okay?" Hannibal asked.

BA looked at Face undecided "I aint sure".

"Get back here as soon as you can" Hannibal ordered, although his voice was laced with worry.

"Sure" BA said, putting the phone back on the handset "Lets go home Face".

Face nodded, and turned away from BA. He looked out of the window, eyeing the train tracks longingly for the last time before the van pulled away and BA drove them both home.


Temporary residence for the A-Team consisted of a run-down house in a suburban district. The bricks were crumbling but otherwise the house was fine.

Hannibal was waiting impatiently as the van drew up, and hurried outside to find BA and Face getting out of the vehicle and walking up to the house.

"Face! Where the hell have you been!" Hannibal shouted angrily. His rage fueled by the fear that Face's disappearance had caused.

"I found him by the rail tracks, Hannibal. Damned foo' was gonna do something to himself" BA said quickly, giving the essential details to Hannibal at once.

Hannibal's features softened with worry. "Why were you there, Lieutenant?".

Face's eyes were streaked with tears. "I wanted to end my life tonight, Hannibal. I've had enough. Enough of running. Enough of fighting. Its all an endless battle, and I've had enough".

"Easy Face. Come inside and let's talk" Hannibal said softly, drawing the younger man into the house and sitting him in the livingroom. BA and Hannibal took their seats respectively, and waited for Face to speak.

"Its over ... I can't control this any longer" Face cried in anger and frustration.

"Why? What's happened to make you want to end it all?" Hannibal asked softly.

"I'm tired of running, tired of fighting. Tired of life" Face answered, his voice thin with despair.

"There anything I can do?" BA said suddenly, reaching forward.

Face flinched away before contact was made, and looked at BA warily.

"I don't know, I'm just so confused. I've never been here before" Face said, his voice breaking with emotion.

Hannibal smiled suddenly. "Bet I can cheer you up!"

Face looked suspiciously at Hannibal, then at BA. "What do you mean?"

Hannibal laughed suddenly, and for a moment the smile that lighted up his face made him look young again. "I got an idea to cheer you up. Come on BA, we got things to do".


Face tried to be patient, waiting for BA and Hannibal to return.

It was almost impossible to remain still, his feet shuffling uncomfortably. Again, thoughts of his own suicide raced through his mind and surged to the point of despair.

However, at that moment the door opened and BA and Hannibal entered the livingroom. Face was sitting on the couch and BA and Hannibal sat beside him, smiling at each other.

"What are you guys up to?" Face cried in frustration.

"You'll have to wait and see ...." Hannibal said cryptically as he leant down to the VCR and turned on the television.

"You two went to the video shop??!" Face cried in disbelief.

"Yes" Hannibal inserted the VCR and pressed play "Time we spent some quality time together, and maybe this will cheer you up".

Face seriously doubted it.

However, half way through the film he was rolling around in helpless laughter.

Hannibal grinned at BA and slyly said "I love it when a comedy brings friends together".

BA grinned and commented "Didn't think I'd enjoy it, but this .... Wedding Singer .... is really good!"

Hannibal smiled and settled back on the sofa to enjoy the film.

It had been a long while since the team could truly relax and enjoy a decent film together, it had been too long. He determined to do this more often, for the other members of the team and himself.

When he thought of what Face had attempted to do this evening, he shuddered. Yet, they were still alive and fighting, even though the urge to destroy himself had almost beaten the youngest on the team.

Yes, he thought. Maybe beating this depression meant that he should spend more time with his friends, doing fun things, and taking their minds off their fugitive situation every now and again.


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