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Bad Day at Gray Rock
Georgina Ann Price


Part 1:  The Return of Doug Kyle

The A-Team van picked up speed as the wailing sedan followed closely from behind.

"Lose those suckers, BA" Hannibal shouted, as he continued to fire his AK47 at the enemy.  Hannurdock and Face were firing also, and scored as the front-left tyre burst and the car rolled to a stop behind them.

"Waaahhhho" Hannurdock shouted, punching a fist into the air. "Direct hit!"

"You got it, Muchacho" Murdock grinned, looking behind at the two men and one woman. "Stopped those suckers permanently"

BA growled. "Don’t humour the fool, Hann"

Hannurdock smirked at Murdock, who gave her a conspiratol wink before resuming to looking out the front window.

"Sometimes I don’t know who’s worse" Face grumbled.  "Murdock or Hannurdock"

Hannibal Smith lit his cigar, and then looked at the jubilant Hannurdock with a slight grin.  Hannurdock was the latest addition to the team, becoming the standard fifth female member.  She wasn’t as tall as the men, and looked quite vulnerable next to the hardened soldiers. But, she could hold her own in a tight situation, the small blonde had already saved BA’s life. Hannibal felt sure he had done the right thing in letting her join the team.

Hannibal mused over the events which had led to Hannurdock being initiated by the team.  She had come to see him at Lee’s Laundry one day, and asked to speak to the team.

"No team here" Hannibal had told her, pretending to be the Chinese man, with an accent that would have made anyone believe him to be Mr Lee. Anyone but Hannurdock.

"Come on, I know who you really are" She had said with a slight wink "Hannibal"

Hannibal had started when his name was mentioned, and looked at her uneasily.  "Just how do you know that, little missy?" He had asked, stripping away the false Mr Lee at once.

"I know about all you guys" Hannurdock had said.  "I’m a BIG fan"

Hannibal had smiled at this, but had continued to remain on guard, lest it be a Decker trap.  "Really?"

Hannurdock had nodded, liking the smile and gleam in Hannibal’s eyes when she had said the word ‘fan’.  "Yep, and your my favourite"

Hannibal had laughed, the uneasiness melting away into trust by the girl’s sincerity.  Hannurdock laughed too.

"So, what’s your name" He’d asked, more gently now the uneasiness had melted away.

"Gina, but members of the VA call me Hannurdock or Hann" Hannurdock had proudly stated, winking at Hannibal.

"VA?" Hannibal wondered.

"You never heard of the VA, boy are you behind" Hannurdock laughed "Its where all the A-Team fans meet and discuss you guys. Its a secret army"

Hannibal shrugged. "Didn’t realise we had any fans, until you showed up"

Hannurdock smiled, a faint blush coming into her cheeks. Hannibal noted this, and found himself liking this daring little creature who had so boldly come to find him.

However, just as Hannibal was about to shake Hannurdock’s hand, Decker walked through the door, and stared at the Chinese laundry man alius Hannibal Smith with a wicked smile.  "Games over Smith!  Your coming with me, and so is she"

Hannibal looked at Hannurdock and shrugged "Seems like he thinks your a member of the team, honey"

"If I get my way, I will be one soon" Hannurdock said.  Hannibal laughed again, his eyes still locked on Decker.

"BA, Face, get in here" Hannibal shouted, and the two men had emerged, holding weapons.  Decker looked annoyed as he commanded his men to put down their weapons, fuming that he had been thwarted once again.

"BA .....!" Hannurdock ran up to the bulky man covered with jewelry and slung her arms around his neck.

"Huh?  Who is this crazy girl, Hannibal?" BA said, a growl startling Hannurdock for a moment.

"She wants to be a part of the team, BA" Hannibal had stated.

"Don’t do it, sweetheart" Decker had said, to which Hannurdock had stuck up two fingers at him.

"I like her style" BA had said giggling, unable to keep a straight face.

Face groaned. "Another wild card, Colonel? Are you sure we haven’t got our hands full with the other one?" Face said, referring to Murdock.

