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Dangerous Liaisons
by Hannurdock
Rating: R

Disclaimers: The characters from the Chronicles belong to Anne Rice.

These stories are purely for pleasure and 'What if's'. 

Nothing is meant to infringe upon the author's rights.

I am doing this for fun and I love sharing my stories with others.

Stormy night.

Flash of lightning in the darkness.

Clap of thunder loud enough to wake the dead.

Or scare the undead.

Louis jumped at the noise. He was fearful of the lightning and usually stayed inside during a storm of this magnitude.

However, tonight he had promised to meet Lestat on the outskirts of the city and fly in his arms to Rio.

Tonight. Of all nights, why tonight.

Mini hurricane, with winds ferociously battling with the bricks on his small house. Rain lashing at the windows.

Louis walked over to his closet.  Putting on a long fur coat, and without any more indecision, he walked to the front door and quickly and briskly walked out into the bitter storm.

Howling. Flashes in the night.

Louis walked fast. He barely saw the flash before him, or the blinding white light near his body. He was aware of being lifted into the air, and being slung across the road before becoming an ungraceful heap on some wet, cold grass.

Rain pelting on his body. Broken. Lying with one arm stretched out, one arm tucked under his body. Gasping.  The pain was entire.

However, not once did Louis asume he had been struck by lightning. The light had seemed intensive and local, but Louis had not felt the strike due to the numbness of his body as it was so viciously and quickly attacked.

All was darkness. All was blackness. Louis had no real conscious thought before descending into oblivion.


The rain was excessive, the storm violent.

Lestat glanced at his watch for the fifieth time, wondering when Louis would arrive.

It was unlike Louis to be even five minutes late, etiquette ruled his existance with its harsh values. He would rather be slain than be late for an appointment.

Currently, Louis was fifeteen minutes late.

Lestat sighed and sent out a mental message for both Armand and Marius.

*Marius, Armand .... I need you to help me locate Louis. He is on his way to meeting me and is unusually late. Please respond*

As usual, Marius was the first to reply with a rather worrying communicative from the miles apart *I can't sense his thoughts Lestat. Its rather strange. How far was the journey?*

Lestat gasped as he struggled to maintain a mental connection to the elder, fear clawing at his heart as he struggled for calm *Twenty minutes, thirty. All I know is he said he would be here on time and he isn't. Its very unlike him*


*I can't hear him Lestat. There is nothing I can do. I am too far away to help you adequately before the sunrise and Louis is not responding. His thoughts seem to be darkened, blackened out. He seems to be unconscious*

Lesat panicked and at once Armand's calming and authoritive voice communicated the distance to soothe Lestat's fearful thoughts.

*Lestat, it is I, Armand. I cannot sense Louis either. However, I am nearer to hand than my maker. I am just outside New Orleans and can meet you hours before sunrise. We can hunt for him together*

Lestat sighed and let the tears run down his face, soft cries shaking his body as he thought of Louis possibly in danger, possibly hurt. The thought he may be in pain was too much for Lestat to bear.

*I will be at your side soon* Armand promised sincerely.

All mental connections finished, Lestat was left to worry about the fate of his fledgling. He only hoped Armand would reach him as soon as he could.


Armand was seducing a mortal victim when Lestat's mental call disturbed his train of thought. And his victim's swoon.

For as soon as the call interrupted Armand, all seduction and sensuality flew out of the window and Armand was forced to hurry his kill.

Then he was quickly running down side streets, gathering speed until he was a blur of energy. The streets zipped by. Cars were travelling as if they had been slowed by time as Armand sped by.

The truth was that Armand hated travelling at such speed. It gave him a sense of of detachment, of his soul. He felt he were not a part of the world when he travelled at a speed so removed of mortal things.

Finally he spied Lestat waiting on the side of a road. The winds and rains had picked up and intensified to a full storm by the time Armand reached Lestat's side.

"So good to have you here, thanks for coming" Lestat babbled, distracted in his fear and he obviously missed Louis.

"Easy Lestat" Armand said softly. "Let me concentrate, see if I can pick up a glimmer of a thought, anything ....."

Lestat immediately fell silent, staring at Armand with dark eyes.

"Hold it ... there's something ..." Armand said, gritting his teeth. He gave a sharp yell and fell to the ground. Lestat rushed forward immediately to hold him steady and upright, since he seemed unable to do so.

"What is it?" Lestat gasped.

Armand clenched his fists and gritted his teeth as he struggled to say even a few words "Pain ... lots of ... pain ..."


