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Title: Deck Louis' Little Shack with Bells and Holly
by Hannurdock
Rating: PG-13

Disclaimers: The characters from the Chronicles belong to Anne Rice.

These stories are purely for pleasure and 'What if's'. 

Nothing is meant to infringe upon the author's rights.

I am doing this for fun and I love sharing my stories with others.

Louis had returned from feeding early on christmas eve.

He felt a little alone because Lestat was away until the New Year, and Louis had been left alone this christmas. Not that that was anything unusual. Lestat liked to party with the coven during this season and rarely took the time to visit Louis at all.

However, this christmas eve was slightly different.

As soon as Louis reached his shack, he noticed the door wide open. Running to his door, Louis feared the worst. Christmas looters, robbers and thieves. However, he was not prepared for the steady sound of christmas songs from within and the decorations that met his eyes in the hallway.

Carefully moving into the livingroom he saw Lestat sitting on his favourite leather chair in the centre of the room smiling at him gently.

"Are you having a wonderful christmas eve?" Lestat asked softly, watching Louis shiver with pity in his eyes.

"Not really" Louis said "Its no different than any other day of the year".

Lestat grinned affectionately. "Bullshit, Louis. Its a very special day".

Lestat got up and walked the distance to Louis' side. He embraced the younger vampire and kissed Louis' raven black hair.

Work in Progress

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