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Light up the stage
With your beauty
With your sad expression
Your wisdom, your grace
They shine
Your face is full of woe

How much have you seen?
Was it all that bad?
You are an amazing man
A true beauty of the night
How bad can life be
For one who is so naturally gifted?

Light up the night
With your countenance
With a smile
Let the world be dazzled
By your loveliness
By your utter magnificence
If it is not already
For, I am

Armand ... the beautiful one
I see your heart
Through the magic in your eyes
And the clever mind I see
Behind the seeming innocence
Holds the whole world
Carefully in his grasp

No reflections
No mirrors
Just you

And the world loves you ...
Just the way you are

Don't ever think of leaving it
For, I truly think it could not survive
Losing something so completely beautiful
As you.

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