Louis awoke in a ditch.

The sky was lightening somewhat and the suffering he had felt on account of the strike had intensified within the last few hours he had been asleep.

By this time it was obvious to Louis that he had been struck earlier on in the evening. He was praying for Lestat to find him, however the pain was so great that any thought of Lestat moving him caused him to shudder with fear. He was in such great pain he did not want to be touched, did not want to be moved.

Then he felt the sharp, stinging mental pain of someone trying to enter his thoughts. The physical pain was bad enough but the mental pain of the psychic attack was almost as bad. He screamed as he recognised the prescence.


"Stop ..." Louis gritted his teeth, almost breaking them in his anguish "Pain ... lots of ... pain ..."

The mental assault stopped and Louis breathed a sigh of relief. The pain was still intensive, but he felt more relaxed now that the intrusive prescence had gone.

Sobbing in his vulnerability and helplessness, Louis waited and hoped that a rescue would be soon, even though his mind screamed at the thought of possibly more pain at being moved.


Lestat helped Armand into a sitting position on the wet ground as the rain pelted upon them both. He studied Armand's face for any signs of pain, but the anguish seemed to be lessoning.

It became clear to Lestat that Armand was suffering from Louis's private pain, and wherever he was that they needed to find him soon.

"Let's travel the path Louis would have taken to get to me" Lestat said softly, taking Armand's arm and leading him forward.

They travelled for a while and Armand every so often tensed and froze. Lestat watched the sky lightening with the coming day. The storm was also lessoning, and the rain was not a wall of water any more, it was a shower of silver droplets.

"Are we almost there?" Lestat said impatiently as he studied the sky.

"I don't know. I'm trying to get him to find out his location, but he is in so much pain he cannot move an inch" Armand said softly, staggering along by Lestat's side.

"Wait ...." Lestat stopped and looked around himself.

Then he let go of Armand's arm and ran forward.

"Its Louis" Lestat shouted to Armand who nodded in relief as he walked forward also.

"Dear God ...." Armand swore as he neared the broken figure.

"Struck by lightning" Lestat observed. "It occasionally happens. If this had been a mortal then the mortal would be dead by now".

"Get him out of that ditch, Lestat" Armand ordered, a little bossily.

Lestat reached into the ditch and drew Louis to him, enfolding him completely in his arms. "He's wet, miserable and in pain but he'll be alright".

Armand nodded as his legs almost gave way under him. The light of day was coming, and he had no idea where Lestat's lair was and how far away they were from safe daylight protection.

Lestat, sensing Armand's apprehension, smiled "Its alright. I have a house near here, perfect for spending the day. Let's go there now".

Shifting Louis into his right arm, already dozing into the death sleep, Lestat held out his left hand for Armand to take.  Then they walked to the house Lestat had spoke of, which in truth was literally around the corner from where they had discovered Louis.

Lestat opened the door and let a rather sleepy Armand into his house. He led Armand into the underground room which housed a king sized bed and a fireplace. Indeed, this seemed to be the most luxurious room in the house with every conceivable luxury inside it alone.

Lestat lay Louis on the bed and watched Armand as he removed his own wet clothes and slipped under the covers on the right hand side and fell almost immediately asleep.

Sighing, Lestat removed his own wet clothes and then delighted himself in removing Louis' clothes also.

Lying beside Louis and pulling his naked frame into his own, Lestat pulled Armand close to them both also so they made a rather tight knit trio. Dozing, Lestat quickly manipulated the doors of the house to lock themselves and once they were secure he fell asleep also.


The next evening, Lestat was the first to awaken.

He glanced at the two slender vampires in his arms and then groaned when he realised that Louis was still broken and would probably be in agony when he awoke.

Shifting atop Louis, Lestat examined him from head to toe. Massive ugly bruises were forming on his face and body. Lestat was sure bones were broken in several places also.

Armand shifted in his sleep and opened his eyes. He smiled at Lestat and sat up to watch Lestat as he examined the young one with gentle movements.

"How long does he usually sleep each night?" Armand asked.

"Hmmm, usually till around nine. Then he takes a while to fully awaken" Lestat said distantly. He was busily collecting some items from around the room. A washcloth. An empty bowl. A soft blanket.

"What are you doing?" Armand asked as Lestat lay these items on the bedside table and removed the fledgling from under the covers. He lay Louis gently on the bed and then brought the bowl forward.

