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Armand ...

Dearest one, dearest soul
Midnight calls your name
Time to stop the wandering
Time to stop the game

Admiring glances cast your way
They never mark your heart
When all the world seems bitter
Your dreams, they're ripped apart

The heartache consumes you whole
The past, the present, the future blurs
The misery surrounds you
And the horror always occurs

What you are is what you are
Try not to read into it, grief
Be what you are, and what you are
Is not as simple as a thief

For the time has come, to leave behind
The bitterness you fear
Forget the past, relive the joy
Wipe away that lonely tear

The world is yours, and yours to roam
You have the power to find your soul
Take my arm, let me lead you forward
Humanity can be your goal

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