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Praise for Hannurdock's FanFiction:

Oh my god this was the weirdest combination of cute, sad, ridiculous and accurate! I loved it (Emmaleesims/FF.net/Diagnosis:Wilson)

This took me nearly two days of sitting in front of my computer reading, but it was well worth it. You have a talent. This story has touched me in ways I couldn't even begin to describe. It was a take off of the original movie, yet so original. I enjoyed it even more than I enjoyed the movie itself. A bit dark at times, a bit violent at times, but still, a story that I will look back on with a smile. I thank you for this beautifully orchestrated piece, which held me until the last line. The line which brought tears to my eyes. Thank you. (Tyraa Rane/FF.net/DarkHistory)

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