"I'm making something which will help Louis to relax when he awakens" Lestat said softly, holding his wrist over the bowl and tearing the wrist savagely. Blood flowed into the bowl, filling it with deep red colour.

"But Louis won't take your blood, Lestat" Armand said softly, watching the blood flow with eagle eyes.

"I know that" Lestat said sharply, continuing to slash at his wrist. "That doesn't mean I can't apply my healing blood to his wounds".

Armand didn't reply. Instead, he watched fascinated as Lestat filled the bowl half full and dipped the washcloth into the blood. Wrapping his fledgling in the blanket, Lestat proceded to apply his blood evenly to the bruised areas. They appeared to blister at first, but after that, the wounds healed themselves almost immediately.

Louis was coming slowly out of the death sleep. His face was contorted in agony and misery as Lestat continued his gentle ministrations.

Armand cuddled closer to Louis. "Tell Lestat specifically where the worst pain is located".

Louis gasped and tried to voice words, but no words came. Instead he felt Armand's prescence in his mind once again looking for a reply.

Armand moved Lestat's hand to Louis' rib cage.  "Here is where it hurts him the most".

Lestat felt Louis gently, only to hear a soft gasp of pain. "I see. Its probably a bone broken. It will take a few nights to heal".

"Unless you open him up a little and force your blood into his body" Armand said softly.

Lestat shook his head "No, Armand. I do not trust that would work. If it didn't, Louis would only feel the pain ever more keenly".

"He's feeling enough of that now anyway" Armand said softly, brushing some few strands of black hair from Louis' head.

Louis tried to smile. Instead he vomited a thick stream of victim blood all over himself and Lestat's shirt.  Then his stomach heaved from lack of blood, and tried to vomit again in vain.

Lestat lifted Louis into his arms, still within the blanket now stained with victim blood. He bared his neck for Louis to see and the inviting flesh was eager to reach.

His resolve was shattered by the intense pain, his weakness and vulnerability was peaking. With animal adandon, Louis launched himself at the offered flesh and fastened himself to the wound eagerly. With his whole heart and soul, he drew the blood from Lestat as it flowed into him without rest, as if knowing it had to heal the younger one.

Louis suckled on the elder, his body mending as the infusion gave to him every particle of strength and energy he would need for the next several months.

Still, Lestat did not draw away. He lay with Louis pressed firmly in his arms when he felt himself weaken beyond his control and waited for the inevitable loss of consciousness.

Armand lay nearby, respectfully turning away during this intimate moment, yet powerfully curious to understand what effect this intense drink would have on Louis.

Finally, Lestat passed out and Louis drew away. He gasped a few times and tried to concentrate on Lestat. Armand reached out and drew Louis close.

"How do you feel, beautiful emerald eyed one" Armand softly whispered against Louis' ear. "Does that feel any better?"

Louis nodded, his gaze still on Lestat. "Lestat?"

"Will be fine" Armand assured. "I am positive".

Louis nodded and then smiled. Suddenly he looked a little distressed, "Look at the mess I've made".

"Ah, it is nothing to us, beloved. We are vampires" Armand assured Louis. "Besides, we can easily throw these soiled items into the fire if necessary. Do not worry about basic things that really don't matter".

At that moment, Lestat opened his eyes. He focused on Louis for a moment, and sighed in complete adoration and contentment. "My beautiful Louis ...."

"I'm fine Lestat" Louis answered, winding his fingers around Lestat's thumb. Lestat watched him tenderly, appreciating the small physical gesture.

"What happens now?" Armand said happily.

Lestat grinned wickedly. "Well, seen as we are all naked ...."

".... Lestat!" Louis shouted.

"Well, I was thinking maybe we should share this bed of mind all night long and sleep through the next day. Tomorrow evening I suggest we all hunt together".

Armand grinned "Sounds like a plan to me".

Smiling, Louis felt the two naked vampires pressed eagerly against him. He had to admit, it was rather nice being sandwiched between Armand and Lestat. The warmth that the others eminated kept him safe and warm and relaxed.

Turning to Armand, Lestat felt obliged to comment on the events of last evening when they had almost lost Louis. He felt a need to say something, to ensure something this horrible would not occur again. "I think we have had our fill of dangerous liaisons, Armand. From now on, I'll go home and fetch Louis if we are travelling anywhere together".

Armand smiled. "I think that would be a good idea".

Grinning at Armand, Lestat wound his arms around the two vampires and hugged them close to him, waiting for the death sleep of Dawn to take them all into her silent embrace.


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