Hannibal shook his head. "We’ll see, Lieutenant"

The four of them had quickly made an escape, hearing the sounds of sedans roaring into action behind them, sirens wailing. A lot like now, those sirens wailing. Hannibal stopped his reverie, and turned away from her scorching eyes.  Hannurdock came up to him, and sat beside him, he turned to her and kissed her forehead. She snuggled up against his side and put her arms around him.  Hannibal sighed deeply, so nice to have someone close again.

Face smiled at this "Hey, I thought I was the one to get the ladies, right Hannibal?"

Hannibal smirked. "Well, what can I say? This girl has taste, Lieutenant"

Hannurdock smiled.  She closed her eyes momentarily, and let her thoughts drift to the many times she and Hannibal had been ‘close’.  It had got them both into trouble, the unspoken relationship between them many times.  And even in their most intimate moments, there had been certain wariness.

The van sped from the cursing Decker into the distance.  

Unknown to the team, a man bent on his revenge watched the van as it drove away, into the distance.  Doug Kyle had plans for the team, and they started at the weakest link in the chain, the girl with them. He smiled and looked at the van, which had escaped the MPs once more, and followed in his own black, sleek car.

"Hannibal Smith" He muttered. "This time you’ll all answer to me!" Kyle turned around and watched warily as people walked past him, effectively ignoring him.

However, a girl who had been observing the scene jumped when she heard Kyle’s voice.  She had been walking along with some friends, and quickly hissed at them to hide.

Hiding behind a car herself, she quickly pulled out a mobile phone and dialed in a familiar number.

"See guys, its easy" Hannurdock said jubilantly. "Easy to thwart Decker" Suddenly, her mobile began to ring, Hannibal turned to her with a sigh.

"Its the VA people again" He said with a smile.

Murdock nodded his head. "Coming to take me home" he said.

"Not Veterans Administration" Hannurdock corrected. "Virtual Army. And its unusual for anyone to ring on this phone unless theres trouble"

"Well, what are you waiting for, gal? Answer it" Hannibal had ordered. Hannurdock obliged.

"Howlin’ Mad Hannurdock here. What’s the haps?"

"Hann its me Pax"  Came a whisper from the phone. "You ok to talk, I've got some bad news for you"

"Whats wrong Pax" Hannurdock asked, starting to worry.

"You know who I just seen, planning to take you guys out?" Pax asked.

"Nope, if its Decker, We got him. Nothin' to worry about" Smiled Hannurdock, winking towards Hannibal.

"Not Decker. Doug Kyle. And he’s got vengeance on his mind" Pax said, watching the car disappear after the van, with Kyle inside.

"Really?" Hannurdock became serious. "Did he see you?"

"Don’t think so" Pax answered. "I had to warn you guys though.  People at the VA watch each others backs, y'know?"

"I know that" Hannurdock said, fondly remembering the site in which the fans got together to try and clear the A-Team’s name.

"Just watch out, he’s following you. When Kyle gets involved he usually has a team with him. I don't think he'd work alone" Pax hissed.

"Right, got it. Thanks for the warning Pax, and take care" Hannurdock switched the phone off, and looked at Hannibal.

"We’ve got someone following us, an old friend of yours" Hannurdock said.

"Who’s that?" Face asked. "And who’s Pax?"

"Paxiljunki, VA accredited. She’s one of the ten of us still trying to clear your names, collecting together all the information on what happened in Nam to find out who really did kill Morrison." Hannurdock explained. Face smiled, he had already met some of the VA, they were dedicated people, and had made the A-Team feel at home, being both protective of the Team's secrecy, and trying to prove their innocence too.

Hannibal seemed concerned. "Who's after us, Hann?"

"Doug Kyle is following behind us right now" Hannurdock said,  worriedly.

"Well, lets make it a point to thank Pax later" Hannibal said, puffing on his cigar, thinking of a plan.  "For now, lets think of a way to get rid of Kyle"

"There’s a little town called Gray Rock just ahead" Face said, scouring a map. "We could prepare a nice little surprise there for our old friend, right Colonel?"

Hannibal smiled.  "Good idea Lieutenant"


(This fiction is in the process of being written - please check back from time-to-time)

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